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Shelby Daytona
60000 60000 GBP
  • 2002 Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupé Evocation


    The Shelby Daytona Coupé (also referred to as the Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupé) is a sports-coupé related to the AC Cobra roadster, loosely based on its chassis and drive-train. It was built for racing, specifically to take on Ferrari and its 250GTO in the GT class. There were only six original Coupés ever made. Those cars captured the 1965 FIA World Championship for America in the last years before mega-money took American road racing from its roots and from the average guy. Despite the fact that the design never entered production, those six cars, hand-built upon 289 AC chassis, are some of the most valuable collectors' cars on the planet. Each of the original six Daytona Coupés is valued at more than $8 million. Supplied by Factory Five in Canada, this Shelby Daytona Coupé has been built to road and race specification. She is very authentic in appearance and is fitted with a Hawaii Racing built Ford 351W and has been bored to 363 cubic inches (5800cc) producing an impressive 450bhp, all of this power is mated to a TKO five-speed gearbox. Finished in the Guardsman blue with the correct white strips and decals; this is a stunning looking car with very impressive performance and is n

    • Year: 2017
    For sale
    Historics at Brooklands
  • Shelby Daytona

    £60,000 £60,000

    1965 Shelby Daytona Cobra Coupe Evocation, As new stunning Factory Five Racing car registered in UK on 1965 plate with MOT, Stoker 373 V8 (537bhp), Tremac 600RR, Kirky Racing Seats, Brembos, Coil overs, race fuel cell etc. There were only 6 of the original cars built to beat the Ferrari 250 GTO's and these are worth in excess of $8 million each.

    • Year: 1965
    • Mileage: 200 mi
    • Engine size: 6.2
    For sale
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