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Porsche 964 buying guide (1989-1994)

Porsche 964 buying guide (1989-1994) Classic and Performance Car
Porsche 964 buying guide (1989-1994) Porsche 964 buying guide (1989-1994) Porsche 964 buying guide (1989-1994) Porsche 964 buying guide (1989-1994) It’s said that every car enthusiast should own a Porsche 911 at some point in their lives, but if you’ve never driven one you may wonder what all the fuss is about. Drive one though, and the chances are you’ll instantly be hooked. You’ll realise that many of those stories of tail-happy handling are hype – but despite this, that rear-mounted engine is what makes the 911 unique to drive.

The sound, the rearward weight bias, the shove from the back rather than the pull from the front, the delicious steering – these are all things that the 911’s rivals can’t match. While it’s true that the earliest 911s could be quite a handful, by the time the 964 was launched in 1989, Porsche’s evergreen sportscar had been in production for more than a quarter of a century. As a result it had been honed to become something truly fabulous.

Which one to buy?

This was the first 911 with rear- or four-wheel drive options. The latter gives extra security in hard driving or adverse conditions, but enthusiast drivers will find it robs the car of something when pressing on. It’ll still oversteer if provoked, but compared with two-wheel drive 911s, it can feel less responsive.

The four-wheel drive has a torque split in normal driving conditions of 31:69, biased towards the rear. However, in slippery conditions this can become 100 per cent to the front or the rear, depending on where the grip is. Buy a Carrera 4 and there’s no automatic option, but there is with the Carrera 2. The Tiptronic automatic transmission was popular with buyers of the 964 when new; we’d take a manual every time, but you might prefer the two-pedal option. There were also coupé, cabriolet and Targas to choose between – again, whichever suits you best is down to personal preference.

We’d gravitate towards the Turbo as it’s ferociously quick and will prove to be a sound investment. But running costs can be high and if driven hard, reliability can take a beating. If you want something more hard-core – or an investment – seek out an RS model. Of the 2364 RS cars made, just 47 came to the UK while there were only 50 or so Tourings, 129 RS 3.8s and 20 or so Lightweights. And they’re all extremely valuable...

Performance and spec

Porsche 911 Turbo 3.6
Engine 3600cc, turbo flat-six
Power 380bhp @ 5750rpm
Torque 384lb ft @ 5000rpm
Top speed 174mph
0-60mph 4.8sec
Consumption 22mpg
Gearbox Five-speed manual

Common problems

• Poorly repaired crash damage is a strong possibility, so get an HPI check and also look carefully for evidence of rippled inner wings or outer panels that don’t line up very well.

• As far as the engine is concerned, it’s oil leaks that you need to check for the most closely. Start by see if there’s oil leaking from the cylinder base. Instead of a gasket here, the two metal faces mate to each other but they distort over time and repairs are very costly – post-1991 cars are less likely to be affected, but they’re not immune. It doesn’t help that there’s an undertray, which spoils the view – but don’t just buy and assume that everything will be OK.

• Check the pipework that carries lubricant from the oil tank (in the rear wheelarch) to the engine via a thermostat. There’s a mixture of rigid and flexible pipes and where the two join, corrosion is common. Remove the undertray and everything will be clear to see. Any sign of leaks mean there’s lots of work required to remove everything and replace it.

• The gearbox and diffs are very strong, so just listen out for rumbling or whining – both of which are unlikely. The clutch is more of a weak spot though, as it isn’t adjustable. It should be smooth and not too heavy; if it is, assume a new clutch will be needed soon.

• There’s a dual-mass flywheel designed to improve refinement, but it can break up on cars that have covered a high mileage or which have been driven in stop/start traffic a lot. Listen for clonks at low revs; there was a redesigned flywheel from 1993, which can be fitted to earlier cars to improve reliability. The RS didn’t get this dual-mass flywheel, although Touring editions did.

• The brakes are incredibly powerful, but the alloy callipers react with the steel-backed pads, potentially leading to severe binding. Fixing things means stripping everything down and in extreme cases it can mean replacing pads and callipers.

• While the rear suspension is reliable, issues up front are to be expected. The aluminium lower wishbones pivot on rubber bushes and the front ones perish and separate from their outer sleeve. The result is vague handling, but unless the bushes have been replaced recently, assume new ones will be needed before long.

Model history

1989: The 964 arrives in Carrera 4 coupé form; it’s Porsche’s first volume-production four-wheel drive car. A Speedster is also introduced; 800 are built.
1990: The Carrera 2 is launched. It’s 70kg lighter than the Carrera 4, and substantially quicker too. Standard kit includes ABS and power steering. The 964 Turbo also arrives, with a 320bhp 3.3-litre engine.
1991: The 964 RS appears, with the air-con, electric seats and windows, power steering, central locking and rear seats all ditched. There’s also thinner glass, an aluminium bonnet, composite Recaro seatsuprated brakes plus 17-inch magnesium alloy wheels. The bodyshell is also seam-welded for extra strength while the engine is boosted to 260bhp. There’s a Touring option too, which keeps most of the luxuries and retains the more powerful engine.
1992: The 964 RSR features a stripped-out interior while there’s a welded in roll cage as standard. The 300bhp Carrera 4 Lightweight was built for the track and features aluminium panels, Plexiglass side windows and a glassfibre engine cover. The Turbo S has a 376bhp 3.3-litre engine.
1993: The 3.6-litre Turbo replaces the 3.3-litre car, with 360bhp. It’s built for just one year, with just 1,437 made.
1994: The run-out Turbo S 3.6 has 380bhp; just 90 are made. Another Speedster arrives, in standard or Clubsport forms; 936 are made.

Key clubs and websites

• www.911uk.com
• www.tipec.net
• www.porscheclubgb.com
• http://porscheownersclub.org.uk
• www.porscheclubuk.com
• www.pca.org
• www.porscheclubus.com

Summary and prices

Prices of good 964s have moved significantly in the last few years. Carrera 2 models carry a premium over the four-wheel drive models, especially those with a manual gearbox. £10,000 will buy you a project, while £17,500-£24,000 is enough to pick up a decent runner. £33,000 is about top money for a great example, but dealers will probably ask a lot more for perfect cars. The rather special 964 Carrera RS can be picked up for between £80,000-£180,000 depending on specification and condition.

Words: Richard Dredge
Porsche 964 buying guide (1989-1994) Porsche 964 buying guide (1989-1994) Porsche 964 buying guide (1989-1994) Porsche 964 buying guide (1989-1994)
Last updated: 7th Aug 2015
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Porsche 964 cars for sale

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Porsche 964
56950 179990 GBP
  • 1992 Porsche 964 Carrera 2 Cabriolet Turbo Look


    Philip Raby Porsche Porsche Sales and Service The Porsche 964 Carrera 2 Cabriolet Turbo Look is a rare car. Just 32 were sold in the UK. The model is essentially a 964 Carrera with Turbo wheelarches, plus the Turbo’s upgraded brakes, suspension and wider 17-inch wheels. It was expensive, costing an astonishing £70,397.39 back in 1992, which was £13,845.52 more than the standard Carrera 2 Cabriolet but looks fabulous with its wide arches, front and rear. This superb example has been been fully restored within the last four years. The body has been resprayed in the original Midnight Blue Metallic and the wheels refurbished (and fitted with new Bridgestone tyres and centre caps). A new hood was also fitted. At the same time, the engine and gearbox were removed, the gearbox rebuilt and a new clutch fitted. The engine was deemed to be in good order so the ancillaries were stripped, shotblasted and refitted with new seals and gaskets. The brakes were renewed as well. The cream leather front seats have been retrimmed and new factory carpets have been fitted. The the original factory toolkit and compressor. The 911 comes with an extensive history file, pus its original driver’s manuals and

    • Year: 1992
    For sale
    Philip Raby Porsche
  • Porsche 964 Carrera 4 Coupe 1989

    €69,950(£62,367.42) €69,950(£62,367.42)

    Porsche 964 Carrera 4 (911) 1989, 0 kms after revision, new paint 964 is the official name for a Porsch 911 from one of the years between 1989 and 1994. This is a 1989 Porsche 964 Carrera 4 in topcondition. Recently in Holland repainted in the original colour Linen Gray Metallic (L550) combined with a black interior. Also recently the aircooled 3600 CC, 6 cyl boxermotor was fully revised. A lot of photos of the revision are available.This engine delivers a power of 247 HP to all four wheels. The car has a 5 speed manual gearbox, electric adjustable seats, leather steering wheel etc. A fabulous car for lots of driving fun. Car has USA title and document importduties for every EU country are paid by us. Documentation is complete for registration in every EU country. You do not need to pay any importduties. We can help with transport. Trading in, buying and consignment possible.

    • Year: 1989
    For sale


    Information PORSCHE 911 (964) CARRERA 4 CABRIOLET MANUAL - 1992 112,000 Miles Manual Carrea White Metallic Metropole Blue Leather Alphine Radio Player CD Changer Electric Windoews Electric Mirrors Partly Electric Seats Wind Deflector Blue Hood 17" Alloy wheels Fully documented service history Interested In Vehicle Print Vehicle Details Back To Index

    • Year: 1992
    • Mileage: 112000 mi
    For sale
  • 1990 Porsche 964 Carrera 4


    Philip Raby Porsche Porsche Sales and Service This 1990 Porsche 964 Carrera 4 is a joy to behold. It is finished in Guards Red complemented by later-style Cup alloy wheels. The bodywork has recently had a partial glass-out respray and is therefore in excellent condition. The interior is finished in Linen (cream) leather with black piping and, again, is in very good original condition. A desirable update is a Becker Grand Prix head unit with Bluetooth connectivity. The engine has recently been rebuilt at 103,000 miles and has done just 3000 miles since. The Porsche comes with a very good service history showing that is has been well maintained over the years. Good Porsche 964s are increasing hard to source, so this example is a rare find. Unless otherwise stated, all our cars are put through a thorough independent mechanical inspection and any faults found are rectified before sale. They are also issued with 12 months’ MoT (without any advisories) and a six month warranty underwritten by us. Part exchange and finance available – please click the Finance button below for details. Copyright © [YEAR] Philip Raby Limited

    • Year: 1990
    For sale
  • Porsche 964 RS America


    Vehicle Description In stock now is this rare Porsche 964 RS America. Having covered just 31,360 miles from new the car has been expertly set up to be quick and nimble for fast road or track use. Upgrades include: * Sparco Racing Seat * 18 gallon fuel cell * JRZ double adjustable shocks * Porsche Motorsports adjustable springs * Big Red Porsche Turbo Brakes * Custom front brake disks and hubs * Custom Rothsport integrated brake cooling ducts * 5 speed G50 transmission with short 3, 4 and 5th gears * Rothsport short shift mechanism * Auxiliary transmission cooler * GT limited-Slip rear differential * No sunroof The engine was built by Chris German of Chris’s German Auto Service in Washington, a renowned engine builder, who produced a very powerful 3.8 litre engine, recently the car was dyno’d at a very healthy 375 BHP. Work included Motec engine management, upgraded pistons and cylinders, upgraded connecting rods and rod pins, custom cams and Porsche Motorsport 3.8 heads. Less than 500 miles have been done, all on road, since the rebuild and a new clutch has been fitted. A rare sight in the UK this left hand drive (they all are of course) RS America goes as well as it looks and can

    • Year: 2017
    • Mileage: 31360 mi
    For sale
  • Porsche 964 Turbo


    Vehicle Description Engine Capacity: 3299cc Transmission: Manual Mileage: 86 863 Body Style: Coupe 0 to 60: 5.00secs Top Speed: 168Mph BHP: 320 In stock now is this lovely Porsche 964 Turbo. A 1991 car it was first registered by the factory in Stuttgart for a UK Army Major living in Germany who ordered a RHD car for himself. Since new it has covered 86863 miles from new. The car was well specified, option codes are as follows: 139 – Seat heating, left 220 – LSD Limited Slip Differential with 40% lock 340 – Seat heating, right 498 – Without model designation on rear end 567 – Top-tinted windscreen 650 – Sunroof 935 – Draped leather rear seats 980 – Draped leather front seats The car has a beautiful service history: 30/07/91 at 3500 kms – Porsche Zentrum Braunschweig 15/01/92 at 16000 kms – Porsche Zentrum Braunschweig 25/02/92 at 24500 kms – Porsche Zentrum Braunschweig 28/04/93 at 32000 kms – SHH Sportwagenvertrieb 25/01/94 at 39950 kms – Porsche Zentrum Braunschweig 12/10/94 at 49730 kms – Porsche Zentrum Braunschweig 21/08/95 at 60690 kms – Porsche Zentrum Braunschweig 17/09/96 at 77000 kms – Porsche Zentrum Braunschweig 13/06/97 at 78493 kms – HR Owen Porsche Centre Hatfield 16/

    • Year: 1991
    • Mileage: 86863 mi
    For sale
  • Porsche 964 Turbo Flatnose

    £114,995 £114,995

    Make: Porsche Model: 964 Turbo First Registered: 01/08/1991 (J) Mileage: 75,765 Miles Previous Owners: 5 Engine: 3.4 Ltr Flat 6 Turbo Transmission: Manual Paint Colour: Horizon Blue Trim Colour: Black Leather Carpet Colour: Black Doors: 2 Seats: 2+2 MOT: TBA TAX: TBA HPI: Clear Warranty: 3 Month Cover Included - Upgrades Available

    • Year: 1991
    • Mileage: 75765 mi
    For sale
  • Porsche 964 Turbo Look cab Usine


    Features : 964 factory turbo look convertible. Log books . All file of invoices . 3 Owners car . Delivery new in Germany but in France since 1998. Comment : Car received a complete paint plus it receives also a new soft top . Wheels redone . Real stunning as looks on pictures.

    • Year: 2009
    • Mileage: 68365 mi
    For sale
  • Porsche 964

    £56,950 £56,950

    Electric Mirrors, Air Conditioning, Full Leather Boss Motor Company are delighted to present this extremely rare Porsche Carrera 2 Coupe TipTronic, Finished in the rare RS colour of Ruby Stone Red with Full Black Hide. This example has only covered 54,000 miles from new.This car not only benefits from being presented in a stunning and hard to find colour combination but is also preferably not fitted with a sunroof.JZM Porsche Serviced and will come with a new service. The car currently is fitted with genuine Fuchs forged alloy wheels but will come with its original wheels also.

    • Mileage: 54000 mi
    • Engine size: 3600
    For sale
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