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Octane sponsors the Caterham Academy

Want to learn how to race? The Caterham Academy is here to help.

Octane sponsors the Caterham Academy

Octane is sponsoring this year’s Caterham Academy, the motor sport programme for novice racing drivers – and editor David Lillywhite will be taking part.

The Academy takes drivers of all ages through the process of getting their race licence, taking the ARDS test, learning how to set up the car, receiving driving tuition and then taking part in a series of three sprints and four circuit races. Through all this, the drivers are guided through every process by a full-time Academy co-ordinator.

Participants buy their cars – basic road-legal 125bhp Caterham Sevens with full rollcages – for £20,495, which includes the costs of all the racing, plus technical support at the events. Most build the cars first, and many go on to upgrade them for racing in the higher Caterham series. David Lillywhite will be competing throughout the series: ‘Ironically, it was the launch of Octane, and all the time and money invested, that prevented me from racing years ago. The appeal of the Caterhams is their heritage, the low cost of the racing and the perfect training it will provide for historic racing to come.’

Follow David’s progress in Octane Cars and on the Octane website, Facebook and Twitter feeds. More on the Academy on www.caterham.co.uk.

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