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Toyota 2000GT
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  • 1967 TOYOTA 2000GT


    --Bendix yellow with Black interior 5-speed transmission 14,000 ORIGINAL miles, Extremely rare (1 of 84 total) factory left hand drive examples, 1 of 62 U.S. Market cars built and just 1 of 351 Toyota 2000GTs built from 1967-1970. Japanese products were gaining respect in the late 1960s, but few in the United States thought of their auto industry as world class. In 1965, Toyota changed that with the stunning 2000GT, whose design is widely considered a classic among 1960s GT cars. Toyota’s design was done in-house by Satoru Nozaki with a clear homage toward the E-type Jaguar. Its smoothly flowing bodywork was executed in aluminum and featured pop-up headlights above large plexiglass covered driving lamps flanking the grille. Bumpers were minimal, and the car was extremely low, just 116 cm (45.7 in) to the highest point of the roof. This example’s superb provenance includes many years of ownership by widely acknowledged Toyota 2000GT authorities Robert Tkacik and Peter Starr, and has otherwise been owned by only three other discerning collectors. In 1967/68 Mid-Southern Toyota distributor in Chicago loaned out this car for product exposure and was reportedly driven by actor, George H

    • Year: 1967
    • Mileage: 14000 mi
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