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Nissan to offer official heritage parts for R32 Skyline GT-R

Nissan to offer official heritage parts for R32 Skyline GT-R Classic and Performance Car

Nissan has announced plans to reproduce certain parts for the classic R32 Skyline GT-R, through a new Heritage Parts Program. 

As any car gets older, it often becomes more of a challenge to keep it on the road. There can be many complex reasons, but one of the main problems is difficulty finding replacement parts – something that Nissan is aiming to change with a new heritage parts program. 
To start with, Nissan says it will offer certain remanufactured parts for the iconic R32 Skyline GT-R, working in partnership with Nismo. Although it says that more models could follow in future, sales of certain hard to find R32 parts will begin in the autumn of 2017. 
The announcement was very low key, with just a brief mention during a press conference at Nismo’s upcoming plans for it’s road car business. Takao Katagiri, President and CEO of Nismo and Autech, revealed many plans for the upcoming year, but it was clear that the company was looking to expand the number of parts offered in future if this was a success.
Nissan is following the likes Jaguar, Mercedes, Porsche and other major manufacturers in expanding its heritage operations. This is a small start compared to many others, which have been operating on a huge scale for years, but reproducing certain key parts can only be good for the long-term future of these cars. 

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As a rule, performance cars started to become much more complicated in the 1980s and 1990s – an era which is now well and truly in the classic domain. The Skyline GT-R was perhaps the peak of technological achievement in 1989 when it was launched, and it was designed to be competitive in Group A motorsport above all else. 
When it hit the track it dominated initially, earning the nickname ‘Godzilla’. This legend features an electronically controlled four-wheel drive system, called ATTESA E-TS (Advanced Total Traction Engineering System for All terrains and Electronic Torque Split), rear-wheel steering, turbocharged 300+bhp RB26 engine, making it one of the fastest road cars of the era. 
With prices of the R32 GT-R continuing to rise, the demand is for original and well preserved examples. Maintaining all of these complex systems will be key to retaining the car’s special driving characteristics – and future values. 
There are currently no more details on what specific parts will be produced by Nismo for the R32, but Nissan says the first parts will go on sale in Autumn 2017.

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