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Remote control Nissan GT-R laps Silverstone for GT Sport launch

Remote control Nissan GT-R laps Silverstone for GT Sport launch Classic and Performance Car

Stunt to celebrate the launch of Gran Turismo Sport sees a Nissan GT-R converted into a full-sized R/C car, and lapped around the Silverstone F1 circuit.

Nissan has brought reality and virtual together with the ultimate remote-control car for gamers – the Nissan GT-R/C. The futuristic remote-control supercar has already been driven by GT Academy winner and NISMO driver Jann Mardenborough, who took the car around Silverstone. His lap reached speeds of 130+mph and the car was ‘driven’ from the cockpit of a helicopter.
The Nissan GT-R/C also marks the release of Gran Turismo Sport – the latest and long awaited PS4 release of the huge GT franchise – which will go on sale on 18 October. The Nissan GT-R/C also pays homage to the 20th anniversary of Nissan’s involvement in the Gran Turismo gaming series.
Jann Mardenborough certainly proved the car’s capability around Silverstone’s famous National Circuit, controlling the car from the cockpit of a Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter. The car was operated from the helicopter with special permission to operate at a low altitude.
Mardenborough is one of the most successful winners of GT Academy, Nissan’s revolutionary driver discovery and development programme. Jann was approached to be the first driver of the GT-R /C because of his unrivalled talent in both Gran Turismo gaming and real-life motorsport.
The GT-R /C was engineered in the UK by JLB Design Ltd., using a standard-spec 542bhp V6-powered 2011 R35 – the same year Jann Mardenborough won GT Academy.
On Mardenborough’s fastest lap (1:17:47), the GT-R /C averaged 76mph/122kph and reached a top speed of 131mph/211kph – the ‘driven’ average for the 1.6mile/2.6km loop circuit is around 83mph/134kph.

James Brighton, JLB Design Ltd said: ‘The GT-R /C presented some unique challenges and a number of engineering firsts for us. We had to ensure the robotics would operate effectively during fast acceleration/deceleration as well as high cornering g-forces; deliver realistic and reassuring control of the car at all speeds; and maintain a robust connection between the car and the DualShock 4 over variable distances and with minimal latency in robot response times.’
Jann Mardenborough said: ‘This was once-in-a-lifetime, truly epic stuff. The GT-R/C has brought my two worlds together – the virtual of gaming and the reality of motorsport – in a way I never thought possible. The response from the car when using the controller was far more engaging than I thought it would be. JLB Design has done an incredible job. Steering, acceleration and braking were all intelligently configured, allowing for controlled application so I could really get a feel through the corners and hold it steady down the fast straights.’
The Nissan GT-R/C will be used in a tour of primary and secondary schools in the UK to promote future careers in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) subjects.

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