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Octane, January 2013

Ferrari F50. 18 years on, is it a worthy successor to the legendary F40?

Not one, but two museums dedicated to Ferrari

Get that diary and book ahead for 2013

New car news
Aston Martin DB9, McLaren Spider and more

Memories of Anthony Blight, champion of Talbots

The latest from the Octane regulars:
    Jay Leno - At last, electric cars that actually work properly
    Derek Bell - New rules for endurance racing revive fond memories
    Stephen Bayley - Why form should never, ever follow function
    Tony Dron - Historic racing reaches an impasse
    Robert Coucher - Octane track days: a microcosm of classic car life

British-born endurance racer Oliver Gavin

Ferrari F50
As Ferrari prepares to launch its latest hypercar, Octane rediscovers the appeal its F1-bred F50 predecessor

Ferrari 333SP
F50’s circuit sister added new meaning to endurance racer

Timbs Special
Newly resurfaced beauty of the post-war custom craze

Maserati: on land and water
Intertwining histories of the Mistral and the racing boat it sired

SS Jaguar 100
First in breed: driving the earliest Jaguar in sunny South Africa

Hidden Porsches
What to do with the cars that won’t fit in Porsche’s museum? This!

Marco Kooiman’s Pop Art
Cool cars and superheroes as you’ve never seen them before

Hudson Italia
Even this Italian-styled dream car couldn’t save Hudson

Range Rover
New and old, in the mountains, deserts and markets of Morocco

Racing a Caterham 7
Editor David Lillywhite on his Caterham Academy season

Time with Alex Zanardi
Paralympic gold medallist and former Formula 1 racer

Ford GT40 on the road
Designed to win Le Mans; seven built as road cars. Madness?

Buying guide: Saab Turbos
99 invented a genre; 900 established it. Never out of fashion since

Gone but not forgotten
Radical Nazi-era engineer Hans Ledwinka

Love it or hate it, it’s Marmite

Minute repeaters: the most complicated complication

Car-spotting in all manner of children’s annuals

Products, books, models
Stuff you didn’t even know you wanted

Octane cars
Aston Martin DB7 meets its maker

Chequred flag
Motor sport news and analysis

The Market
News on auction and dealer sales.

Cars for sale
Window-shopping for petrolheads

Day in the life
Man behind the Auto Union recreations: Stuart Roach

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Octane, January 2013
Octane, January 2013
  Octane, January 2013
Octane, January 2013
  Octane, January 2013
Octane, January 2013
  Octane, January 2013
Octane, January 2013
  Octane, January 2013
Octane, January 2013
  Octane, January 2013


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