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Rolls-Royce 20/25 cars for sale

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Rolls-Royce 20/25
17995 49400 GBP
  • Rolls-Royce 20/25


    A very nice and Original rolls Royce. Drives well and increadibly beautiful. With Dutch registration. Biggest choice in REAL classics with more than 450 in 'the stolze collection' "From project to perfect!"

    • Year: 1929
    For sale
    Joop Stolze
  • Rolls Royce 1980 Silver Shadow II

    £17,995 £17,995

    The Rolls Royce Silver Shadow was introduced in 1965 as a replacement to its predecessor the Silver Cloud and marked a departure from a more traditional design with several innovations new to Rolls Royce. A new ‘monocoque’ construction was a big step forward for Rolls Royce and enabled them to increase interior and luggage space even though the car was slightly smaller than its predecessor. A new Hydraulic suspension and braking system was also employed which gave the car a greatly improved ride quality, and coupled with new disc brakes, a much better braking performance. The new ‘Single Bow’ design also gave the car a much more modern appearance. The Silver Shadow II was introduced in 1977 with improvements to steering and suspension and revisions to front end styling and bumpers. The cars powertrain was initially a Rolls Royce 6.2 litre V8 but by Silver Shadow II introduction this had become a 6.8 litre V8 developing 190 bhp and was coupled to a 4 speed automatic transmission. This Silver Shadow II was first registered in August 1980 to a Harley Street physician and has only two keepers having last changed in 2014! It has been exceptionally well maintained with a full service his

    • Year: 1980
    For sale
  • Rolls Royce 20/25 HP 41/2 Shooting Brake '31

    £49,400 £49,400

    Lowered price from €82.500 -> €65.000 The in-line 6 cylinder overhead valve engine was similar to that used in the 20HP but was enlarged to 3699 cc by increasing the bore from 76 mm to 82 mm with the stroke remaining at 114 mm. A single Rolls-Royce carburettor was used and both coil and magneto ignition were fitted. The four speed gearbox was mounted in unit with the engine and a traditional right hand change used. Synchromesh was fitted to third and top gears from 1932. The substantial chassis had rigid front and rear axles suspended by half elliptic springs with braking on all four wheels assisted by a mechanical servo. Separate rear brakes were fitted for the handbrake. The famous Rolls-Royce radiator with triangular top was used with vertical louvres, the angle of which could be adjusted to control engine cooling. To begin with, the radiator shutters were operated manually via a lever on the dash; later cars were fitted with automatic control via a thermostat. The larger engine allowed the top speed to increase to 75 mph (121 km/h) but many owners had large limousine bodies fitted to the chassis with the predictable degradation of performance. Only the chassis and mechanical pa

    • Year: 1931
    For sale
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