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Morgan EV3: three-wheeler goes electric

Morgan EV3: three-wheeler goes electric Classic and Performance Car

Say hello to the Morgan EV3, an electric version of the lovable 3 Wheeler

Morgan has long been talking about building an electric-powered 3 Wheeler, and it has finally announced plans to make it a production reality. Unveiled at the Geneva motor show, the new model is called EV3 and is expected to go on sale towards the end of the year.
As with the 1.0-litre V-Twin-powered 3 Wheeler, the EV3 makes the most of its power due do weighing in at less than 500kg. The low weight can be attributed to the fact that the Morgan packs a very compact 20kWh battery pack.
Despite it’s relatively small capacity, the EV3’s battery pack is still good for a range of up to around 150 miles. Performance, although not blistering, will still feel lively, thanks to the 62bhp-equivalent electric motor providing a 9.0sec sprint to 62mph as well as 90mph top speed. 
The Morgan 3 styling largely remains the same, although there are some significant differences for the electric version. The front end was always going to look significantly different, due to the location of the original’s engine, but there are some interesting looking brass cooling fins for the batteries. There’s also an offset, centrally-mounted spotlight, harking back to 1930s aero-engine race cars’. Inside it is much the same, although there is a new ‘Magneto’ switch, used to select between neutral, drive and reverse. 
The original (new) Morgan Three Wheeler went on sale in 2012, and has been a huge success for the company, with many more orders than it could fulfill in the first few years. The mixture of quirky styling and hilarious driving experience made it a great weekend toy for many. 
While the EV3 is going to be the first production electric car from Morgan, the company is aiming to create an entire range of electric and hybrid vehicles over the next five years. The company recently announced a new £6m project, with funding from the UK’s Advanced Propulsion Centre, to make it a reality. 
Production starts later in the year, with prices set to compare roughly with the petrol-powered 3 Wheeler.  
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