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Porsche 962
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  • 1986 Porsche 962


    1986 Porsche 962 VIN: HR3 When the 962 came out in 1984, FABCAR started to repair monocoques, and would eventually build seven monocoques for Al Holbert, Rob Dyson, Bruce Levin, and Hotchkis Racing. These seven HR chassis would prove to be stiffer than the Porsche built tubs, and this got the attention of the Porsche Factory. Porsche contracted with FABCAR to build all of their factory Group-C monocoques, and would also do all of the factory monocoque repairs worldwide. This FABCAR built 962 IMSA prototype, number HR3, was delivered new by Holbert Racing (Porsche Motorsports N.A.) to Hotchkis Racing at the mid-season Camel Continental 500 at Watkins Glen on July 6, 1986. The car, sponsored by Wynn's Engine Oil Products Company, was tested by Al Holbert and made its debut driven by Jim Adams and John Hotchkis Sr. However, in 1987 the car was in a small accident, and HR3 was taken back to the team's shop, where it was disassembled and set aside until it was completely repaired in 1989. In 1990, the original and newly rebuilt tub debuted at the 24 Hours of Daytona, and raced for the rest of the 1990 and 1991 seasons, taking 3rd at the 24 Hours of Daytona in 1991. After the 1991, the H

    • Year: 1986
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  • 1990 Porsche 962


    This specific car was built in 1991 as one of two Kremer CK6 with a carbon fibre chassis for the Group C series. The car started its racing career in the latest 962 spec with a 3.0-litre fun water cooled engine (water/water) and the latest Bosch Moronic 1.7 system. It also featured the wider track and an independent rear wing. • 23.6.1991 24 h Le Mans Reuter / Toivonen / Lehto 9th overall • 18.8.1991 430 km Nürburgring Reuter / Toivonen 3rd overall / Winner in Category 1 • 15.9.1991 430 km Magny-Cours Reuter / Toivonen 6th overall / Winner in Category 1 • 6.10.1991 430 km Mexico City Lopez / Reuter DNF • 21.6.1992 24 h Le Mans Reuter / Nielsen / Lavaggi 7th overall • 16.5.1993 Le Mans Test Saldaña / Donovan / Lavaggi 9th • 20.6.1993 24 h Le Mans Lässig / Lavaggi / Taylor 12th In 1994/5 the car was upgraded to Kremer K8 specification. Due to new regulations, the closed bodywork cars were banned from endurance racing and the open version, also called K8 was introduced. The K8 used the same chassis and running gear as the 962 CK6, but without a roof. The development included a new spyder bodywork, a different roll-bar behind the drivers seat and a slightly modified dashboard. In K8 sp

    • Year: 1990
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