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Stevens-Duryea Model L cars for sale

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Stevens-Duryea Model L
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  • Stevens Duryea Model L

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    G.N. Georgano’s excellent Complete Encyclopedia of Motor Cars tell us that J. Frank Duryea set up the Hamden Automobile Company to build a car under that name though it is thought unlikely that they ever actually did make one. In 1901 he joined the J. Stevens Arms and Tool company of Massachusetts who put his design into production firstly as the Stevens Duryea Model H which was followed in 1902 by this car which is a Model L. This very correct looking example, dated as 1903 by the Veteran Car Club on certificate number 1508, carries its original two/four seat Stanhope body which is fitted with the optional Victoria hood. Its 2.6 litre horizontally opposed twin cylinder engine is referred to by the manufacturers as 7hp but, like a lot of early American cars, it delivers far more power than you would expect from such a horsepower rating. It has a very easy to use three forward speed and reverse gearbox in which the gears are automatically engaged as you move the lever through its range so you don’t have to worry about double declutching. What’s more because the gear wheel s are constantly meshed with each other they don’t suffer from the same level of wear as a conventional sliding

    • Year: 1903
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