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Porsche 993: Buying guide and review (1993-1998)

Porsche 993 Porsche 993 Porsche 993 Porsche 993
The Porsche 993, launched in 1993, was the first 911 to look as though it had melted in the sun, and the last to be fitted with an air-cooled engine. Until now the 911 had a few ‘hard bits’ – surfaces which weren’t so curvy that it looked as though they were purely a product of the wind tunnel. 
Not that this was a bad thing; the integration of the panels – not least of all the bumpers – meant the 993 looked sharper and more modern than any 911 yet. The nose was lower than ever, thanks to a switch from round to poly-ellipsoid headlights. Crucially though, the 911 was as beautifully built as always, and as good to drive as to look at thanks to a newly designed aluminium chassis. 
Featuring the classic 911 dashboard and floor-hinged pedals, an upright windscreen plus a cabin that’s more compact than you might expect, the 993 was Porsche’s last take on the truly classic formula. From this point on things would never be the same again, which is why for many, the 993 is more desirable than the cars that came before, as well as those that followed. 
All 911s, from 1963 to this afternoon, share a characteristic 911 ‘feel’, but that varies greatly in degree. Bog-standard used Coupés from the late 1970s or 1980s once delivered the goods for sensible money but they might demand some restoration work now. Choosing a 911 is such a very personal matter. Just go for what you really want, get the best straight car you can find and look after it. Reliability is legendary but repairs can be costly. 
The 993’s agile feel makes it terrific to drive and good ones can still be had for less than £40,000 – this week, anyway. So what are you waiting for?
Which one to buy? 
Pinning down the right 993 is a bewildering exercise, as there were rear- or four-wheel drive editions, normally aspirated or turbocharged, automatics and manuals – plus coupé, Targa or Cabriolet bodystyles. And just to confuse things further, Porsche offered a choice of wheels, suspension settings, seat styles plus an array of interior and exterior colour schemes. The Cabrio is 30kg lighter than the coupé and impressively stiff while the Targa weighs 60kg more. But the latter isn’t a proper targa; it just features a large glass sunroof and the monocoque doesn’t age well thanks to the bodyshell flexing. That’s why most fans go for the coupé. 
The Turbo got a twin-turbo flat-six plus hollow-spoke aluminium wheels and standard four-wheel drive. Fearsomely fast, some criticised it for being too capable. It’s still the one to go for though, although the regular Carrera or Carrera 4S are quite brilliant too, and much more attainable. 
If you want something stupidly fast, expensive and scary, it has to be the 911 GT2, which made even the Turbo look tame. If ever there was a car worthy of the road racer tag, this was it. On a similar level, the hardcore 993 Carrera RS model was a naturally aspirated track-orientated road racer. 
But let’s be honest here; there’s no such thing as a slow 993 and while the faster editions will prove to be the most collectible, even a decent Carrera will prove a worthy investment – and it offers plenty of thrills too. 
Performance and specs
Engine 3600cc, six-cylinder
Power 408bhp @ 5750rpm
Torque 379lb ft @ 4500rpm
Top speed 180mph
0-60mph 4.5sec
Fuel consumption 21mpg
Gearbox Six-speed manual
Dimensions and weight
Wheelbase 2272mm
Length 4245mm
Width 1735mm
Height 1300mm
Kerb weight 1370kg
Common Problems 
• The 993 has a fully galvanised bodyshell, but it still isn’t immune from corrosion. As a result you need to inspect the usual places (sills, wheelarches, valances) for signs of bubbling. Significant rust is highly unlikely, but the front boot can rust, especially around the battery. The front and rear windscreen surrounds also need careful inspection (lift the rubber seal) along with the rear chassis legs and the rear bumper support tubes. 
• Check that all three VIN codes tally with each other and the one on the logbook. You’ll find one on a label on the offside B-pillar, one on a metal tag just below the fuel tank and one under the nearside lower corner of the windscreen. 
• The flat-six is very tough although the turbocharged units tend not to be as long-lived as the normally aspirated powerplants. It’s oil leaks and exhaust smoke that you’re looking for, the latter pointing to worn valve guides – which are costly to fix. 
• The six-speed manual gearbox is also very strong, but ham-fisted owners can take their toll and hard-driven cars can be suffering from a worn clutch. So check for slipping and ensure there are no clonks which betray a tired dual-mass flywheel. 
• Be wary of Targas and Cabriolets on 18-inch wheels as the ride is crashy. That’s bad enough, but the result is a bodyshell that flexes and leads to much creaking and squeaking over bumps. 
• The suspension has a hard time of things if the car is driven as intended. Wear is likely in the wishbone bushes, top mounts, balljoints and if you’re unlucky the dampers will have seen better days too. Naturally everything is available, but invest in a suspension overhaul and the bills will soon add up. 
• All 993 brakes are hugely capable and there’s no need for any upgrades. But cars used only sparingly may be suffering from seized callipers thanks to the pistons sticking. Replacements are available – but expensive. 
• The electrics can play up, especially the three heater motors, the window motors and the mechanism for the targa roof. None is cheap to fix. 
Model history 
1993: The Porsche 993 Carrera coupé is launched, with rear-wheel drive only. 
1994: There’s now a 993 cabriolet and a 4WD Carrera 4. Plus a Tiptronic automatic transmission is now optional on the Carrera. 
1995: The stripped-out Carrera RS appears with a 300bhp Varioram 3.8-litre engine and a 178mph top speed. There’s a track-biased RS Clubsport too (with welded-in cage), a 408bhp Turbo that does 181mph and a 184mph 430bhp GT2. A Targa arrives along with a Carrera 4S with a Turbo body plus beefed-up brakes and suspension. From September all cars get a Varioram engine for a better torque spread, more power and better economy. 
1996: The Carrera 2S debuts with a Turbo body, the 450bhp GT2 Evo is launched and the Turbo gets a stronger transmission. 
1997: The last hurrah before the 996 arrives is the 450bhp Turbo S with lower suspension and a 188mph top speed; just 183 are sold. 
Owners clubs, forums and websites 
• www.tipec.net
• www.porscheclubgb.com
• rennlist.com
Summary and prices
Charting the prices of any Porsche 993 is a surprisingly difficult task, considering that values have been moving at phenomenal rate for the last five years or so. Bog standard Carrera 2 models start from around £20,000 in rough condition, rising to more than £60,000 for perfect examples. Expect to get something usable for £35,000-£45,000. The all-wheel drive C4 models are slightly cheaper, topping out at about £50,000. As always, the specification is very important, with manual cars commanding around £7k more than Tiptronic cars.
Porsche 993 Porsche 993 Porsche 993 Porsche 993
Last updated: 12th May 2016
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Porsche 993 cars for sale

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Porsche 993
40995 355995 GBP
  • Porsche - 993 Carrera 2 - 1994

    €57,500 - €74,750 est. (£51,267 - £66,647.10 est.) €57,500 - €74,750 est. (£51,267 - £66,647.10 est.)
    Online Auction
    Auction Date: 01 Jan 1970
    Catawiki Auctions
  • Porsche 993

    €49,993(£44,573.76) €49,993(£44,573.76)

    Beautiful Porsche 993 in Polar Silver Metallic with many options and documentation. Original Dutch EU delivery. Full history known. Comes with the following options: - Tiptronic 4 speed with buttons on the steering wheel - 17 inch original cup wheels - Polar Silver Metallic paint - Airconditioning - Airbags - Leather sport seats electronically adjustable - Sports steering wheel - Rear window wiper - Headlamp washer - Power steering - Remote central door locking - Electric windows - Fog lights - Radio - CD player with 6 CD's Full dealer service history. 163.000 km Comes with all original books and documentation, many service invoices. On Dutch EU registration. Please contact us to make an appointment to view this Porsche 911 in our showroom in Bilthoven, The Netherlands.

    • Year: 1995
    • Mileage: 163500 mi
    • Engine size: 3.6
    For sale
  • 1998 Porsche 993 C2S

    $102,500(£83,773.25) $102,500(£83,773.25)

    Chequered Flag International is pleased to offer this 1998 Porsche 993 C2S in Slate Gray Metallic with Classic Gray interior. Tiptronic transmission. 17,373 miles with one Carfax certified owner. Incredibly well equipped from the factory with over $20k in options:- Aero Kit II with F&R Spoilers, Power Seat Package, Lumbar Support (left seat), Motor Sound, Active Brake Differential, 18' Wheels, Storage in Place of Rear Seats, Delete Model Designation, Hi-Fi Sound Pkg, CD Changer, Lumbar support, Full Leather Interior with Supple Leather. The original paint is in excellent condition with only a few small stone chips in the front bumper and a small mark left on the rear quarter panel from bird poop. All factory stickers are in place including the option code sticker under the hood. The interior is superb with no dry or stretched leather. Excellent mechanically with no issues and absolutely superb to drive. Comes with both its original keys, all its books including stamped service book with option code sticker, Lots of service records from new till 2016. Original window sticker, air pump, tools, jack, etc. This is the last of the air cooled 911's in the best model Variant, one owner, l

    • Year: 1998
    For sale
  • 1994 Porsche 993 Carrera 2

    £129,995 £129,995

    Released in 1993, the fourth-generation 911 Type 993 represented an 80% evolution over the outgoing Type 964 boasting more curvaceous and rakish architecture penned by the fabled Tony Hatter. Touted as the most collectable contemporary 911, the 993 is Porsche's last truly hand-built car and also the last 911 to offer the hair-raising whirring and purring air-cooled engine so highly sought after today. Uniquely available here is an Australian delivered 911 Type 993 Carrera 2, sold new by Porsche Willoughby and ordered in Polar Silver over Classic Grey leather interior with just one documented owner from new in stunning and original condition. Noticeably treasured, this 993 Carrera 2 is optioned with the automatic tiptronic S transmission, air conditioning, cruise control, Blaupunkt audio, Carrera insignia sill guards, electric seats, windows, mirrors and sunroof and Carrera Cup alloys. All tell-tale signs show just how well this car has been maintained from the flawless perforated leather upholstery, mint condition dash dials and crystal clear instrumentation, even the leather wrapped steering wheel feels as new. The drive is also superb; solid, precise and immensely powerful- a sho

    • Year: 1994
    For sale
  • Porsche LHD 993 C2S Tip

    £72,900 £72,900

    JZM are proud to present this beautifully prepared LHD 993 C2S Tiptronic in rare guard red. This vehicle is an original panel car with 90% of the paintwork also factory original. It was truly a delight to inspect and flew through our rigorous pre-sales inspection with ease.

    • Year: 1997
    • Mileage: 62137 mi
    For sale
  • Porsche 993 Turbo S 1 of 23

    £299,900 £299,900

    Allegedly only 23 RHD 993 Turbo S examples were registered in the UK depending on where you take your data from, either way that makes this well documented Turbo S somewhat on the rare side? 2016 has seen some rare Porsche’s appreciate further than expected, some have gathered pace yet still wait in the shadows, Could this be the next one to do big things?

    • Year: 1998
    • Mileage: 38270 mi
    For sale
  • Porsche 993 RS Right Hand Drive


    In stock now is this stunning Porsche 993 RS. A right hand drive, UK supplied (C16) car it was first registered on new registration day, 1st August, 1995 by JCT600 Porsche in Leeds. Finished in Midnight Blue the car has had just four owners from new and has covered 50870 miles from new. As you can see in the photos the car has the optional larger Clubsport style spoiler package. Further specification is the usual RS approach of keeping it simple, lightweight panels, lightweight door cards etc. The car has a nice history comprising Official Porsche Centres and independent specialists. In the past few thousand miles all the shock absorbers have been replaced and the limited slip differential rebuilt.

    • Year: 1995
    • Mileage: 50870 mi
    For sale
  • Porsche 993 Turbo

    £99,995 £99,995

    In stock now is this superb Porsche 993 Turbo. Finished in Arena Red, which was the launch colour for the 993 Turbo, with grey leather the car also features the rare option of a wood interior. It has covered 87519 kilometers from new, the equivalent of just 54382 miles. A 1995 car it was first registered by Stuttgart Auto of Singapore on a C26 South African country code. Option codes are as follows: 454 - Cruise control 513 - Lumbar support, right seat 567 - Top-tinted windscreen 586 - Lumbar support, left seat 602 - High level brake light 650 - Sunroof 939 - Pleated leather rear seats 982 - Pleated leather front seats A lovely service history is present: 13/03/96 at 2251 kms, Stuttgart Auto Singapore (supplying dealer) 05/12/96 at 4665 kms, Stuttgart Auto Singapore 28/07/97 at 6069 kms, Stuttgart Auto Singapore 01/12/98 at 10015 kms, Stuttgart Auto Singapore 14/02/01 at 19485 kms, Giltrap Prestige, Auckland NZ 12/02/02 at 21504 kms, Giltrap Prestige 12/12/02 at 32163 kms, Giltrap Prestige 03/11/03 at 44335 kms, Continental Car Services, Auckland NZ 23/11/05 at 58498 kms, Archibald Motors, Auckland NZ 24/01/07 at 68244 kms, Archibald Motors 27/03/08 at 73311 kms, Archibald Motors 2

    • Year: 1995
    • Mileage: 54382 mi
    For sale
  • Porsche 993 C2S

    £61,995 £61,995

    Just arrived! 1997 model Porsche 993C2S. The 993 series is the last of the air cooled 911s and believed by many to be the finest of them all. Whatever your view, it certainly offers the most modern driving experience, yet still captures the unmistakable magic and unique feel of the air cooled cars. The Carrera S models were launched for the 1996 model year and featured the powerful 285bhp Varioram engine, wide body of the Turbo model together with a lowered chassis which gave them a very aggressive stance. The 993 C2S is arguably the most desirable of the normally aspirated 993's and this is a stunning example finished in Silver with blue interior. Supplied new on the 19th August 1997 by H.R.Owen in London this RHD Tiptronic example has covered 67,800 miles from new with a Porsche main agent/Specialist service history supported by 16 stamps including service receipts. The specification stickers are still present in the service book and under the bonnet confirming the options fitted to this C2S when supplied new are still present today. C16 – UK Specification with additional factory option codes listed 573 – Air conditioning 659 – On board computer 650 - Electric sunroof 567 – Gradu

    • Year: 1997
    For sale
  • 1998 Porsche 993 Carrera Cabrio

    $56,500(£46,177.45) $56,500(£46,177.45)

    This 1998 Porsche 993 Carrera Cabriolet is in Wimbledon Green with Black has LESS THAN 33k miles. Finished in its original color of Wimbledon Green (color code L23I). Excellent mechanicals. No modifications. California smoged and titled. Paint is even and consistent over the entire car with a great finish. Clear Carfax (posted.) Interior shows as a 30k miles should which is essentially as new. Dash, carpets, seats and instruments look and feel like new. A non smokers car. Some tasteful upgrades including factory sport seats and floor mats ordered from Porsche. Pirelli P Zero tires on rims with no curb scratches. Factory options: 329 Radio 408 18" Technology Design Wheels [1996] 437 Comfort seat left 438 Comfort seat right 446 996: Colored Wheel Crests 454 Automatic speed control C02 Equipped with catalytic converter 490 Hi-Fi sound system 551 Air Deflector (Cabriolet) 692 Remote CD changer (6-disc) 939 Soft leather rear 982 Supple Leather Seats/Trim A LOW mileage 993 with history from new including it's original window sticker. All inspections welcome. We ship worldwide. Contact us at 831.373.3131 day or evening. VIN: WP0CA2998WS340811 Condition: Clear Title Transmission: Manual Ex

    • Year: 1998
    • Mileage: 32519 mi
    For sale
  • 1995 Porsche 993 Carrera 4 Cabrio

    $54,900(£44,869.77) $54,900(£44,869.77)

    This 1995 Porsche 993 Carrera 4 Cabriolet is in Midnight Blue Metallic with Grey and has LESS THAN 39k miles. Sold new on November 17, 1995 in Montgomery, Alabama. This is a 6 speed in a unique color combination. Clear Carfax Report. (posted) No body work or replaced panels. All decals in place. Interior is as new. A non smokers car. Excellent leather, perfect dash. A general crisp feeling to the interior as a 39k mile car should have. Updated stereo face plate to Alpine CD player otherwise 100% stock. Matching Michelin Pilot tires. Documented service up to June 2013 with 37,076 miles. Recent oil service just completed. Books, stamped service booklet, window sticker, two keys, jack, tool kit and compressor will be presented to the new owner. All inspections welcome. We ship worldwide. Contact us at 831.373.3131 day or evening. VIN: WP0CA299XSS343607 Condition: Clear Title Transmission: Manual Exterior Color: Midnight Blue Metallic Interior Color: Grey Stock No: 11064 Mileage: 38930 Warranty: No Warranty Check the CARFAX Record View Other Vehicles Make An Offer Get Auto Financing View on YouTube Additional Photos Home | About Us | Inventory | Consignment | Storage | Cars We Sold | C

    • Year: 1995
    • Mileage: 38930 mi
    For sale
  • Porsche 993 RS Clubsport Homage


    Just arrived in stock is this stunning Porsche 993. Built as a homage to the legendary RS thousands have been spent making sure it is very close to the original. Based on a 1995 Carrera 2 the car is finished in Speed Yellow and sports the larger Clubsport spoilers which were optional on the RS. The car has covered a low 87893 miles from new, less than 4500 miles a year on average, Inside all carpets have been deleted, as has the radio, a full rollcage has been fitted, sports seats in black cloth with red harnesses fitted. Externally the car has had the rear wiper removed, together with the headlamp washers, the calipers painted red and importantly the car runs on genuine RS Speedline alloy wheels which are very rare. Mechanically H&R height adjustable suspension and a Cargraphic induction kit gives a useful power increase. A high level of work has gone into the build, the car has had the engine, under bonnet and engine bay detailed. All the panels are original and the paintwork is in beautiful order. A large file of paperwork accompanies the car with plenty of old invoices, MOTs etc. Service history comprises Porsche Centres and respected independent specialists: 21/03/96 at 13536

    • Year: 1995
    • Mileage: 87893 mi
    For sale
  • Porsche 993 RS LHD


    In stock now is this stunning Porsche 993 RS. Finished in Grand Prix White with the larger (optional) Clubsport spoiler package the car has covered 41902 kilometers from new, the equivalent of 26037 miles. A left hand drive example the car has all original panels and matching numbers. A nice service history from the car's time in Japan is present, dating back to 1996: 04/08/96 at 5116 kms 11/06/98 at 10681 kms 22/08/99 at 16298 kms 23/11/01 at 21013 kms 16/08/03 at 25863 kms 14/04/05 at 28436 kms 13/11/07 at 32387 kms 04/09/09 at 35941 kms 06/01/11 at 38428 kms 22/10/13 at 40064 kms The car is now UK registered but could be exported worldwide.

    • Year: 1902
    • Mileage: 26037 mi
    For sale
  • Porsche 993 C4S

    £75,900 £75,900

    We are very pleased to offer this lovely example of the 993 C4S. This C4S is supplied with an extensive service history and a file full of past invoices and MOTs. As always this vehicle has been rigorously inspected by our onsite team of technicians and will allow the next owner to really enjoy classic motoring with the peace of mind you would expect from JZM.

    • Year: 1998
    • Mileage: 76270 mi
    For sale
  • Porsche 993 Turbo

    £99,900 £99,900

    Some expressions are well and truly overused in classic car advertising. “Spotless example”, “like the day it left the factory” and “no expense spared” are just a few phrases we’ve probably all seen a few too many times, but it is impossible to describe this exceptional 993 Turbo without mentioning all three.

    • Year: 1996
    • Mileage: 83600 mi
    For sale
  • Porsche 993 Cup 993 Cup


    993 Super Cup Outstanding restored and ready to go for track days or racing. Recently having substantial renovation works carried out to both the engine and the gearbox to make them back to perfect and original configuration, all these works on both engine and gearbox are fully documented and were carried out by Porsche Reading in their Motorsport Department. On engine build completion the motor was bench tested by ourselves before re installing back into the chassis by Porsche Reading. Car can be viewed at any time by appointment at our facility. 421 Gasoline Alley Westcott Venture Park Westcott Buckinghamshire HP18 0XB United Kingdom

    For sale
  • Porsche 993 GT2 Evo


    PORSCHE RACE CAR 993 GT2 Chassis Number WPOZZZ99ZTS394074 Built By Factory 03/97 Engine # 61T20712 Original for chassis Raced 1997 24hour LeMans Car #77 - Jarier / Chereau / Leconte Suzuka Japan 6th FIA GT Goueslard / Chereau / Laconte Zhuhal China 8th FIA GT Malcher / Goueslard GTR Jarama 98 5th Pareja / Chereau Raced 1998 24hour LeMans Car #60 Jarier / Rosenblad / Donovan FFSA GT 3rd Place Goueslard / Sourd Raced 1999 24hour LeMans Chereau / Goueslard / Yver Car is in the condition shown in photos taken at Autosport show 03 / 04 Car has just had fitted new carbon rear arch extensions and rear bumper, some spares Engine has approx 12 hours on it [not verified on logging] Astratech Data logging. Fuel cell replaced 03 [ATL] as was seat and belts / extinguisher. Test can be arranged Purchase pays all related costs and 5% of reserve price if sale is not concluded. Car Now Restored back in to its original 1997 Livery Engine Rebuilt and un-used other than Dyno test and Porsche Filming at Silverstone View YouTube Video Gearbox Rebuilt including new CWP 421 Gasoline Alley Westcott Venture Park Westcott Buckinghamshire HP18 0XB United Kingdom

    For sale
  • Porsche 993 Carrera RHD

    £54,995 £54,995

    Make: Porsche Model: 993 Carrera First Registered: 01/03/1995 Mileage: 25,295 Miles Owners: 1 Engine: 3.6 ltr Transmission: Automatic Paint Colour: Aventurine Green Trim Colour: Black Leather Carpet Colour: Black Doors: 2 Seats: 2+2 MOT: 12 Months TAX: TBA HPI: Clear Warranty: 3 Months Cover Included - Upgrades Available

    • Year: 1995
    • Mileage: 25295 mi
    For sale
  • Porsche 993 3.8ltr RS Coupe

    £250,000 £250,000

    Make: Porsche Model: 911 993 RS Coupe First Registered: 18/11/1995 (N) Mileage: 53190 kilometres Previous Owners: 2 Engine: 3.8ltr Transmission: Manual Paint Colour: Speed Yellow Trim Colour: Black Leather Carpet Colour: Black Doors: 2 Seats: 2 MOT: TBA TAX: TBA HPI: Clear Warranty: 3 Month Cover Included - Upgrades Available

    • Year: 1995
    • Mileage: 53190 mi
    For sale
  • 1995 Porsche 993 GT2 EVO Race Car


    993 GT2 with period Race History in ADAC GT, BPR and FIA GT Championship Chassis W09POT212SDM13002 1995 Built by Mamerow Automobiltechnik in Germany. Raced in 1995 ADAC GT Championship with Oliver Mayer and Mike Hezemans Raced in 1996 BPR with Karl Augustin, Horst Felbemayr, Alfred Gramsel, Ernst Gschwender, Stefan Roitmayer and Johannes Huber Raced in 1997 FIA GT Championship with Karl Augustin, Horst Felbemayr, Stefano Buttiero, Frank Schmickler, Hans-Jörg Hofer and Stefan Roitmayer. Mentionned in the John Starkey Book - The Racing Porsches - from R to GT2 - The car was used for show purposes and track days since 1998. Comprehensively restored in 2002-2003 and updated to the latest GT2 period specs. Engine has only 6 hours since restoration. Dyno tested with 671 HP and 915 Nm of Torque in July 2014. The car is now fully serviced with new FIA Fuel Tank and ready to drive or race on the button. Equiped with a silencer in order to match the 105 DB noise requirements for most of the tracks today. Swiss Form 13.20 (Swiss Tax paid) EUR 395'000 http://grabersportgarage.ch/1995-porsche-993-gt2-evo-race-car.html Swiss Tax paid

    • Year: 1995
    For sale
  • PORSCHE 993 TURBO 1995

    £99,995 £99,995

    genuine factory brilliant white, black leather interior, full electric comfort seats, electric sunroof, on board digital computer, previously sold and maintained by strasse 68k miles - full service history been in dry storage for last 6 years, stunning looking car !

    • Year: 1995
    For sale

    £40,995 £40,995

    guards red, full rs specification interior including door cards and carpets, recaro sports seats, brake air ducts, safety devices roll cage, 18 inch split rim alloys, full harness seat belts in red, kw adjustable suspension, had minimal use since conversion, serviced and maintained by strasse, tracker, full service history- stunning car !

    • Year: 1995
    For sale
  • 1998 Porsche 993 Turbo

    £355,995 £355,995

    Of all Porsche production models, the 993 Type is the most celebrated and venerated 911 to date. Almost 18 years since one was produced, the model is still the benchmark that all 911's are measured against. Most enthusiasts understand the 993 series was the last of the 'air-cooled' models produced in Zuffenhausen. Porsche purists point out very quickly that a true Porsche must have an air-cooled engine mounted behind their rear axle and by this definition, the pinnacle of the evolutionary process from the original 1964 911. Like all 911 models, the flagship for the 993 series was the 911 Turbo. Released in 1995, the new evolution featured even more performance & technology than ever before. With a new twin-turbo engine displacing 3.6 litres and producing 408bhp (300Kw), it was the first 911 Turbo to feature an all-wheel-drive system &six-speed manual transmission. The immense power and traction could catapult the supercar from 0-100km/h in just 3.7 seconds. Just as impressively, it could decelerate from 100km/h - 0 in just 2.3 seconds. Amidst all that performance, the 911 Turbo was also the cleanest sportscar of its time thanks to its twin catalytic converters and four oxygen-senso

    • Year: 1998
    For sale
  • Porsche 993 Cabriolet

    £89,950 £89,950

    Porsche 993 Cabriolet 1994. This Australian delivered 6 speed manual 993 is in superb condition and has only covered 120,800 kms. Original rear spoiler included. Brooklands “Sales by Brokerage” service: This vehicle cannot be sold by Brooklands Classic Cars Pty Ltd until purchased in full by Brooklands Classic Cars Pty Ltd from the vehicle’s owner. Otherwise, the sale would be considered consignment selling and Brooklands Classic Cars Pty Ltd would be in contravention of the Motor Car Traders Act 1986.

    • Year: 1994
    For sale
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