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TVR’s new car to feature carbon fibre construction

TVR’s new car to feature carbon fibre construction Classic and Performance Car

Further details of new TVR confirm carbon fibre iStream construction

TVR’s planned return to sportscar manufacturing has taken a further step forwards, with news that the company will use full carbon fibre construction. This is made possible thanks to the involvement of Gordon Murray, and his new iStream construction technique. 
The announcement has confirmed that the new sports car will stick to TVR’s ethos of low weight and high performance.  A carbon fibre chassis will be used for all launch edition cars, and is said to become a ‘cost-effective’ option for anyone ordering a TVR in the future. 
So far, we have not seen any images of what the new TVR will look like, but that hasn’t stopped the company taking orders. When it was first announced last year, the company announced that it had taken more than 250 orders for the new car, proving that there’s still a lot of goodwill towards the TVR name.
One of the few details that has been released is that the new TVR’s engine will be supplied by Cosworth. The new naturally aspirated dry sump V8 engine will be developed by the company in-house, specifically for road use.
Importantly, this will be the first time that a TVR has utilised carbon fibre as a major component, but the revolutionary iStream production technique that Murray has been developing for some time it’s said to bring the cost down to manageable levels.
Another advantage of the iStream production process is the underpinnings will be completely modular, and meaning other models could be spun off the same basic architecture in the future. 
Gordon Murray, Chairman of Gordon Murray Design commented: ‘From early on it became apparent that there was no reason why we couldn’t develop a carbon fibre chassis structure for the new TVR at a lower cost than manufacturing processes previously allowed.’
Les Edgar, Chairman of TVR said: ‘Historically, carbon fibre has been reserved for motorsport and high-end supercars, but now TVR will be offering customers a slice of that technology at a fraction of the price. The spotlight has been on us from the start, and with the help of Gordon Murray Design and its innovative processes, we have made sure that our new sports car can really shine and deliver beyond expectations. The carbon manufacturing process really is a game changer, and one I’m delighted to offer to all of our early adopter Launch Edition customers within the package cost. I am sure those models will be much coveted, but carbon will continue to be available as a cost option.’

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