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Morgan Roadster to be sold in the USA

Morgan Roadster to be sold in the USA Classic and Performance Car

Due to a change in the regulations, it will now be possible for Morgan importers to sell four-wheeled models in the USA.

A recent change in the regulations surrounding production and registration of low-volume cars in the USA, it will now be possible for certain new Morgan models to be imported into the United States. San Fransisco-based Morgan Importer Isis Imports has already started taking deposits on the V6 Roadster model.

Since it was re-launched in 2012, the Morgan 3 Wheeler has been a surprising hit in the USA, where it is officially homologated as a motorcycle. The Californian-based importers have been unable to import four-wheeled Morgans for a number of years however, due to the uneconomical cost of homologating low volume vehicles.

At the end of last year however, the law was changed to allow low volume car manufacturers to sell a small number of replica vehicles. Most notably, this has seen the announcement of the recently announced DeLorean.

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For a car manufacturer to qualify, it must not build more than 5000 cars per year, and sales of the particular model remain below 325 units per year, meaning that large companies such as Ford and GM cannot make use of the loophole. The rules also state that the vehicle must resemble a vehicle produced more than 25 years ago, and comply with strict modern emissions standards.

Although currently unconfirmed, it’s thought that the V6 Roadster model will be the only Morgan of the range to be offered in the USA, although other models could be offered in future.

No prices have been confirmed, and it’s currently though that production of the US-spec cars could begin towards the end of the year.

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