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VW Golf R32 Mk4 gets 550bhp HPerformance revival

VW Golf R32 Mk4 gets 550bhp HPerformance revival Classic and Performance Car

HPerformance brings out the best from the VW Golf R32 Mk4 German pocket-rocket

In the midst, or should we say ‘haze’ of the ongoing Volkswagen emissions scandal, it’s nice think about one of the best petrol-powered Golfs in recent history. Just ask HPerformance, which has eked out 550bhp from a Mk4 Golf R32, in the style of the original HPA-tuned model, launched ten years ago 

The R32 was fitted with a highly regarded naturally aspirated 3.2-litre V6 engine when it hit the forecourts way back in 2003, producing a substantial 240bhp. When combined with the Haldex four-wheel drive system, it made the standard car one of the fastest hot-hatches of the time.

HPerformance, the official European dealer for HPA parts, has returned to this great model, adding a turbocharger and revised engine mapping to double the R32's power output. The new model seeks to celebrate the original HPA show car, which won the Gran Turismo award at the SEMA show in 2004.

No performance figures have been released, however the car should be more than capable of outrunning its stock-predecessor, which itself could do 0-60mph in 6.6 seconds, and go on to a high-end-German-saloon-threatening 153mph. Excitingly the Mk4 Golf has also been fitted with an electronically adjustable boost controller. 

Beyond their fettling under the bonnet, HPerformance has also made sure the car handles better, both with regards to the power increase and in the bends. 19-inch rims, coilovers, stabilisers, hefty front wings and a custom-built water-cooled intake manifold have been added, while a pair of 90mm tailpipes allow it to sing as well as dance about its all-round performance-hike.

Standard Mk4 R32s are in short-supply nowadays, and those lucky enough to own one will have to be willing to part with €35,000 for HPerformance’s upgrades.

Earlier this month we put together a list of the maddest variations of the VW Golf ever to be built. Suffice to say that you can add HPerformance’s latest efforts to that list...

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