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Anthony Davidson hurt in Le Mans crash

British racer hospitalised after Mulsanne collision between Toyota TS030 and Ferrari 458 Italia.

Anthony Davidson hurt in Le Mans crash

Five hours into the Le Mans 24 Hour, the ex-F1 racer and BBC TV commentator Anthony Davidson was involved with a sizeable incident with the AF Corse Ferrari. While running first overall in the Toyota TS030 Hybrid, Davidson attempted to lap the slower car by passing on the inside at Mulsanne corner.

A flat-out corner at the end of the Mulsanne straight, the consequences of the Ferrari turning in on the Toyota were dire. Having nearly lapped the Ferrari, Davidson was hit at the rear left and both cars slewed sideways towards the outside of the track.

The Toyota then became airborne, before inverting and travelling over the Ferrari. The TS030 then backflipped in the air before collidiing face-on with the tyre wall. Davidson extracted himself from the wreckage and was immediately taken to hospital, where currently remains.

In the early morning of Sunday it was confirmed that Davidson had shattered his T11 and T12 vertebrae, though his condition is currently stable. The lenghty safety-car period that followed saw the sister TS030 pit and lose its inherited race lead. Toyota's poor luck continued when the No. 7 car collided with Nissan's DeltaWing on the restart lap, eliminating the manufacturer from the race.

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