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Talbot-Lago cars for sale

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    €395,000(£334,525.50) €395,000(£334,525.50)

    ONE OF 54 EXAMPLES MADE Brand Talbot Lago Type T 14 LS (Lago Sport) Color Metaliose Gris Interior Brown Year first registration 1956 Price € 395.000,- 1956 TALBOT-LAGO T14LS One of only 54 examples made Benefitting from a thorough restoration Superb color combination Extremely elegant body In the mid-1930s, Major Anthony E. Lago, head engineer of the Sunbeam-Talbot-Darracq’s French branch, purchased the French branch of the bankrupt company from the Rootes Group. Thus was born the Talbot-Lago marque. Major Lago was joined by engine designer, Walter Becchia, and together they introduced a series of cars that were powered by an all-new six-cylinder design of varying displacements. Though the company had a suitable engine, Lago also realized several other measures were required to turn Talbot around. He wanted to reduce expenses, build lighter, more sporting cars, and use racing for development and publicity. Stretching the company’s limited resources often meant that many of the cars raced were closely related to Talbot-Lago’s production models. The company enjoyed early success in the post-War era. Their vehicles were a perfect combination of elegant and sporty. Unfortunately, by 19

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    The Houtkamp Collection
  • Talbot Suresnes T110 '34

    €33,950(£28,752.26) €33,950(£28,752.26)

    Chassis nr 83693. Very rare. Good condition. French papers The story (from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) Talbot was an automobile marque that existed from 1903 to 1992, with a hiatus from 1960 to 1978, under a number of different owners, latterly under Peugeot. Talbot participated in rallying, winning the 1981 World Rally Championship constructors' title, and in Formula One. Talbot was originally the British marque used to sell imported French Clément-Bayard cars. Founded in 1903, this business venture was financed by Charles Chetwynd-Talbot, 20th Earl of Shrewsbury and Adolphe Clément-Bayard. Starting in 1905, the company sold imported cars under the Clément-Talbot marque and began assembling French-made parts at a new factory located in Barlby Road, Ladbroke Grove, North Kensington, London, selling them under the name Talbot. Domestically-designed cars followed from 1906. By 1910, 50 to 60 cars a month were being made. A Talbot was the first car to cover 100 mph (160 km/h), in 1913. During World War I, the firm manufactured ambulances. French and British operations continued in separate, parallel production and marketing processes until 1919, when British-owned but Paris-base

    • Year: 1979
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  • Talbot Lago T15 Baby

    £37,950 £37,950

    This very rare car was was clearly very expensive when it was new and if you look closely at the quality of design and construction as well as the trim and detailing you can see that nobody was going round the Talbot Lago works complaining that things should not be included because they were too expensive! It is powered by Lago's 120 bhp 2.7 litre four cylinder twin cam hemispherical combustion chamber engine which is mated to a Wilson preselector gearbox so it has got plenty of power and it has decent handling and brakes to match so it's ideally suited for comfortable long distance cruising. It has a comprehensive set of Jaeger instrumentation and some very period-looking controls all set in painted metal dashboard as you might expect from a French car of this period plus a sprung steering wheel which is a work of art in its own right! By the way I have a copy of an Automobile Magazine road test of this actual car which has more pictures as well as a brief history of its development - I can e-mail this to you if you are interested in learning more. This is a rare opportunity to buy into the Talbot Lago marque which should not be missed! '

    • Year: 1950
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  • Talbot Lago T26C


    Legends are proud to offer the Philippe Etancelin, 1948, 4.5 litre Talbot Lago monoplace Grand Prix car for sale. Please click here for the full story. SOLD MAKE ENQUIRY First Name Surname Email Telephone Contact Address Company Address 1 Address 2 Address 3 Address 4 Postcode Image Gallery prev next

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  • 1936 Talbot Lago T150C


    Recreation utilizing genuine period parts and chassis. History of the Talbot T150c sports racing cars. In 1936 the Automobile Club de France announced a new formula for sports cars, this was a protest against the total dominance in Grand Prix racing of the German teams of Auto Union and Mercedes Benz. French manufacturers responded to the challenge, Delage, Delahaye. Bugatti, and the Paris Suresnes company of Talbot Darraq where a new sports racing car was built using a well developed chassis. Talbot company chief designer Walter Becchia produced a redesign of the already successful 3 litre engine with an increase to 3,989 cc, a low mounted single camshaft and an alloy hemispherical combustion chamber cylinder head feeding 3 downdraft Zenith carburetors, it gave these engines a nominal 165 bhp with exceptional torque and made the T150c amongst the fastest sports cars of the pre war period, well capable of exceeding 130 mph. They achieved excellent success in both sports car racing and stripped of their road equipment in Grand Prix events, with great drivers such as Etancelin, Chiron, Sommer. Only 6 of the T150c cars were built. Chassis numbers 82930 to 82935. In the post war period

    • Year: 1936
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  • 1953 Talbot - Lago T 26 'Grand Sport'


    The success of the early post war 4.5 litre Talbot Lago T26c “Monoplace” Grand Prix cars was partly due to their simplicity, reliability and low fuel consumption. Consequently they lent to being modified and developed into a sports racing car. The opposition during those early days came from Ferrari with the 166 that won Le Mans in 1950. Jaguar with the new “C” type, Allard with the J2x, and Aston Martin. Anthony Lago felt that there was real possibility to compete in endurance races such as the Le Mans 24 Hour race and win with a sports car based on the T26C. Rosier, in 1950 with minimal chassis modifications which included slightly displacing the engine gearbox left of centre and the steering column moved to the right gave the car the perfect proportions to make into a two seat sports car. The first cars were open wheel with cycle wings, fully equipped with lights and road equipment. The advantage being that by removing the wings and lights the car could still be used as a Grand Prix car ! Unique in the post war period with a big engined car. In sports car racing of the early 50’s the Talbot - Lago T 26 GS sports cars excelled ! The famous drives that go down in history were at L

    • Year: 1953
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