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Talbot-Lago T150c cars for sale

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Talbot-Lago T150c
37950 37950 GBP
  • 1937 Talbot-Lago T150-C SS 'Goutte d’Eau' Coupé

    Villa Erba
    Auction Date: 27 May 2017
    Auction Date: 27 May 2017
    RM Sotheby's
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  • Talbot Lago T15 Baby

    £37,950 £37,950

    This very rare car was was clearly very expensive when it was new and if you look closely at the quality of design and construction as well as the trim and detailing you can see that nobody was going round the Talbot Lago works complaining that things should not be included because they were too expensive! It is powered by Lago's 120 bhp 2.7 litre four cylinder twin cam hemispherical combustion chamber engine which is mated to a Wilson preselector gearbox so it has got plenty of power and it has decent handling and brakes to match so it's ideally suited for comfortable long distance cruising. It has a comprehensive set of Jaeger instrumentation and some very period-looking controls all set in painted metal dashboard as you might expect from a French car of this period plus a sprung steering wheel which is a work of art in its own right! By the way I have a copy of an Automobile Magazine road test of this actual car which has more pictures as well as a brief history of its development - I can e-mail this to you if you are interested in learning more. This is a rare opportunity to buy into the Talbot Lago marque which should not be missed! '

    • Year: 1950
    For sale
  • 1936 Talbot Lago T150C


    Recreation utilizing genuine period parts and chassis. History of the Talbot T150c sports racing cars. In 1936 the Automobile Club de France announced a new formula for sports cars, this was a protest against the total dominance in Grand Prix racing of the German teams of Auto Union and Mercedes Benz. French manufacturers responded to the challenge, Delage, Delahaye. Bugatti, and the Paris Suresnes company of Talbot Darraq where a new sports racing car was built using a well developed chassis. Talbot company chief designer Walter Becchia produced a redesign of the already successful 3 litre engine with an increase to 3,989 cc, a low mounted single camshaft and an alloy hemispherical combustion chamber cylinder head feeding 3 downdraft Zenith carburetors, it gave these engines a nominal 165 bhp with exceptional torque and made the T150c amongst the fastest sports cars of the pre war period, well capable of exceeding 130 mph. They achieved excellent success in both sports car racing and stripped of their road equipment in Grand Prix events, with great drivers such as Etancelin, Chiron, Sommer. Only 6 of the T150c cars were built. Chassis numbers 82930 to 82935. In the post war period

    • Year: 1936
    For sale