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Packard Twelve cars for sale

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Packard Twelve
360000 360000 GBP
  • Lot 233

    1933 Packard Twelve Convertible Victoria

    $475,000 - $550,000 est. (£381,140 - £441,320 est.) $475,000 - $550,000 est. (£381,140 - £441,320 est.)
    The Ritz-Carlton
    Auction Date: 11 Mar 2017
    Auction Date: 11 Mar 2017
    RM Sotheby's
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  • Packard Twelve '36

    €360,000(£304,884) €360,000(£304,884)

    1936 Packard Twelve Convertible Coupe - One of Only 718 Produced 175Hp Al ready proprieters of the Packard Electric Company, the decision reached in 1899 by Ja mes Ward and William Doud Packard to build their own moterears allegedly resulted from an altercation between Ja mes and fledgling manufacturer, Alexander Win ton. Dissatisfied with his 'Winton' car, James suggested a series of improvements to its creator. In reply, Mr Winton somewhat hotly retorted that perhaps Mr Packard would be better off designing his own vehicle (or words to that effect). Soon afterwards, a single-cylinder 'Packard' became a regular sight around the brothers' hometown of Warren, Ohio- its chugging anti es resulting in a flurry of orders and the formation of an assembly line. Relocating to Detroit in 1903, the fledgling Packard Motor Car Company swiftly emerged as one of America's leading luxury brands. A process accelerated by its 1915 introduetion of a "Twin-Six" V12 range which set new benchmarks for engine refinement and performance. By the end of the 1920s, Packard had become synonymous with the last word in automotive fashion. Outselling rival Cadillac by three to one, its distinctive tombst

    • Year: 1936
    • Mileage: 41068 mi
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