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Porsche 968: Buying guide and review (1991-1995)

Porsche 968: Buying guide and review (1991-1995) Classic and Performance Car
Porsche 968 Porsche 968 Porsche 968 Porsche 968 Porsche 968
There are some cars that just have it all, yet for some reason they’re below the radar. Take the Porsche 968 for example; it’s got the right badge, superb dynamics, excellent build quality, ample performance and it’s practical with it. Plus, it’s not as though the purchase or running costs are exorbitant. Yet this is one of those classics that’s overshadowed by more high-profile classics – not least of all the 968’s evergreen rear-engined big brother.
The 968 was Porsche’s last front-engined four-cylinder sportscar, developed directly from the 944. Short of cash, Porsche had to develop the 968 on a shoestring, so while the 968 looked like a significantly new model, underneath that distinctive skin is 944 running gear – and it’s all the better for it. That smooth, torquey 3.0-litre engine provides plenty of muscle and while the soundtrack isn’t as thrilling as a V8 or flat-six, the balance that it provides makes the 968 a seriously under-rated fast road or track day tool – which is why you don’t want to let this four-pot Porker pass you by.
As soon as the press got hold of the Club Sport and discovered what a brilliant drivers’ car it was, the credibility of the 968 went through the roof. Even Walter Röhrl reckoned it was the best handling car that Porsche made. It won numerous accolades including Performance Car magazine’s Car of the Year, and raised the profile of the 968 so that showroom traffic increased and lifted sales of the standard car – some potential buyers didn’t want the Club Sport’s uncompromising high-backed bucket seats and lack of rear seats and electrical goodies.
Which one to buy?
The only 968 that many buyers want is the Club Sport, and while it’s true that this can be the pick of the bunch (and is always likely to be the most collectible), any good 968 is worth owning. Because the Club Sport is the one that so many buyers gravitate towards, values are higher, so if you’re on a budget opt for a regular model and you’ll get more for your money. 
The regular 968 is the most luxurious of the lot; it comes with all of the equipment you need such as heated mirrors, powered windows, tinted glass, electric height adjustment for the driver’s seat, and if you buy a cabriolet, there’s a powered roof. On that note, the drop-top 968 isn’t as stiff as the coupé and it weighs 70kg more, but it’s still a great driver’s car.
Apart from the rear seats, other kit the Club Sport jettisoned included electric windows and mirrors, central locking, the rear wiper, electric tailgate release and a chunk of sound-deadening material. The result was a saving of 85kg. The suspension was the same apart from a 20mm lower ride height but this, along with the bigger 911 Turbo-style alloys and wider rubber, released the 968’s untapped potential.
The Club Sport may be a bit hard-core for you for everyday use, which is why the 968 Sport may be a better bet. It’s not quite as luxurious as the standard car but you still get all of the essentials – and more.
If you’re in the right place at the right time and your pockets are especially deep, you might be able to secure one of the 14 Turbo RS editions. Capable of 175mph along with 0-60mph in just five seconds it’s the 968 to have – but you’ll be doing well to find one.
Performance and specs 
Porsche 968 Club Sport
Engine 2990cc, four-cylinder
Power 240bhp @ 6200rpm
Torque 225lb ft @ 4100rpm
Top speed 154mph
0-60mph 6.1sec
Fuel consumption 30mpg
Gearbox Six-speed manual
Insurance group 20
Dimensions and weight
Wheelbase 2400mm
Length 4320mm
Width 1735mm
Height 1275mm
Weight 1400kg
Common problems
• Corrosion shouldn’t be an issue thanks to the shell and body panels being galvanised, although Sports and Club Sports didn’t get factory-applied underseal, so these need extra checks in the obvious places such as wheelarches, sills, valances and floorpans.
• What’s more likely to be a problem is crash damage, so look for kinks or creases in the inner wings, chassis legs and the bulkhead in the separate compartment behind the engine bay, near the heater matrix. Also check the boot floor from inside as well as out; any rippling will be obvious.
• If buying a cabriolet make sure the fabric is undamaged and that the mechanism works smoothly – also ensure the plastic rear window isn’t cloudy. 
• The DOHC four-pot is tough but the Variocam variable valve timing mechanism can cause problems. At the heart of this are various sprockets and a chain, with the teeth of the former prone to wear, potentially leading to valves and pistons colliding. It’s worth replacing the camshafts (with integral sprockets) as a matter of course, before things break.
• Ensure the cam belt has been replaced along with its rollers and the balancer shaft belts within the last five years or 60,000 miles. If there’s any doubt replace them as a matter of course.
• The Getrag G44 00 manual gearbox is tough but wear eventually is inevitable so listen for whining from tired bearings – this also applies to the differential, which wears too.
• The dual-mass flywheel fails; when it does so is down to how the car is driven. Listen for rattles from the transmission and feel for slack; if a new flywheel is needed the bill will be quite large – especially if a new clutch is also required. Regular flywheels are available in place of the dual-mass item.
• Up front are MacPherson struts; at the rear are semi-trailing arms and torsion bars. There’s lots of adjustment which is why it’s worth investing in a four-wheel alignment every so often – it can work wonders for handling as well as tyre wear.
• Windscreens can go cloudy and while replacements are available, they’re expensive.
• The electrics are usually dependable but check that the dashboard instrumentation works as it should; temperature and oil pressure gauges can be erratic.
• If the flip-up headlamps don’t operate completely smoothly, restoration of the mechanism before you assume they’re beyond redemption.
Model history
1992: The 968 coupe and cabriolet replace the 944. There’s a 240bhp 2990cc four-cylinder engine, standard catalytic converter, six-speed manual gearbox or an optional four-speed auto.
1993: The 968 Club Sport arrives. It’s a lightweight 968 so the rear seats are removed along with the central locking and electric windows. Up front are sports seats and a sports steering wheel, while there’s firmer suspension too.
1994: The 968 Sport goes on sale with a tilt/slide steel sunroof, Cup-design alloy wheels, electrically adjustable and heated door mirrors plus central locking and powered windows.
1995: The cabriolet is now offered with a Tiptronic S transmission, with paddle shifts.
Owners clubs, forums and websites
• www.porsche968uk.co.uk
• www.968clubsport.com
• www.944forum.com
• www.944central.com
• www.tipec.net
• www.porscheclubgb.com
Summary and prices
So there it is, one of the greatest handling cars Porsche has ever produced – without the severe tax applied to the rear-engined models. Whatever form your 968 takes, you’re guaranteed to have a great time, and with prices of nice examples on the rise, there will never be a better time to buy this 1990s performance hero. 
Prices for the highest mileage and least desirable models start from around £10,000, but you will struggle to find anything usable for less than £15,000. Nicely specced and cared for examples range from £20,000-£25,000, however Club Sports are significantly more expensive with top cars often selling for in excess of £35,000.
Porsche 968 Porsche 968 Porsche 968 Porsche 968 Porsche 968
Last updated: 15th Jun 2016
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Porsche 968 cars for sale

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Porsche 968
17250 39995 GBP
  • Porsche 968 Clubsport

    £37,495 £37,495

    Great condition Porsche 968 Club sport with options including Recaro Bucket seats with backs colour coded to the car. Cup alloys, Red graphics and wheels, Sunroof and Power steering.

    • Year: 1994
    • Mileage: 99335 mi
    For sale
    Gmund Cars
    01423 797989 VIEW CONTACT NUMBER
  • Porsche 968 Coupe Manual Track Car In Harrogate North Yorkshire

    £17,250 £17,250

    1993 L reg Porsche 968 club sport - manual gearbox - covered only 53500 miles. An opportunity to purchase a road legal race prepared / track day car. This car was prepared in 2008 for a client of ours to run in the Porsche club championship due to timing and other commitments this never happened and the car was kept in storage until 2011. The car has since been used for a few track days and several MSVT / MSVR race competitions between 2011 and 2013, these are up to a one hour multi marque team race in which the car and drivers proved very successful achieving both class and overall wins. The car as it sits now is in great running order with little work required to get it fully race ready, the car has a day time only MOT test certificate which makes it ideal for track day use and can be supplied with replacement front headlights to help achieve full MOT requirements. The car runs Gaz gold suspension units, EMC race flywheel, Kazz lsd, big red front brake upgrade 993 rs / turbo calipers with pagid RS29 yellows in the front and pagid blues in the rear, the engine has been well serviced with regular oil changes during use, the engine has undergone a top end rebuild including a cylinde

    • Year: 1993
    • Mileage: 53500 mi
    For sale
  • Porsche 968 Clubsport | Hollybrook Sports


    In 1992 Porsche set their sights on creating a car tailored more for the driving enthusiast and, in particular, one that would excel on track. In late 1992, the 968 Club Sport CS' was born. Mechanically almost identical to the standard coupé, sharing the same engine and 6-speed gearbox, the CS was a stripped-down, no-nonsense track weapon that saw dramatic improvements to the handling and overall performance. This was achieved by removing all luxury-orientated equipment from the options list, for example, less sound deadening material was used and the electric windows were replaced with hand wound units. In addition, Porsche installed manually adjustable lightweight Recaro racing seats rather than the standard power-operated leather buckets. A revised suspension system, optimized and lowered by 20mm, with 17-inch wheels were also to be found. With the no-frills approach, less weight, and optimised suspension, Porsche could focus media attention on the Club Sport's fast road and track abilities. The 968 Club Sport achieved a 'Performance Car Of The Year' award in 1993 from Performance Car magazine in the UK. In total, just 1,923 units were produced, making the Club Sport a very rare

    • Year: 1993
    • Mileage: 20000 mi
    For sale
  • Porsche 968 Cabriolet Tiptronic


    Vehicle Description Engine Capacity: 2990cc Transmission: Tiptronic Mileage: 41 153 Body Style: Cabriolet (electric roof) 0 to 60: 7.90secs Top Speed: 154Mph BHP: 240 In stock now is this lovely Porsche 968 Cabriolet Tiptronic. First registered in June 1994 by AFN, the Porsche dealer for West London it is finished in Midnight Blue with contrasting grey leather the car has had just two owners and covered a very low 41 153miles from new. A very original example it is even still fitted with its cassette player! The 968 was applauded for its lovely balance with the engine at the front and a transaxle at the back giving near 50:50 weight distribution. A lovely summer GT.

    • Year: 1994
    For sale
  • Porsche 968

    £30,999 £30,999

    Presenting what is very possibly one of the finest Porsche 968 Sports in the UK, this example is in superb mechanical and cosmetic order with the maintenance providence to match. Resplendent in the best shade, Speed Yellow, notable details of the exterior include unmarked body-coloured Cup II 17” alloys, front splitter, RS cooling ducts and clear front & side indicators, while the car's flanks benefit from being unsullied by the often specified side rubbing strips. The interior is equally as well presented with the black dash, carpets and 'tombstone' seats all in excellent order, while the LCD clock/lap timer is fully functioning (a rarity!). The 968 Sport is a Club Sport by birth and is acknowledged so by Porsche AG itself. The Sport designation was given to cars taken from the CS production line and fitted with the extras - occasional rear seats, electric windows, mirrors and sunroof - most frequently requested by UK CS buyers. Having owned both a CS and Sport, I can report that that mine have proved to be indistinguishable from one another in terms of driving, though due to their more spartan specification CSs are likely to have been driven harder, including on track. Registered: 31/03/1994 Service history: 2470 miles Parkwood Porsche, Aylesford 04/07/1994 20,162 miles AFN Porsche, London 15/08/1996 24,981 miles AFN Porsche, London 03/04/1997 36,505 miles AFN Porsche, London 02/09/1998 39,619 miles AFN Porsche, London 12/03/1999 50,235 miles AFN Porsche, London 12/04/2000 60,929 miles AFN Porsche, Reading 27/02/2001 71,382 miles AFN Porsche, Reading 18/02/2002 76,612 miles Porsche Centre, Solihull 19/02/2003 82,084 miles Porsche Centre, Solihull 19/02/2004 88,760 miles Porsche Centre, Solihull 28/04/2005 91,236 miles Classic Car Workshop, Chorley 31/03/2006 98,676 miles Classic Car Workshop, Chorley 19/03/2007 105,409 miles Classic Car Workshop, Chorley 13/03/2008 107,460 miles Classic Car Workshop, Chorley 11/04/2010 107,923 miles Classic Car Workshop, Chorley 11/04/2011 108,407 miles Classic Car Workshop, Chorley 18/05/2012 110,045 miles Classic Car Workshop, Chorley 01/05/2013 110,959 miles Classic Car Workshop, Chorley 14/05/2014 111,442 miles Classic Car Workshop, Chorley 24/07/2015 111,581 miles Dubbers Sports, Huddersfield 09/10/2015 The Cambelt was changed during the most recent service (less than 4000 miles ago), at the same time new brake discs and pads were fitted along with new rear tyres (the front tyres also remain in rude health). MOT due 28/11/2017 (no advisories) Serious enquiries are most welcome, as is any professional inspection.

    • Year: 1994
    • Mileage: 115000 mi
    • Engine size: 3
    For sale
    Caesar Barton
    07962445150 VIEW CONTACT NUMBER
  • PORSCHE 968 3.0 Coupe 1993

    £17,950 £17,950

    Midnight Blue ;Classic Grey Leather Piped In Blue ;1993 (L Reg);77,000 Miles;Tiptronic Gearbox;;Options:;Air Conditioning With Climate Control;ABS;Electric Mirrors;Electric Sunroof;Electric Windows;On Board Computer;Power Assisted Steering;HI-FI Pac;Radio / CD Player;Rear Wiper;Central Locking;16'' Cup 1 Alloy Wheels;;We are proud to offer this highly collectable Porsche 968 Coupe with the most fantastic, comprehensive service history we've seen in a long time and only 77,000 miles from new.;;The 968 was Porsche's last new front-engined vehicle (of any type) before the introduction of the Cayenne SUV. Its discontinuation in 1995 coincided with that of the 928, Porsche's only other front-engined car at the time.;;Our 968 drives exactly as it should and is very responsive. The handling and ride is excellent; probably down to the car sitting on its correct 16" cup wheels, and everything works as it should, including the air conditioning. ;;Low mileage 968 models are now highly sought after and values are only on the increase. A solid investment for the future. ;;All our cars are fully HPI checked and clear.;;Debit and Credit Cards Accepted .. Part Exchange Welcome .. Finance Arranged .. International Shipping Arranged.;;VIEWING BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

    • Mileage: 77000 mi
    • Engine size: 3
    For sale
  • 1995 Porsche 968 Sport


    Philip Raby Porsche Porsche Sales and Service This 1995 Porsche 968 Sport is one of the last examples built and is finished in rare and eye-catching Amaranth violet with a black interior. It benefits from just having had a major service, including new head gasket, all belts and chains replaced, new water pump, transmission and brake fluid changes. This work was done by well-known Porsche specialist Russell Lewis of RSR Engineering. The suspension has been uprated with new M030 factory specification adjustable dampers and anti-rollbars, which offers superb handling. The 968 Sport is a rare-UK only model that combines the uprated handling of the Club Sport with the comforts of the standard car, thus giving the best of both worlds. Its front-engine, rear-transmission configuration makes the 968 one of the best-handling Porsches of all time which, combined with rock-solid build quality, makes a 968 a join to own and to drive. The Porsche comes with a well-documented history file. Unless otherwise stated, all our cars are put through a thorough independent mechanical inspection and any faults found are rectified before sale. They are also issued with 12 months’ MoT (without any advisori

    • Year: 1995
    For sale
  • Porsche 968 Sport


    Vehicle Description Engine Capacity: 3000cc Transmission: Manual Mileage: 78 606 Body Style: Coupe 0 to 60: 6.50secs Top Speed: 157Mph BHP: 240 In stock now is this lovely Porsche 968 Sport. First registered in September 1994 by Glenvarigill Porsche Glasgow the car is finished in Guards Red with black cloth and has covered just 78606 miles from new. Option codes it was built with are as follows: 273 – Door mirrors electrically adjustable and heatable 346 – Wheels painted Silver 381 – Seat without electrical adjustment and no height adjustment, left (CS) 382 – Seat without electrical adjustment and no height adjustment, right (CS) 418 – Side protection mouldings 451 – Reduced radio preparation (good quality modern radio fitted) 455 – Wheel locks 498 – Without model designation on rear end (since fitted) 534 – Alarm 650 – Detachable roof, electrical 651 – Electric windows 685 – Rear seats A lovely service history is present, a combination of official Porsche Centres initially and latterly independent specialists: 21/06/95 at 2580 miles, Glenvarigill Porsche Centre Glasgow (supplying dealer) 27/11/95 at 3302 miles, Glenvarigill Porsche Centre Glasgow 27/05/00 at 8869 miles, Stratstone

    • Year: 1994
    • Mileage: 78606 mi
    For sale
  • Porsche 968 Club Sport

    £39,995 £39,995

    Praised for its superior handling the Club Sport was named ‘Performance Car of the Year' in 1993 soon after its launch. Under the bonnet lies the 2990cc inline-4 engine mated to a 6-speed gearbox. The engine bay of this particular car remains extremely clean and tidy with no corrosion to any of the panels or components. Complete with a superb maintenance record the car appears in excellent mechanical fettle, performing extremely well on test.

    • Year: 1993
    • Mileage: 73321 mi
    For sale
  • Porsche 968

    £20,000 £20,000

    Very rare Porsche 968 Cabriolet 1993 3.0 Variocam (240BHP) 6 speed manual in fantastic condition finished in Porsche racing white , with superb Blue Leather white piping interior and Blue carpets , just 122K original miles. The car was originally owned by Porsche UK and has had 4 previous owners beyond that.There is a complete History file with the car which spent most of its time in the south of France and is as such is rust free. The car was recently professionally refurbished by Wallace’s every body panel was removed and checked, replacing the hood, all rubber body seals and many of the fasteners with stainless steel, there is a complete photographic history of this process. A sports exhaust was fitted. The dashboard is hand stitched Italian leather, with English Burr wood interior, Porsche fitted roll cage, all panel lighting has been upgraded to Led`s so this car does not suffer from dull instrumentation that 968`s generally do, power steering, ABS, electric seats, windows and mirrors, Bluetooth Telephone Radio and CD player with Bluetooth music & USB inputs, central locking and Porsche security, two sets of keys, cherished number goes with the car.

    • Year: pre 1900
    For sale
  • PORSCHE 968 3.0 Club Sport 1994

    £37,950 £37,950

    Basalt Black Metallic;Black Interior with Lightweight Black Comfort Recaro Seats ;1994 (L Reg);61,000 Miles;6-Speed Manual Gearbox ;;Options: -;Sunroof;Colour Coded Rear Spoiler;Climate Control;ABS;Power Assisted Steering;Genuine Porsche 17" Cup 2 Alloy Wheels Colour Coded to Bodywork ;No Rear Seats;No Central Locking;No Airbags;No Air Conditioning;No Electric Windows or Mirrors;No Electric Tailgate Release;No Rear Wiper or Motor;No Headlight Washer Jets in Bumper;No Boot or Under Bonnet Lights;Smaller Capacity Battery and Alternator;;For sale we have an outstanding Porsche 968 Club Sport in the most desirable colour scheme with equally impressive service history. Quite possibly the finest example currently for sale in the UK with a genuine low mileage, low ownership and recently subjected to a massive GBP 18,000 refurbishment programme. ;;Between 1993 and 1995, Porsche offered a light weight “Club Sport” version of its 968 designed for driving enthusiasts seeking increased performance and track capability. Declared weight was 1,320kg, 100 kg lighter than a 968 Tiptronic. This was achieved by stripping out standard luxury items or removing them from the options list - less sound deadening material, wind up windows, manually adjustable lightweight seats and a revised and lowered suspension. Even the standard 968 airbag steering wheel was replaced with a thicker-rimmed three-spoke steering wheel with no airbag. ;;As there were fewer electrical items the wiring loom was less complex and also helped save weight; the battery was replaced with a smaller unit. This “no frills” approach resulted in a new breed of 968 designed for the purist driver. It’s by no coincidence it received a 'Performance Car of The Year' award in 1993. ;;Our car ticks ALL the right boxes if you are in the market for a serious 968 Club Sport. ;;When it comes to cars of this era mileage is king, and this low mileage car sets it apart from the vast majority of other cars. But regardless of mileage it's also a very special 968. The previous owner maintained it to the highest standard and then went to the next level. He wanted an improved car suitable for occasional track use and set about on an upgrade programme in anticipation of that. (Please remember the “standard” Club Sport was already designed as a road going car capable of handling itself on the track). ;;This particular example has recently undergone a full engine out rebuild costing in excess of GBP 8,000 using many upgraded parts including new crank and custom forged pistons. At the same time the clutch was replaced and the car was treated to KW Variant 3 coilover suspension which is fully adjustable (we’ve had it on several 996 Turbos and it really is race technology suspension for the road). The ride is firm like a Club Sport should be but much improved in our view. Front brakes have also been taken care off by fitting a brand new “Big Black” Turbo upgrade kit so stopping power is far superior over the standard set up without it being too harsh. ;;A huge amount of money, time, and energy has gone into this special car to make it easily the best Club Sport road going car currently for sale. It’s basically a standard Club Sport with comfortable seats upgraded to the highest possible standard with future-proofed engine giving its new owner a vast array of options. Or, simply view it as an evolved 968 Club Sport retaining all its original looks, character and features but brought up to date in line with advances in technology which was not readily available 22 years ago. ;;External condition easily matches the mechanicals and it is fantastic. It will satisfy the most fastidious of new owners. The paintwork is exceptional and will look even better after it has been to our detailers. ;;Porsche "911 Club Sport" cars have, over the years, enjoyed enormous growth due to their rarity. We see no reason why 968 Club Sport values should not follow in that pattern over time. Production figures stand at 1,923 examples worldwide of which only 179 RHD cars came to the UK. With the passage of time that figure has diminished and there were (according to online sources as at 2015), only 66 vehicles licensed for road use. This is a fantastic opportunity for someone to own a very special and rare Porsche.;;Please call Clive for more information or to arrange a test drive.;;This car will be sold with 12 months warranty giving its new owner complete peace of mind. ;;Debit and Credit Cards Accepted .. Part Exchange Welcome .. Finance Arranged .. International Shipping Arranged.;;VIEWING BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

    • Mileage: 61000 mi
    • Engine size: 3
    For sale
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