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Triumph TR6: Buying guide and review (1968-1976)

Triumph TR6: Buying guide and review (1968-1976) Classic and Performance Car
Triumph TR6 Triumph TR6
The reason all Triumph TR6 customers wore polo necks was to conceal their cravats. But there’s no hiding the truth, and the sharp, chisel-chinned exterior of the TR6 masks a platform that was descended directly from that of 1953’s TR2. 
For all that, though, it had plenty for sporting drivers to love, particularly Americans – and it sold in far higher numbers than its predecessors. Today, it’s more affordable than any of the earlier TR Tweedsters, and it provides the hairshirt heritage in a package that’s easier to own. 
In essence, the TR6, with its six appeal and crisp à-la-mode styling, was the final flourish of the stout true-Brit TR tradition. At the Triumph TR6’s 1969 launch, The Autocar presciently declared it ‘the last of the real sports cars’. And it really was on its own, for there was literally nothing to compare with it in its price-performance class. Indeed, the most valid comparisons are with its Triumph ancestors, for it was the last of an evolutionary line of seat-of-the-pants TRs. 
The TR6 evolved by route of the Michelotti-styled TR4, and the TR4A’s independent rear suspension, then taking over the short-lived TR5/TR250’s smooth fuel-injected 2.5-litre six. It all sat in a hull reworked on a tight budget by Karmann, with an effective nose and tail face-lift; the centre section was unchanged. 
The TR6 isn’t the finest-handling sports car of its era, but many claim that it’s faster than an E-type on the wiggly bits. There’s also an elephant in the room in the form of the mechanical fuel-injection, which is prone to fuel vapourisation on a warm day, but that’s all part of the experience (and easily fixable these days, anyway). Just ensure you have a wicker picnic hamper so you can make out you intended to pull over while you wait for the pump to cool. A useful expedient is to make sure you keep the tank at least half full, which keeps the fuel reasonably cool. 
Which one to buy?
A total of 94,619 TR6s were built with 8370 finding homes in the UK. Currently there are 3398 licensed and 1218 SORN TR6s on UK roads. 
In its earliest Lucas fuel-injected form through to 1973, the TR6 delivered 150bhp and 0-60mph in 8.9 seconds, topping out at 118mph. Emissions legislation meant the US had to make do with twin Zenith-Stromberg carbs, 104bhp and 107mph, but it didn’t dampen enthusiasm. In 1973, fuel-injected cars were detuned to 125bhp. Stories about the system’s unreliability may have been true back in the day, but everything is fixable. The fuel pump will likely already have been swapped for a Bosch unit, eliminating most problems. 
The difference between the quoted initial 150bhp and the 1973-on 125bhp may seem alarmingly significant, but changes to the way power outputs were measured mean there’s little real difference. Alternatively, the injection might have been ditched in favour of sidedraught Webers or similar, which is fine, while the US-market cars came with twin Stromberg carburettors as standard, with less power.
Despite the antique separate chassis, albeit with rack-and-pinion steering and front discs, the TR6 was a hit, with 94,619 built through to 1976. Around 77,000 went to the US. Parts availability is almost at MGB levels (very good) and construction is as uncomplicated as it gets, with separate chassis and relatively simple body panels. Mechanicals are tough, easily fixed and uprated (much enjoyment to be had there). Overdrive makes a huge difference but wasn’t standard fitment until 1974, and a hardtop is useful as long as you can store it.
Performance and specs
Triumph TR6 (UK spec)
Engine 2498cc, in-line-six, 12 valve
Power 150bhp @ 5500rpm 
Torque 143 lb. ft torque 
Top speed 119 mph 
0-60mph 8.2 seconds
Fuel consumption 20-29 mpg (depending on specification)
Gearbox Four-speed manual overdrive
Dimensions and weight
Wheelbase 2235mm
Length 3950mm
Width 1550mm
Height 1270mm
Kerb weight 1130kg
Common problems
Unless you find a low mileage timewarp car, a vehicle of this age will have been through its share of repairs and resprays, being an older British sports it becomes even more crucial to ensure that the bodywork is in good condition. There are a number of points to look at when assessing a TR6 so let’s dive in. 
• The most important thing to look for is rust. Bubbling paintwork usually means that there is a lot more danger lurking below the surface. Particularly vulnerable spots are the front quarter panels, behind the rear wheels, under the carpets in the footwells and in the engine compartment where various fluids may have removed paint allowing rust to set in. A professional respray is usually required at some point and it is well worth looking for a car that has had this done in the not too distant past. 
• The TR6 frame can rust around the trailing arms for the rear suspension and where the differential is attached to the frame. Issues here may indicate a very expensive repair and/or a frame replacement. 
• Overheating was a common concern and most cars would have had some type of aftermarket electric radiator fans fitted to combat this. Make sure your cars cooling system is in top condition before signing on the dotted line. 
• The electrical system is thankfully not too complex and has no major issues other than those caused by frayed wiring or damaged looms. 
• Engines are robust and long lasting, high mileage at this age is not a major concern, rather look for evidence of regular servicing. Thrust washers are one of the few weak points and getting a TR mechanic to give the engine a once over can save you a lot of headaches in the future. 
• Gearboxes are strong and a worn unit is quickly diagnosed by sloppy shifts or worn synchros. Overdrive on early cars could cause problems. 
• On a positive note, parts are widely available and joining one of the Triumph clubs is a good way to get to know the best suppliers and how to tackle the most common issues. 
Model History 
1968: TR6 launched 
1969: Carburettor fed TR6 launched in US 
1970: New disc wheel option, new inlet manifold on US spec cars 
1971: Fan upgraded from 7 to 8 blades 
1972: Compression lowered for European cars improving driveability 
1973: Minor styling and equipment changes 
1974: Interior trim changes 
1975: Bumper overriders introduced on US models 
1976: Last fuel injected TR6 built in February and last US spec TR6 built in July. A total of 94,619 TR6’s built in total, the best-selling Triumph at that date
Owners clubs, forums and websites
- vintagetriumphregister.org
- www.tr-register.co.uk
- www.club.triumph.org.uk
Summary and prices
There it is, then: the TR6, a cashmere hairshirt par excellence. In terms of performance per pound there was really nothing to match it in its time, and today it’s an even better price-performance package. With a touch of chest-wig brawn, it’s not only more potent but also more attainable than any earlier TR, more refined and comfortable, too. 
It’s by far the easiest real TR to own, with virtually everything available, even Heritage bodyshells. It taps into the past while crossing a bridge to modernity. Around £13,000 gets you a good condition example with a reasonable service history, with £25,000 will get top condition car. Anything sub-£10,000 is likely to be marginal or an honest project, so be aware when looking at cheaper cars. Find a TR6 that has been well maintained, and you can enjoy some of the finest open topped motoring that reasonable money can buy. 
Triumph TR6 Triumph TR6
Last updated: 19th May 2016
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Triumph TR6 cars for sale

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Triumph TR6
7950 34500 GBP
  • Triumph - 1972 TR6 Convertible

    £19,995 £19,995

    Opening Hours Monday 9am-5pm Tuesday 9am-5pm Wednesday 9am-5pm Thursday 9am-5pm Friday 9am-5pm Saturday By appointment Sunday By appointment Appointments can also be made outside normal business hours. A true Iconic car ! A piece of History ! Only one owner from new ! Comes with original bill of sale from HR Owen. This stunning TR6 is finished in bright Yellow with Black leather interior. No frills, no nonsense, just a beautiful piece of British Motoring. This example drives amazingly well, probably better than when it was new it has overdrive and all functions correctly, the car has been painted as you would expect and looks stunning, the interior is all original, so may be the only area that could do with some attention. This is potentially a great investment opportunity, with only 8370 originally sold in the UK out of a total production of 94,000. In 2011 there were only 2723 registered in the UK. For further information or to arrange a viewing/test drive, please do not hesitate to contact us by email at sales@karden.co.uk or telephone 01732 883113

    • Year: 2017
    For sale
    Karden Cars
    01732 883113 VIEW CONTACT NUMBER
  • Triumph TR6 2,5 Cabriolet

    €33,800(£30,136.08) €33,800(£30,136.08)

    Triumph TR6 2,5 Cabriolet Equipment: Original PI Total restaureret Billeder af Restaurering Overdrive dette unikke køretøj skal opleves Live ring for info

    • Year: 1973
    For sale
  • 1973 Triumph TR-6 Roadster


    (SOLD) This two owner, matching numbers TR6 Roadster has been lovingly cared for and always well maintained by a local British car specialist. In 2012 it had major service work performed which included items such as: body work and repaint in OEM Wimbledon White, a new interior and convertible top were installed, new tires & brakes added, rebuilt carbs, new master cylinder and clutch slave cylinder installed, new fuel lines and fuel pump installed, converted the original ignition system to electronic ignition, added a new battery, rebuilt the rear end, and replaced the left side rear trailing arm. There was a lot of other work done in 2012 as well, which we have receipts and records for. It was recently serviced by a local British shop that did a lot of the mechanical restorative work, and it has been driven less than 1,000 miles since all of the above work was completed. This car was one of the last TR6’ s built in August of 1972, according to its VIN#, but is titled as a 1973. She is clean, fresh, and reliable, and a lot of fun to drive. This could be your next daily driver, or you could easily take her to the next level, and make her a show winner.

    • Year: 1973
    • Mileage: 68965 mi
    For sale
  • Triumph TR6


    £11750 The Triumph TR6 (1968–76) was the best-seller of the TR range built by Triumph when production ended in July 1976. Of the 94,619 TR6s produced, 86,249 were exported, so only 8,370 were home market cars. The bodywork closely resembled that of the previous model, the Triumph TR5, but the front and back ends were squared off, reportedly based on a consultancy contract involving Karmann. This is referred to as a Kamm tail, which was very common during the 1970s era of cars and a feature on most Triumphs. All TR6 sports cars featured inline six-cylinder engines. Like the TR5, the TR6 was fuel-injected and produce 150 bhp (110 kW) and four-speed manual transmission with an optional overdrive unit. TR6 also featured semi-trailing arm independent rear suspension, rack and pinion steering, 15-inch wheels and tires, pile carpet on floors and boot, bucket seats, and a full complement of instrumentation. Braking was accomplished by disc brakes at the front and drum brakes at the rear. The UK 150 bhp version TR6PI could accelerate from zero to 60 mph (97 km/h) in 8.2 seconds and had a top speed of 120 mph (190 km/h) according to Autocar magazine. Produced for British market and supplied

    • Year: 1973
    • Mileage: 75500 mi
    For sale
  • Triumph TR6 2,5 Cabriolet

    €29,800(£26,569.68) €29,800(£26,569.68)

    Triumph TR6 2,5 Cabriolet Equipment: Meget fin restaureret kørt 5000 km siden renovering billeder af renovering skal ses flot farvekombination ring for info

    • Year: 1974
    For sale
  • 1969 Triumph TR-6 Roadster


    This car has had a comprehensive restoration done by Classic Showcase to a show driver level. During the restoration process, the body was stripped to bare metal, the metal finished and fitted, and repainted in its original color, and color sanded and buffed to a spectacular finish. A complete, new interior was installed by Classic Showcase's master upholsterers, including seats, panels, carpeting, a convertible top, new windshield and door glass. The instruments were fully restored, and a new wood dash veneer was installed and finished. The engine, transmission, rear end, brake system, suspension were rebuilt by Classic Showcase master technicians. New bumpers were added to the front and rear, along with new trim and re-chroming, new rubber seals, a new set of tires, battery, and exhaust system. This car is a spectacular example, and ready to be driven, shown, and enjoyed by serious Triumph collectors and enthusiasts alike!

    • Year: 1969
    • Mileage: 82069 mi
    For sale
  • Triumph TR 6 Blue '70

    €25,950(£23,137.02) €25,950(£23,137.02)

    The Triumph TR6 (1969–76) was a British six-cylinder sports car and the best-seller of the TR range built by Triumph when production ended in July 1976. This record was then surpassed by the TR7. 94,619 TR6s were built, of which 86,249 found homes overseas, only 8,370 being sold in the UK. The bodywork closely resembled that of the previous model, but the front and back ends were squared off, reportedly based on a consultancy contract involving Karmann. All TR6 sports cars featured inline six-cylinder engines. For the US market the engine was carburetted, as had been the US-only TR250 model's engine. For other world markets, including the United Kingdom, the TR6 was fuel-injected, therefore TR6PI (petrol injection), as had been the non-US market TR5. The Lucas mechanical fuel injection system helped the home-market TR6 produce 150 bhp (112 kW) at model introduction. Later the non-US TR6 variant was detuned to 125 hp (93 kW) in order for it to be easier to drive, while the US-variant continued to be carburetted with a mere (but more reliable) 104 hp (78 kW). The TR6 featured a four speed manual transmission. An optional equipment overdrive unit was a desirable feature because it gav

    • Year: 1970
    • Mileage: 2574 mi
    For sale
  • 1973 Triumph TR6 PI

    £27,995 £27,995

    This stunning UK supplied Triumph TR6 was first registered on the 4th October 1973 and comes with an extensive history dating back to the 1980's. NLV 390M was subject of a major restoration back in the late 1980's and invoices for thousands of pounds worth of parts are with the car. In 1987 a specialist in high performance cars fitted a reconditioned and modified engine and carried out major body work and restoration work. We have MOT certificates with the car from 1984 and these show just 16000 miles up to 1995 and since then the TR has had very little use. Having been off the road for much of the time since 1995, the TR has had another rebuild over the past few years. The body was totally stripped down and has been treated to brand new floors, new wings and various metal work. The car came to us as an unfinished project and we have spent in the region of £12500 completing the programme of work. The body was already rebuild, so we treated the car to a top class re-paint and fitted brand new front and rear bumpers. We also fitted a new hood, new seat covers and foams and new carpets. Mechanical work included six new injectors, new metering unit, new rear differential oil seals, new

    • Year: 1973
    • Mileage: 16000 mi
    For sale
  • Triumph TR6

    £24,990 £24,990

    Extensive History File, Heritage Certificate, Overdrive on 2,3 & 4th Gears, New Hood, Lead Free Fuel, Bosch Uprated Fuel Pump, Radio Cassette, Headlamp Covers, Zipped Tonneau cover, Black Wing Mirrors 1971 Triumph TR6 2.5 PI, 150BHP, 95.000 Miles. Finished in White, with Tan Interior, Tonneau Cover, New Black Roof and Fitted with Traditional TR6 Steel Wheels.Registered in June 1971, with a standard 4 speed gearbox and finished in Saffron with a Black interior. The car was subject to extensive renovation in the mid eighties and was based on a carefully prepared TR5 chassis and used an up-rated engine from a 1969 car. The gearbox was also replaced with the gearbox from the 1969 car, providing overdrive on 2nd 3rd and 4th gears. The exterior colour was changed to White and interior changed to New Tan. The car also, has adjustable front shock absorbers and up-rated springs front and rear, to provide excellent handling. The car is also equipped with a thermostatic fan, oil cooler, breaker-less ignition, halogen lights and intermittent windscreen wipe function. The cylinder head has been replaced to run on unleaded fuel and the fuel pump has been replaced for an up-rated Bosch kit, the differential rubbers have been replaced with polyurethane at rear and rubber at front, various other works were carried out at the same time in 2013, with a receipt for over £3,300. This TR6 is in wonderful condition and is bound to appreciate and is currently, sensibly priced. Rather gorgeous.

    • Mileage: 95000 mi
    • Engine size: 2498
    For sale
  • Triumph TR6

    €26,500(£23,627.40) €26,500(£23,627.40)

    1971 triumph TR6 (vin: CC61040L). This TR6 is in Netherlands and since 1991 in the possession of the last owner. There is a very extensive dossier at the car containing all invoices of maintenance etc. In the period 2008-2009, the engine, gearbox and Overdrive were overhauled. Since then, 7000 miles driven. This red TR6 is beautiful fully equipped with many extras. * new leather seats, * Overdrive, * Motor suitable for unleaded petrol * Chrome luggage rack * Extra front fog lamp, * Rally Trip meter, A very good and reliable TR6. We speak Dutch, English, German and French. Our cars can be delivered with Dutch, German or Belgium registration. We can assist with the French registration. Transport to your door is possible. We have our own workshop facility with 25 years experience with classic cars.

    • Year: 1971
    • Engine size: 2.5
    For sale
  • Triumph TR6

    €29,500(£26,302.20) €29,500(£26,302.20)

    Triumph TR 6, year 1972. Colour dark blue with a black leather interior and black carpet. Beige mohair soft-top and hood-cover. This magnificent Triumph TR 6 is in very good to excellent condition and the car drives superbly! This is for a big part thanks to the tuned six cylinder in-line engine which has been fitted with three twin-choke Weber carburettors. The engine is very responsive, runs on lead-free petrol and it produces a fantastic sound-track! This TR 6 features overdrive, Weber carburettors, K&N sports air-filtres, electronic ignition, Minilite light alloy wheels with very good Michelin 195/65-15 tires, a chrome luggage rack, two rear view door-mirrors, a Moto-Lita sports steering wheel with wood rim, and a foldable wind-stop. This car is for the man in search of a spectacular yet practical British roadster; let the fun begin! We speak Dutch, English , German and French. Our cars can be delivered with Dutch, German or Belgium registration. We can assist with the French registration. Transport to your door is possible. We have our own workshop facility with 25 years experience with classic cars.

    • Year: 1972
    • Engine size: 2.5
    For sale
  • Triumph TR6

    €34,500(£30,760.20) €34,500(£30,760.20)

    Triumph TR 6 PI, year 1971. Colour Royal Blue with a black interior and a black soft-top. This is a relatively rare European AND left hand drive Triumph TR 6 PI fitted with petrol injection. This fabulous TR 6 PI is in excellent condition. The car was recently extensively improved to a high level. The body was given new paint and many new parts have been fitted. The engine was given new bearings and the cylinder head was modified for the use of lead-free petrol. A TR 6 in European ‘PI’ (CP) specification is very special; the car features a lusty six cylinder in-line engine delivering 150 bhp, 4- speed gearbox with overdrive and a top speed of 200 km/h (125 mph). In the late 1960ies and 1970ies that were staggering figures for a sporty roadster. Also in our modern times the TR 6 knows how to produce a big grin on the face of the enthusiast; the driving experience and the engine sound are truly addictive! We speak Dutch, English , German and French. Our cars can be delivered with Dutch, German or Belgium registration. We can assist with the French registration. Transport to your door is possible. We have our own workshop facility with 25 years experience with classic cars.

    • Year: 1971
    • Engine size: 2.5
    For sale
  • 1971 Triumph TR6 with150BHP Fuel Injection Engine

    £29,950 £29,950

    Original UK Right Hand drive car Last owner for 30 years and restored to a very high body off standard with supporting photographs and invoices . Upgrades include Bosch fuel pump and unleaded cylinder head GAZ adjustable shock absorbers Strenghthened diff mounting case Correct green water hoses Aeroquip hoses SAH Stage 2 Stainless Steel Exhaust System

    • Year: 1971
    For sale
  • TRIUMPH TR6 1970

    £22,750 £22,750

    Been subject to a full nut and bolt restoration a few years ago and more recently a repaint and interior refurb.;Immaculately presented throughout, finished in Black with contrasting luxurious Red leather interior. Used very little these last few years but has been carefully and correctly dry stored. ;MOT'd (no advisories) until March '17.;Being loud, fast and punchy this TR6 is now ready for some action!

    • Mileage: 3659 mi
    • Engine size: 2.498
    For sale
  • Triumph TR6

    £20,000 £20,000

    This lovely car was built on 10th March 1969 and is therefore from the first few months of TR6 production. It was despatched to a dealership in Ipswich, Suffolk where it was first registered, with its current number, on 12th June 1969. The Heritage Certificate confirms that it is an original RHD Home Market car with its original chassis, body and engine numbers. It was supplied in Laurel Green and remains in that colour. The interior is in the original black, as is the hood, tonneau and hood cover. The gearbox has overdrive on 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears.The V5 and HPI certificate show four former keepers but, perhaps more importantly, also show that the car has only had two owners in the last 33 years, one from 1983 until 2003 and the last owner since 2003.The car was subject to a full body off restoration some years ago in the 1983 - 2003 period of ownership and a photographic record is included in the history file, a few examples of which are shown here. 17 consecutive MOTs are also included in the file running from June 1999 at 74767 miles to July 2015 at 81201 miles. Whilst the car has travelled less than 5000 miles in the last period of ownership since 2003 it has obviously been carefully maintained and garaged and as a result it remains in excellent order throughout. Originally supplied with wire wheels the car is now fitted with correct steel wheels which have just been fitted with new Continental tyres.The last owner fitted a Bosch fuel pump for improved performance and r

    • Mileage: 81000 mi
    • Engine size: 2498
    For sale
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