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Electric Porsche 911 – Tesla-powered Targa built by Zelectric Motors

Electric Porsche 911 – Tesla-powered Targa built by Zelectric Motors Classic and Performance Car

US company Zelectric makes use of a Tesla Model S battery to give the classic 911 a modern twist.

San Diego-based classic car electrification specialist, Zelectric, has graduated from Volkswagen Beetles and Karmann Ghias with its latest offering – an all-electric Porsche 911. The company’s first rebuilt 911 is based on a 1973 Targa, and has been fitted with an electric motor and Tesla battery. 

The dual, three-phase AC motor Is rated at 140kW – around 188bhp – and like all electric cars, it delivers all 214lb ft of torque instantly. Power comes courtesy of a 54 kWh battery, made with cells taken from a Tesla Model S. Interestingly, the standard five-speed manual transmission retained, while there are two options for the regenerative braking system: Sport and City.  

The 43:57 weight distribution also remains unchanged, despite a mild increase in weight of around 136kg. Zelectric says that this setup gives greater performance than the 2.4-litre flat-six engine that it replaces, with a quicker 0-60mph time, as well as a 150mph top speed. The range is estimated to be 180 miles, while the batteries take eight to nine hours to charge. They have an estimated lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

Zelectric has previously made a name for itself creating electrified Beetles and other classic Volkswagens, and it has been sympathetic with this upgrade. None of the car’s structure has been damaged or modified – only restored – while the original powertrain and related components were carefully removed – meaning it could be changed back to standard with no problems. 

‘We’re incredibly proud and excited to bring our first Porsche-based electric project to life,’ says David Benardo, Zelectric CEO and head of research and development. ‘Few vehicles have the presence and performance of the iconic 911, and that makes it a perfect fit for Zelectric.’

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