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Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I cars for sale

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Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I
299995 590000 GBP
  • Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I

    €590,000(£519,849) €590,000(£519,849)

    Rolls Royce is known for its superb cars, its ‘sufficient’ engine performance and its effortless rides. Often called ‘the finest automobiles in the world’ which they can still live up to today. In 1955 Rolls Royce were eager to continue this legacy with a new model: the Silver Cloud I. As the name would suggest, driving this (or get driven in this) Rolls is very close to sitting on a cloud. As was often done, coachbuilders worked along with the manufacturers to design even more exclusive cars. H.J. Mulliner & Co Ltd was one of the top such companies. They came up with a glorious design for a two-door Drophead Coupe body on the latest 6-cylinder Rolls Royce chassis. Body number style 7410 is designed on the Rolls Royce Silver Cloud I, style 7409 was adapted for the Bentley S1. Similar bodies on similar cars. #7410 was applied on chassis number SBC118 as you can see on the photos. This all Aluminium handmade body was crafted to perfection by years of experience. According to Mulliner’s records, 21 examples of the #7410 all Aluminium bodies were made: 11 Left Hand Drive and 10 Right Hand Drive. Not to be confused with the later series production version of this car where RR converted existing steel Saloon bodies into Drophead Coupes. These later 'steel' ‘convertible coupe conversions’ or design number 7405 were not to Rolls Royce’s liking and production discontinued shortly after. As you begin to notice: the example we can offer you is one of the original 10 all Aluminium Drophead Coupé fully couchbuilt ‘7410’ Right Hand Drive cars. This very rare car has all the special features you could desire: automatic roof, adjustable armrests, power steering, automatic gearbox, retractable tables in front and back, etc and is in very very lovely condition. All the invoices of the last owner are present which will prove that this car was never kept on a shoe string, but maintained to the highest standard possible. This fully matching numbers car with stunning colour combinations is indeed one of the ‘finest automobiles in the world’. If you want to experience the feeling of sitting on a (Silver) Cloud, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities over a cup of coffee. (or a glass of Champagne) http://www.historic-competitionservices.eu/nl/rolls-royce-silver-cloud-i-drophead-coupe-mulliner--7410

    • Year: 1957
    • Engine size: 4.2
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  • Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud I

    £299,995 £299,995

    -2 owners since 1959 -Second owner movie legend Sir Ken Adam -Incredibly rare- One of three RHD examples built -Drives beautifully This car is one of three right-hand-drive Silver Cloud I original Drophead Coupé Adaptations by H.J. Mulliner, making it a most rare and desirable offering. It has been based in London virtually since new, having originally been delivered in July 1959 to A. Robert Gooda, of Goodhale Engineering Ltd., who was a devout Bentley and Rolls-Royce enthusiast and a great customer of the factory. Mr Gooda specified to have the car built with several bespoke options, as is indicated by original build records. The car is well documented, including mentions in several archival publications, most prominently Lawrence Dalton's Rolls-Royce: The Classic Elegance, James Taylor's Original Rolls-Royce and Bentley 1946–65, and Davide Bassoli's definitive work on the model, Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining. Mr Gooda owned his Silver Cloud I until 1975, when it was sold to its second owner, Sir Ken Adam, the renowned British film production designer who is best remembered for his work on the classic James Bond films. He designed every set on the first eleven Bond films from Dr.No through to Moonraker, and has been credited with stamping the Bond "look" on screen. Sir Ken has been nominated three times for an Academy Award and has won twice. Sir Ken was a great fan of this Rolls-Royce, and for many years during his long career, the car was shipped to wherever he was working, all over the world. Even when he travelled to Hollywood the Silver Cloud I followed him, accompanied by its own driver. It was a common sight in the movie studios' backlots in Hollywood. The car is presented wearing an older but presentable Porcelain White repaint, as well as a lovingly much-patinated red leather interior with wool carpeting and exquisite wood veneer trim, all of which is believed to be highly original. It is an honest automobile that looks exactly like what it is: a Rolls-Royce that has been owned and used for enthusiastic touring all over the world by the same owner for the last four decades. Here is a quotation from Sir Ken. "One night, many years ago, I saw it in the window of a used car dealership near my house. The next day I went in to buy it but they told me: 'you're not the right person for this Rolls.' And I said: 'well, how do you know?' Actually, the man who ran the business was very nice. He was an old ex-naval commander, and I was pretty young. He just thought it was not the right type of car for me – that I was more of 'a sports car person'. Still I thought the Rolls was very pretty and so I bought it anyway. It cost something like £20,000, which I could afford – I can't remember exactly how much. I've always loved cars. I've had E type Jaguars and a Mercedes 540K. The Mercedes was super-charged which was fantastic even though it guzzled so much petrol, which was a problem after WWII because of the fuel rationing. I guess a two-door Rolls Royce convertible is something like their sports car version; or as close to a sports car a Rolls can get. Until recently I used the Rolls more or less every day; for example to go to the swimming pool, a 15-minute drive from my house in Kensington. Now I don't really need it anymore so I keep it in the garage. I have only pleasant memories of my Rolls. I can't remember that it ever let me down. I've used it all over Europe: I drove with it to Italy and Spain, to France, everywhere. It has travelled over 250,000 miles." This car drives beautifully, the factory-fitted PAS tracking unusually straight and true. A very collectible car with a unique history.

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