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Porsche announces ‘rolling museum’ dates

Porsche announces ‘rolling museum’ dates Classic and Performance Car

Can’t make it to the Porsche museum in Stuttgart? Not to worry, Porsche is planning to exhibit a number of its cars at events around the world throughout 2016.

Porsche’s collection of historic models is one of the most impressive in the world, and while the majority of the cars reside in the Stuttgart museum, the company has long been keen to display and demonstrate its cars.

For many years, Porsche has kept a number of its historic vehicles in running condition, as there’s no better way to celebrate a company’s historic achievements.

Heritage is extremely important for Porsche, which has recently announced a new network of classic dealers – designed to allow the customers the buy and maintain classic models with the official Porsche seal of approval. Porsche has also set up a department offering a full factory-backed service for running historic race cars.

That’s why this year Porsche’s museum has announced an even bigger roster of events around the world, to continue inspiring fans of the legendary German manufacturer. More will be announced throughout the year.

Dates and events announced so far:

24-28 April, 2016 - California Mille, San Francisco, California, USA
05-08 May, 2016 - Targa Florio, Palermo, Italy
13-15 May, 2016 - Historic Grand Prix, Monaco
03-04 June, 2016 - Paul Pietsch Classic, Black Forest, Germany
07-10 July, 2016 - Silvretta Classic, Montafon in Vorarlberg, Switzerland
27-30 July, 2016 - Ennstal Classic, Gröbming, Austria
18-20 August, 2016 - Sachsen Classic, Zwickau, Germany
25-27 August, 2016 - Hamburg-Berlin-Klassik, Hamburg, Germany
17-20 September, 2016 - Top City Classic Rally, Beijing, China
23-25 September, 2016 - Rossfeldbergrennen, Berchtesgarden, Austria
24-27 September, 2016 - Top City Classic Rally, Shanghai, China

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