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Red Victor attempting to reclaim fastest street legal car record

Red Victor attempting to reclaim fastest street legal car record Classic and Performance Car

This heavily tuned Vauxhall Victor will be heading to Bahrain, where it will attempt to run a five-second quarter mile, reclaiming its ‘fastest street legal car’ title

After a few years lurking in the shadows, the road legal drag car – known as Red Victor 3 – is back to reclaim its world record. Owner Andy Frost hopes to once again become the fastest street legal car down the quarter mile strip with an upgraded and rebuilt Red Victor. 
Red Victor 3 has very humble beginnings, morphing from a 1972 Vauxhall Victor VX4/90 into its current 4000+bhp state. Purchased for £60 by Andy Frost over thirty years ago, he is taking the old family car to Bahrain, where he’ll attempt to eclipse the current 5.88-second record set by American Larry Larson. 
Frost and his team will be entering the 2016/2017 Bahrainian Drag Racing Series where he hopes to break the record as soon as possible. If Red Victor 3 achieves this feat, it’ll reclaim the title of fastest street-legal car on earth. 
In its previous iteration as Red Victor 2, Frost hauled the imposing dragster down the quarter mile in 7.67 seconds topping out at a staggering 190mph. Bearing in mind the fitment of street tyres, and the 8.8-litre V8 was running on super-unleaded that's mighty impressive. 
Jonny Smith took take a trip to Waitrose in the passenger seat of Red Victor 3, writing about it in evo magazine: ‘When it fires, adrenalin is delivered via Taser. It makes you jump even if you’re expecting it… The rpm barely alters but it’s the typhoon of torque that seems to instantly ping the monster’s speedo reading.’ 
Red Victor will begin its long journey to Bahrain in October prior to the drag series kicking off in November. To make it, the team is looking for support, either in the form of contributions or sponsorship. To find out more and support the record attempt, visit the Red Victor Indiegogo page. You can also follow the project’s progress via Facebook.
Words: Lee Stern
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