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Now you can download the latest issue of Octane and read it on your desktop or mobile device...

Octane magazine, digital edition

Octane magazine, digital edition

For readers on the go, Octane magazine has just launched a digital version of the magazine, via Zinio.com. With this brand new online version of the magazine, you can now zoom, interact, and share stuff as well as the contents of the mags being available anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Click on the link to view November's issue - and let us know what you think.

Please note, you need the latest version of Shockwave Flash installed to view Octane on Zinio. You can download it for free from the Shockwave resource site.

Octane magazine on Zinio

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Download Octane

It is a good idea, but it doesn't work at all.
Rinus Sinke

By Sinkehealey on 17 November, 2010, 2:44pm

Octane digital

Adobe flash player is not available on iPhones, for an excellent digital magazine version see tfhdigital.com

By AndrewTaaffe on 17 November, 2010, 8:50pm

Let us know what you think ?

Crap, it doesn't work. Can only view cover.

By wrexy on 18 November, 2010, 1:20am

Octane Digital Version

when you do it as a PDF I will buy it - until then no way - Flash and Zinio are both cr!P - you need a better web/digital media advisor

By rodhalligan on 25 November, 2010, 2:34am


I dont know what everyone moaning about. I live overseas and i now subscribe to Octane via Zinio and it works perfectly. Saves spending over £10 to buy the magazine off the shelf here. Glad to see you are staying up to date. A ipad app would be great too though.

By tomindubai on 25 November, 2010, 3:45am

already subscribe to print

should make it available to paid print subscribers like the New Yorker does

By my79mgb on 23 December, 2010, 5:17pm

Octane Digital

Can only see the November cover. Nothing else. What's the sense of recommending a test reading of the November issue when you cannot access the content. Makes no sense and turns off people.

By tobaccokid on 25 January, 2012, 1:36pm

Just downloaded Zinio and it doesn't work

I'm in Singapore on holiday and ken to read my favorite mag, so I subscribed to find out up to 24 hours to confirm subscription... And then though I could look at the Free download issue and then had to get Zinio for my iPad only to find that it constantly sends a note saying I have to set push notifications in iTunes - every time I hit okay it comes up again.

By btownshend on 27 March, 2013, 1:42pm

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