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RUF CTR: 700bhp Yellowbird returns – Geneva 2017

RUF CTR: 700bhp Yellowbird returns – Geneva 2017 Classic and Performance Car

Legendary Porsche tuner RUF has unveiled the CTR 2017 model, an all-new model based around a bespoke carbon fibre tub that aims to capture the spirit of the original Yellowbird

You know that RUF means business when it calls something CTR, gives it 700bhp and paints it the same shade as the legendary Yellowbird. The German Porsche tuner has come up with something particularly special for this year’s Geneva show, which is a modern take on the original CTR. 
It certainly looks like a classic 911 on the surface, but the 2017 CTR is hiding some rather special engineering under the skin. Rather than being based around an aging 964 shell, the RUF starts with a bespoke carbon fibre tub, which is then bonded to a steel structure. 
There’s double-wishbone pushrod suspension all-round, with carbon ceramic brakes to further reduce the unsprung weight. The bodywork is all carbon fibre – with the overall dry weight a claimed 1200kg. In effect, RUF has managed to produce a bespoke supercar, that fits within the confines of a classic 911 body. 
Start looking closely at the details, and you can really see where the time and effort has gone. Huge intercooler-feeding ducts in the top of the rear wings are a RUF trademark, but the subtle intakes in the rear window surrounds also hint at this car’s requirement for a lot of cooling. The flush door handles pop out only when needed, adding to the very clean look.
Modern LED lighting has been tastefully integrated into the CTR. On the inside, you get a five-dial instrument cluster – just like any classic 911 – while the seats have been covered in a yellow tartan fabric.
Power comes from a 3.6-litre, twin-turbo version of the old flat-six Mezger engine that has served RUF well for many years. The claimed output of 700bhp and 649lb ft is channelled through a six-speed manual ‘box – developed in-house – which naturally makes use of a limited slip differential.
So, just how fast is a sort-of 911 that weighs 1200kg and has 700bhp? RUF says that the 2017 CTR will hit 62mph in under 3.5sec, cracking 125mph in 9sec and powering onto 225mph. 
Launched 30 years after the original Yellowbird famously terrorised the Nurburgring, with a stylish Stefan Roser at the wheel, you’ll need roughly €750,000 (before local taxes) to get your hands on this modern supercar killer, with a production run capped at 30 units. 
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