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Jacques Coune (1923-2012)

Talented Belgian coachbuilder and creator of several open-topped conversions of popular cars, Jacques Coune, has died, aged 88.

One of Jacques Coune's coachbuilt conversions - a restyled MGB

One of Jacques Coune's coachbuilt conversions - a restyled MGB

Initially working for his father’s Central Pièces Auto which post war imported parts and also assembled Panhards, he started his own concern in the early sixties representing amongst others, Iso and Abarth. He was best known however for his cabrio conversions of such cars as the Volvo 122 and in particular his MGB roadsters which proved so popular that over 50 were produced between 1964-5 and in 1966 he unveiled an MGB Spider with a Targa roof.

Jacques also turned out estate versions of the BMW 700 and 1800 and Mercedes 220SE. Coune can also be considered the only Belgian builder of an F1 car: in 1962 he made a single seater body for the Equipe National Belge based on an Emeryson chassis with a Maserati engine, a combination which even in the hands of Lucien Bianchi was not competitive and it finished its career as a hill climber in Luxemburg.  

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