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Studebaker Golden Hawk
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  • Studebaker Golden Hawk

    €69,500(£0) €69,500(£0)

    The Studebaker Golden Hawk was the top version of the Hawk series. Designed by Raymond Loewy and based on the earlier Champion and Commander models. The Golden Hawk received the powerful 352ci. Packard engine, producing 275 bhp, and it was one of the fastest American cars on the market in 1956. Many people consider the Golden Hawk as a precursor for the muscle cars, as it combined a big engine in a relatively light sportscoupé body. Two-tone paintwork and upholstery were available, and an automatic transmission and power steering were optional equipment as well. The example we are offering for sale is just back from its first Mille Miglia participation. It was one of the eyecatchers on the starting grid, as it is a huge impressive car with a nice V8 growl. The original colour combination of Tangerine and white (both in- and outside) doesn't make it a shrinking violet either... The car performed the 1000 miles faultlessly, and while many competitors were stranded on the hard shoulder, the big Studebaker continued its way to Brescia in utter comfort. The car was completely restored by an American Studebaker specialist, and was especially bought to participate in the Mille Miglia. It

    • Year: 2017
    • Mileage: 450 mi
    For sale
    €69,500(£0) €69,500(£0)
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