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Tim Waddingham 1958-2012

Jaguar specialist and restorer Tim Waddingham has died in tragic circumstances, on Sunday 5 January.

Tim was out walking Podge, his black Labrador, on their regular early-morning route around the golf course near his home. It seems the dog jumped into one of the lakes and got into difficulty. Tim went into the freezing water to try and rescue it but during the attempt, drowned. When Tim failed to return home, his wife Sarah went to look for him and found Podge sitting on his jacket beside the lake.

Born on 25 June 1958 in the West Sussex area, Tim was an extremely knowledgeable classic car restorer, specialising in Jaguars. He restored numerous E-types and XKs over the years, with clients based all over Britain, Europe and even South America. His personal cars are in impeccable concours condition.

Tim was a first rate engineer, mechanic, spray painter and trimmer. He looked after Robert Coucher’s XK140, bringing it up to excellent mechanical condition. Tim was also a keen motorcyclist and restored a number of Italian superbikes and British classics. Tim leaves his brothers Chris and Mike, his wife Sarah and young daughter Louisa.

Jaguar and vintage Bentley driver Peter Flood says, ‘I first met Tim in 1993 when I got into Jaguars. I put an ad in one of the club magazines asking for mechanical help. A gunmetal E-type arrived at my house, and this long-haired fellow got out. Impossibly good looking according to my daughter, Tim and I became firm friends. He looked after my cars and we did a number of Regularity rallies together in the Bentley. He took my Jaguar across to France for an XK race and promptly won. Tim was extraordinary because he would never complain. If an engine blew up, or a wheel buckled he would simply get on with it. His death is an absolute tragedy.’

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Tim Waddingham 1958-2012


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