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Porsche and Pirelli offer re-developed tyres for classic models

Porsche and Pirelli offer re-developed tyres for classic models Classic and Performance Car

To combat the increasing difficulty in finding appropriate tyres for classic models, Porsche and Pirelli have teamed up to offer a solution.

For owners of classic cars, especially high performance variants, one of the most difficult aspects of keeping the car in optimum condition is finding correct tyres. Thanks to a partnership with Pirelli, Porsche has launched a number of new classic tyres, developed specifically for many of its historic models. 
While maintaining the correct size and that all-important classic look, these new tyres have been developed using more modern compounds and internal structures. Each range has been tested and developed with input from Walter Röhrl, who has personally approved the new tyres. 
As any car gets older, tyre manufacturers generally stop developing appropriate tyres moving onto new tyres for larger, wider and lower profile tyres. This often leads to owners running old and inferior tyres, or switching to newer, larger wheels.
One of the most interesting releases is the re-introduction of the Pirelli P Zero Rosso range in original sizes, offered on the 993 from 1994. As well as the road tyres, Porsche has also developed a new range of tyres for historic motorsport use. The P Zero Trofeo R is one such tyre, a semi-slick available in sizes between 16 and 18 inches. 
Röhrl commented: ‘The driving properties in the early years were not as full or balanced as they are today. The new generation of tyres is more fitting than ever to the driving style of a challenging sports car.’
In total, Pirelli now offers 161 Porsche officially approved tyres for models running from 1959-2006, with a further 131 winter tyres also offered. All of these are stamped with Porsche’s ‘N’ approval letter, and can be picked up from any Porsche or Porsche Classic Centres.

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