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  • Aston Martin DB9 Volante LHD 2006


    Full Description Engine: All alloy, quad overhead cam 48 valve V12 0-60 mph: Approx. 4.7 seconds Top Speed: Approx. 165 mph Engine: V12, 60 degree, All-Alloy, 5935cc Bore 89.0 mm. Stroke 79.5 mm Compression ratio 10.2:1 Power: 450 bhp @ 5750 rpm Torque: 420 lb/ft @ 5,000 rpm Engine final inspected by Mike Freeman (Aston Martin Lagonda) Engine starts without hesitation from cold. Engine compartment is in overall very good original condition. All parts appear complete, engine cover, heat shields, radiator surround and belt guard etc. all fitted. No coolant leaks were visible. No fuel leaks were visible No brake/steering fluid leaks were visible. All fluids appear clean. Fuel System: Fuel tank capacity: 80 Liters (21 gallons) No visible fuel leaks. Cooling System No visible coolant leaks were observed. Coolant appears clean. Exhaust System Fully catalyzed stainless steel exhaust system with 4 Oxygen sensors / three-way catalytic convertors, exhaust gas recirculation, Evaporative loss purge There are no leaks from the exhaust. Transmission Transmission: Graziano Six Speed manual transmission (6-speed). Switchable sport mode Shifting appears to be normal. Car drives in forward and rever

    Last update: 20 Days Old
    • Year: 2006
    • Mileage: 18400 mi
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    Full Description The Aston Martin DBS was finally fitted with Tadek Marek's V8 in April 1970, launching the DBSV8. Still featuring the DBS front end styling of four 5.5" diameter headlamps within a full width radiator grille, the DBSV8 was considered a two-door 2+2 coupe, with steel platform chassis and handcrafted aluminum alloy bodywork. At that time the car was considered to be the fastest production car in the world, with a total of 402 being built. (April 1970 - May 1972) Of these approx. 90 were left hand drive and of them only 32 came to the USA. The DBSV8 had multiple improvements over its six-cylinder predecessor including ventilated front and rear brake discs, (the first Aston Martin to have them), special GKN/Kent light alloy wheels and full length front spoiler/air dam. This particular car is an original left hand drive (LHD) car and is one of the few exported to North America. Originally sold to David Dunlop of Toronto, Canada. The car then ended up in the caring hands of Cameron Hastings. He had the car completely restored and rebuilt by The Cheshire Motor Car Company between 1999/2001. The car has been driven sparingly since restoration (less than 10,000 miles). Unde

    Last update: 26 Days Old
    • Year: 1971
    • Mileage: 70905 mi
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