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Rover P4 cars for sale

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Rover P4
11750 19500 GBP
  • ROVER P4 110

    €19,500(£17,152.20) €19,500(£17,152.20)

    NICE OWNERSHIP HISTORY Brand Rover Type P4 110 Color Blue Interior Grey Year of build 1964 Price € 19.500,- 1964 ROVER P4 110 Absolute amazing binder with history and instruction manuals and stories Nice ownership history Fantastic car to drive Very reasonable priced in comparison to the amazing car the buyer will get The Rover Cycle Company was started in 1894 and by 1902 had progressed from pedal cycles to motor cycles. By 1906 the company was making cars and the name changed to The Rover Company Limited. The company struggled in the depression of the thirties but the re-establishment of the company started when Spencer Wilks and later his brother Maurice built up a reputation for quality cars with superb engineering up to the outbreak of the second world war. After the war all companies were struggling to update their model range but Rover, like many other car makers, re-launched their pre-war range of 10, 12, 14, 16 and 20 horsepower cars. These were developed into the 60 and 75 in 1948 and incorporated the engine destined later for the P4 featuring overhead inlet and side exhaust valves, otherwise the cars looked very similar to the pre-war models although there were a number

    • Year: 1964
    For sale
    The Houtkamp Collection
  • 1961 Rover P4 100

    £11,750 £11,750

    We know this lovely, largely original low mileage Rover P4 100 very well having sold it in 2005, again in December 2014 to one of our regular customers in Essex and more recently to a long term local customer who has bought over ten classic cars from us over many years. MKS 265 spent nine years in regular summer use from 2005 and has attended shows and rallies across Yorkshire. The Rover covered 4000 faultless miles and on return to us after nine years sold immediately to a regular customer in Essex. After almost one year of enjoying the Rover, it came back to us in part exchange and has since been used locally covering around 500 faultless miles. MKS 265 has been slowly improved since 2005 and has been treated to various re-chroming work. Mechanically the Rover has been superbly maintained and has proved completely reliable. The car has had various ignition items replaced, a new water pump and a new speedo cable. During the 1990's the Rover was with one owner in West Yorkshire and receipts are with the car for new hoses, thermostat housing, de-coke head gasket set, brake shoes, wheel cylinders, calipers and pistons, brake discs, brake pads and new brake pipes. Between 1961 and 199

    • Year: 1961
    • Mileage: 4000 mi
    For sale
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