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Octane, March 2013

BMW E30 M3: How a simple saloon became a legend - and why it's still the best

News and events
Aston Martin celebrates its centenary

Events diary
Things to do and places to be, for the car fanatic

New car news
Aston Martin One-77 – and CitroΫn 2CV?

‘I used to own James Bond’s DB5, you know’

The latest from the Octane regulars:
    Jay Leno - Why the future is going to be as exciting as the past
    Derek Bell - Why this year will be even more topsy-turvy than last
    Stephen Bayley - Why he thinks the shooting brake concept is a blast
    Robert Coucher - Why you should never drive a Renault 4 fast

’60s revolutionary racer Sir John Whitmore

Passed it! Tony Dron
Racing exploits of the 9th Duke of Grafton

BMW E30 M3
Passers-by may think it’s an ’80s relic – but boxy proportions hide a racebred soul the like of which can’t be bought new today

Zagato Maserati A6
Zagato-bodied A6G54 remains the marque’s ultimate GT

Le Mans MGA
Baffling story of the ’55 ex-works MGA Le Mans racer unravelled

Inside the world’s greatest collection of small wonders

Le Mans Kremer Porsche 935
Delwyn Mallett relives the day it won the 24 Hours

Pirelli calendar
Art or smut? Revealing the naked truth behind its evolution   

Corvette Sebring racer

Proof racing doesn’t just improve the breed – it can even save it

The Octane Interview: John Crosslé
A remarkable journey from farmer to race car constructor

Bugatti Ventoux in Paris
Robert Coucher unearths a gem from Bugatti’s most elegant era

Renault 4 buying guide
The rustic French peasant car that’s possessed of rare charm

Gone but not forgotten
Fastest man in the world, Donald Campbell

Locking truth about the Yale cylinder lock

Happy 20th birthday to the Royal Oak Offshore

Driving experiences on record. Vinyl record…

Products, books, models
Spend your money wisely. Or perhaps not

Octane cars
Robert Coucher buys a Range Rover

Chequred flag
Motor sport news and analysis

The Market
News on auction and dealer sales

Day in the life
Modelmaker extraordinaire Javan Smith

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Octane, March 2013


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