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Porsche to offer GPS security systems for classic models

Porsche to offer GPS security systems for classic models Classic and Performance Car

Porsche is planning to offer high-tech GPS security systems as an official option through its Porsche Classic Centres

For classic car owners, the threat of losing your car to unscrupulous thieves is a horrible one – especially for vehicles of sentimental value, or with irreplaceable history. but with rising values, the threat is very real. While there are many aftermarket solutions to security on the market, Porsche has announced that it plans to offer a new Classic Vehicle Tracking System next year. 
Working in conjunction with Porsche Classic Partners and Porsche Centres across Europe, the company will be able to offer a model-specific version of the new security system for all Porsche models, from 356 to Carrera GT and beyond. Available from Spring 2018, it will be operate Europe wide.
Making use of autonomous sensors integrated throughout the car, the location of the car can be tracked in real time – meaning a stolen car can be found shortly after it is stolen, which is usually the only chance of ever recovering a stolen car. 
The system is also constantly monitors a car for any suspicious activity. For example, if the battery is disconnected for any reason, an alert will be sent to the security monitoring company as well as the owner. 
Controlled via a free smartphone app, the new system has numerous functions beyond simple tracking and security. You can keep an eye on where anyone has taken your car, as well as something known as ‘geofencing’, which will prevent the car from being taken beyond certain geographical boundaries. A strict speed limiter can be imposed, while there are also specific ‘transport’ and ‘workshop’ modes to de-activate the system.

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