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  • 1970 Wolseley 18/85 S MKII

    £6,995 £6,995

    Austin launched the AD017 model in October 1964 as the Austin 1800 and two years later Morris dealers were able to offer the Morris 1800 onto the market. The Wolseley version did not reach the market until 1967 and was further up market with their more luxurious trim and classy styling .The 18/85 featured a re-designed nose, additional chrome trims, rubber faced over-riders and the interior featured leather seats, walnut door capping’s and dashboard with dial type instruments. The Wolseley 18/85 MKII was introduced in the Spring of 1969 and later in the same year saw the launch of the ‘S’ that was tuned and offered similar luxury and performance to the Austin 3 litre. The ‘S’ boasted twin carburettors and a different manifold and exhaust set up. We believe the number of Wolseley 18/85 ‘S' on the road today is in single figures and they have certainly become quite rare. This lovely, usable example was first registered on the 1 st April 1970 and has covered just 49000 miles from new and has spent much of its life in the South of England. We don't have any early history but know the car was in the Woolwich area of London over ten years ago covering around 1500 miles per year. The 18/8

    • Year: 1970
    • Mileage: 49000 mi
    For sale
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  • 1969 Wolseley Hornet

    £6,995 £6,995

    In the original Wolseley Hornet sales brochure the car was described as a small car with a big inside, big enough for family motoring, big enough for long distance touring where comfort and luggage capacity are essentials. The Hornet was also described as nimble, in traffic there is acceleration that leaves uncertainty behind and braking that reassures. On the open road, from A to B, the ability to cruise at high speed and to corner well makes the Hornet hard to beat. The exceptional economy of B.M.C mini motoring and the altogether outstanding road performance that goes with it are now so well-known as to become significant of a new and refreshing way of motoring. Lively acceleration, excellent road holding and cornering characteristics, together with compact dimensions to facilitate manoeuvring and parking are features which have never before seen so effectively combined in a four seat saloon. On the road our Wolseley Hornet, ALX165H drives as described in the models sales brochure. Its rebuilt engine does offer impressive performance with very good acceleration and the Wolseley really does handle superbly. The Hornet has arrived with current MOT test until December 2015 but will

    • Year: 1969
    • Mileage: 1300 mi
    For sale
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