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Restoration of British Le Mans Porsche 924 GTP completed

Restoration of British Le Mans Porsche 924 GTP completed Classic and Performance Car

The ex-Tony Dron/Andy Rouse 924 GTP has been revealed following six-month restoration by UK Classic Porsche centres.

As part of Porsche’s celebration of the 40th anniversary of its front-engined transaxle cars, the restoration of the 1980 Le Mans 924 GTP is now complete. The car – the only works Porsche ever to race under a British flag, and which finished 12th overall – was unveiled at the Silverstone-based Porsche Experience Centre, accompanied by its original driver Tony Dron, plus fellow Porsche drivers Derek Bell and Jürgen Barth, the 1977 Le Mans winner, whose German-flagged car finished sixth overall. 
After it was brought out of hiding from within Porsche’s Stuttgart museum storage facility – where it had languished since its destructive post-race testing and development career – there was much restoration work to be done. 
The ravaged nose section of the glassfibre front clamshell posed a number of issues, and a total of four Porsche Centre classic departments had a hand in restoration. The engine was rebuilt in Swindon, Hatfield handled the gearbox, Glasgow sorted the suspension while Leeds hooked up the plumbing and wiring. The major bodywork restoration was looked after by Manchester-based Porsche-approved bodyshop Road and Race Restorations.
Many unique parts had to be sourced from Stuttgart or fabricated from scratch, and a surprise part-way through the restoration was to discover that the engine was actually from the 1982 Le Mans effort. It was already some way to being rebuilt when the original was offered by a Czech collector, who had read about the project in a car magazine.
The car was wheeled out onto the track before Tony Dron took a few low-speed laps. The car will be fine-tuned (the ignition system and cambelt arrived only a couple of days before it was unveiled) ready for appearances during the summer at Le Mans Classic (8-10 July), Silverstone Classic (29-31 July), the Nürburgring Oldtimer Grand Prix (12-14 August) , and at the NEC Classic Motor Show (11-13 November) in Birmingham.
Watch the full story of the car, and its restoration, here:

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