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TVR car quiz: how many can you name?

TVR car quiz: how many can you name? Classic and Performance Car

TVR should be back with a new car soon. Can you identify these ten classic examples?

Despite being out of production for over ten years, TVR still resonates with enthusiasts who enjoy fast, unadulterated sports cars. When they started building cars, the small Blackpool-based operation focused on building lightweight, fast but genuinely affordable sports cars. 
TVR is set to be reborn this year, and with a Gordon Murray-designed platform and Cosworth-tuned Ford V8 engine, the ingredients sound promising. With the recent announcement that the new model will be unveiled for the first time at Goodwood FoS later in the year, it’s got us thinking about why we love them so much.
Using many parts from other manufacturers, such as Ford and Triumph engines in early models, helped to keep development and production costs low. Using fibreglass to produced the body panels was also very cost effective, making the finished cars genuinely affordable, if a little rough around the edges. It’s something that defined TVR, and is the reason you either love or hate them. 
The Rover V8 played a big role in the company’s history too, powering a great deal of the greatest models. When it was feared that the Rover V8 would stop being produced (or at least when Rover Grup was bought by BMW), TVR decided to develop its very own straight-six and V8 engines to power the new Cerbera and later models.

This led to the popular Tuscan, T350 and Tamora models, and the final Sagaris. In many ways the best driving and developed TVR of all time, but it came at a price. Building cars like TVRs had become much more difficult, and the market much more competitive. 
Can you match up the picture to the correct name? Don’t forget to up your scores in the comments, and share via Facebook or Twitter to see how your friends compare! 

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