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VW Golf GTI Clubsport S smashes FWD Nurburgring record

VW Golf GTI Clubsport S smashes FWD Nurburgring record Classic and Performance Car

Volkswagen’s latest and most powerful Golf GTI has lapped the Ring in 07:49:21, making it the FWD record holder.

Volkswagen has unveiled the new 306bhp Golf GTI Clubsport S, its most powerful Golf GTI model ever built, at the annual Wörthersee tuning event. The launch of the new more hardcore model also confirms the Clubsport’s record-setting 07:49:21 lap of the Nurburgring.

The company has confirmed that it will build just 400 examples of the Clubsport S, which has been created as part of the company’s 40th anniversary celebrations around the trend-setting GTI.

Nurburgring’s front-wheel drive record has been hotly contested over the last few years, with the title passing from Renault, to Seat and previous record holder Honda with the latest Civic Type-R.

Volkswagen’s Clubsport S is all about that record-setting time, which has been accomplished thanks to a multitude of modifications over the standard GTI, as well as the already more track focused Clubsport.

Power has been increased to 306bhp, a handy increase on the Clubsport’s 261bhp (and 286bhp on overboost). Along with specially tuned suspension settings, the Clubsport S features a special ‘Nurburgring’ setting in the Dynamic Chassis Control system. This applies ideal settings to all of the car’s electronic settings.

A lot of weight has been stripped out of the Clubsport S, which tips the scales at 1285kg. That compares favourably to the standard GTI’s 1348kg, and drops 30kg over the already lightened Clubsport. This has been achieved by removing the rear seats, centre armrest, copious amounts of sound deadening as well as a new aluminium subframe at the front. It also makes use of the six-speed manual transmission, as this is considerably lighter than the DSG 'box.

Bodywork changes are the same as the standard Clubsport model, which offers a different bumper at the front for added cooling and downforce improvements, as well as a larger rear spoiler.

Volkswagen hasn’t released an official price for the Clubsport S yet, but it has confirmed that 150 of the 400 production run will be coming to the UK. A price of around £35,000 – slightly more than the Golf R – has been suggested.

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