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Red Bull parodies ‘Duel’ with WRC Polo and Dakar truck

Red Bull parodies ‘Duel’ with WRC Polo and Dakar truck Classic and Performance Car

Two off-road heavyweights took to the renowned rally stage of Ouninpohja in Finland.

At the hands of native Jari-Matti Latvala, the Volkswagen Polo R WRC tore round the Finnish stage, where in the past it has collected three victories. In hot pursuit was a ten tonne-plus Dakar-spec Kamaz 4326 truck, set to tackle the Colin Crest – named in honour of the late Colin Mcrae – on which Thierry Neuville leapt an incredible 45m during Rally Finland 2015.  
Wrestling the mammoth truck was Russian Ayrat Mardeev, who claimed first place in the formidable 5600 mile Dakar Rally truck category in 2015.
You would be mistaken for thinking the 1.6-litre turbocharged Polo would snake away from the Kamaz on the gravelly stage with it’s 318bhp. The 16.2-litre diesel brute followed over every crest, and through every bend dwarfing the WRC car looking surprisingly at home charging its way between the trees.

There are few scarier sights than your rear view mirror, than being dominated by a 1000bhp, 3-metre high truck in midair. Clearly inspired by the 1971 film Duel – directed by Steven Spielberg – the chase is a sight to behold. 
‘The funny thing is that under braking, when the truck is coming a bit closer, you really feel like you want to run away’ commented Latvala. ‘I was surprised how far the truck jumps, it’ss really quite something; I got goose bumps’. 
All four 1.25-metre tires leaving the ground is a regular occurrence for the Dakar champion according to Mardeev: ‘in rally raids this happens all the time; during the day we lose count of how many times we jump and fly.’ 

Words: Lee Stern // images: Jaanus Ree/Red Bull

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