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Riley 12/4
85000 85000 GBP
  • Riley Supercharged 12/4

    £85,000 £85,000

    Occasionally a car arrives which is so much fun that I want to let you know it has arrived even though I have not yet written my full description of it. This supercharged 1 ½ Litre Riley 12/4 engined MPH bodied special is one such car - it looks superb and it really is very rapid. Its stiff underslung chassis, precise steering, good handling on firm but pleasant springing and hydraulic braking gives all you the performance you might expect of a properly sorted post-vintage sports car and I think it will give a lot of much more expensive machinery a serious run for their money! As you might have gathered I like it a lot and will no doubt have to spend quite a lot of time road testing it to make sure I get the description right so watch this space! In the meantime if you think you might be interested in what you have seen and read so far please do come and have a look at it but be prepared to like it a lot!!

    • Year: 1936
    For sale
    £85,000 £85,000
    Gavin McGuire
    01892 770310 View contact number