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New VW Golf GTI Mk8 set for power boost in 2019

New VW Golf GTI Mk8 set for power boost in 2019 Classic and Performance Car

Mk8 Golf GTI to deliver up to 325bhp when released in 2019.

Volkswagen has released the first images of the new-for-2019 Mk8 Golf GTI.

Exclusively revealed by Auto Express, the next generation GTI is set to be the most extreme yet, with a stiffer chassis accompanying the 325bhp set to be sent through the VW’s front-wheels.

Volkswagen have also revealed more aggressive styling set to star on the Mk8, with a flared front spoilers and A3-esque lighting at the rear both part of the changes.

An uprated version of the current GTI is due in late 2016, but VW’s top engineers and designers have already turned their attention to the all-new Mk8 GTI, with the message being very much ‘revolution’ as appose to ‘refinement’ for the new model.

Even in standard form, an updated 2.0 TSI engine will produce around 260bhp –more than 30bhp more than the current GTI Performance Pack available on the latest Mk7. The new Performance version will offer just under 300bhp, and feature an electronic front differential and bigger brakes.

Volkswagen have also revealed the production of the world’s first 10-speed twin-clutch transmission– an alternative to the six-speed manual also to be offered.

The new GTI will replace the facelifted Mk7 GTI, set for release in late-2016, when it goes on sale three years later.

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