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Sunbeam Alpine
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  • Finding interesting classic cars with important history is not easy. For that reason, I was extremely lucky to come across this fantastic Sunbeam Alpine Series 1. This car was delivered on 07/01/1960 new in Sweden to Rune Bücklund, an experienced rally driver. He entered the car that same month in the Rallye Monte Carlo, assisted by his friend and navigator Nils Falk. They started in Oslo, and won their class straight away, and became heroes in Sweden and abroad instantly. Nowadays, it is unbelievable that an almost standard road car with only 85 bhp could win the Rallye Monte Carlo, but in the sixties it wasn't so much about horsepower but mainly about driving skills and reliability. The car has always been registered in Sweden, and had several owners after Rune Bücklund. This is all documented in the history file, together with period pictures of their Monte Carlo exploit. There are even some movies of the past on a couple of VHS cassettes. 20 years ago, the car was completely restored, but with as much as possible of the original bits used. The engine is still the original one but overhauled, and the complete interior is still exactly the same as it was in 1960. Even the period

    • Year: 1960

    Last update: 11 Days Old

    • Mileage: 20805 mi

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  • Albion Motorcars
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  • An ideal car to get into the classic rally scene. Ideal for Rally of the Tests, etc. History file and Dyno sheets accompany the car. It can be converted back to standard road car if required. Fitted with roll cage, competition seats, 4 point harnesses, twin DCOE carburettors, twin fuel pumps, Vredestein Quadrac tyres, the list goes on. A really solid example with excellent panel fit which is not generally so good on this model. Ring or visit to inspect.

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  • Harrington Ltd in Howe outside Brighton was a company which was making bodies for many different vehicle makers, mostly for coaches but also for cars like Rolls-Royce, Bentley and Bugatti before WW II. In the sixties sport scars were converted by Harrington Ltd like Sunbeam Alpine and Triumph TR4. Four different models of Sunbeam Alpines were converted. They were called Harrington Alpine, Harrington Le Mans, Harrington Alpine Series C and Harrington Alpine Series D. The Harrington converted models of Sunbeam Alpines were sold by Rootes dealerships. The company went out of business early 1966. There is no club for just Harringtons but owners are welcome to any Sunbeam Alpine club. The Harrington Le Mans was introduced at Earls Court in October 1961. This was the model from Harrington Ltd. which was meant to be a large production, at least 1000 cars was the target. But in those days metal industries were not having their good days, strikes and lack of material were quite normal so also at Rootes factories. A production line was set up and in fourteen months 250 cars was made. Many were exported to USA and other European countries. The car has the same tuning as the winning Harrington

    • Year: 1962

    Last update: 5 Days Old

    • Mileage: 34100 mi

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  • Oldertimerfarm.be
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  • (SOLD) If you've wanted to get into driving, enjoying, and collecting a classic vehicle but don't have the need to acquire a fully restored show car or trailer queen, then we have just the car for you. Here is a wonderful opportunity to own a vintage sports car at an introductory level price. This driver/project level California black plate Sunbeam Alpine Mark II is a true classic, and would give the new enthusiast a great start in building their collection. At the same time, the roadster stands as an exceptional candidate to take to a higher level as you drive and enjoy the vehicle. The previous owner inherited the roadster, and was an active duty U.S. Air Force mechanic who regularly serviced and maintained the car at his garage in the Coronado community of San Diego, CA. During his ownership, his primary goal was to make this car an enjoyable, dependable driver that would be ideal for drives along the coast, cruising on warm summer nights, and to simply turn heads of admirers of such unique retro automobiles. The car includes a fairly new convertible top, along with many original materials including the original owner’s special tuning guide, lubrication charts, Sunbeam catalogs,

    • Year: 1963

    Last update: 4 Months Old

    • Mileage: 20276 mi

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  • Classic Showcase
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