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Updated Porsche 911 GT3 gets manual gearbox – Geneva 2017

Updated Porsche 911 GT3 gets manual gearbox – Geneva 2017 Classic and Performance Car

Porsche has unveiled the Gen.2 991 GT3 at the Geneva motor show, which sees the return of the manual transmission, as well as a new higher-revving 4.0-litre engine.

Porsche has revealed the details on an updated 911 GT3 model at this year’s Geneva motor show. In an attempt to satisfy the cries of enthusiasts the world over, the updated GT3 sees the re-introduction of a six-speed manual transmission option, while a and a new 4.0-litre engine brings power up to 493bhp. 
While the option of a manual gearbox was dropped with the introduction of the 991 GT3 in 2013, demand for a manual ‘ultimate’ 911 was still strong – leading to the GT3-engined limited edition 911R in 2016. The PDK car is still offered, and is the quicker option in accelerative terms – dispatching 0-62mph in 3.4sec rather than a 3.9sec sprint in the manual. Manual cars can just crack 200mph however, with the PDK topping out at 199mph.
The new 4.0-litre engine replaces the outgoing 3.8, and is a development of the 4.0 in the current GT3 RS, bringing with it more power and torque. The good news is that it has managed to resist turbocharging, and this naturally aspirated flat-six engine makes use of a simpler and lighter valve train, new crank and increased 9000rpm rev limit to see the respectable increases of 25bhp and 23lb ft.
Among the many tweaks to the chassis is an updated rear-wheel steering system with the latest software, new helper springs at the rear as well as the latest version of Porsche’s electronic steering set-up. Weight has remained the same, although the manual does cut 15kg from the total.
Aerodynamics have been thoroughly revised, with downforce increased by 20 percent. Thanks to lessons learned while developing the underbody aero on the R, this has been achieved with no added drag. The new rear wing also sits slightly higher than the old car, so that it can use cleaner less turbulent air. 

First cars are expected to land in the UK in early summer, with a list price of £111,802.

Watch evo Magazine's in-depth video on the new 911 GT3: 

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