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Morgan 3 Wheeler: Buying guide and review (2011-present)

Morgan 3 Wheeler: Buying guide and review (2011-present) Classic and Performance Car
Morgan 3 Wheeler Morgan 3 Wheeler Morgan 3 Wheeler Morgan 3 Wheeler Morgan 3 Wheeler Morgan 3 Wheeler Morgan 3 Wheeler Morgan 3 Wheeler
‘My grandpa was a brilliant bloke,’ asserted Charles Morgan. ‘He really knew what he was doing with the 3 wheeler and the concept is still valid today.’ It would be easy to scoff at this statement following the 3 Wheeler's launch. Call it sentimental nonsense to suggest that a car conceived a century ago could be relevant today. And yet, and yet...
When Morgan unveiled its new 3 Wheeler at the Geneva motor show in 2011, the crowd really did go mad. Here was a car with character and charm, speed and excitement. And it promised fun, that so-often missing ingredient in the world of modern machinery. We loved its cheeky styling, the over-the-top graphics options, the fighter plane ambience, and so did plenty of others, and Morgan has been struggling to keep up with demand ever since.
But where did it all start? Wanting to build a bespoke car for his own use, company founder Henry Morgan created the first prototype of his iconic Runabout as far back as 1909. This was the first of Morgan’s 3 wheeler designs, which would eventually sprout a long line of quirky designs. 
The V-Twin 3 wheelers that spawned from the original Runabout went into production in 1911, starting the trend of extremely long production runs the last machine rolled off the production line in 1939. 
The next 3 wheeler was the F-Series. Introduced in 1933 it featured a new pressed steel chassis and Ford 4 cylinder engine, and this model was produced until 1952. From then on the traditional 4/4, +4, +8 style cars and latterly the Aero 8 carried the Morgan flag, until in 2011 – 100 years after the initial V-Twin made its debut – the Morgan 3 Wheeler was launched.

Which Morgan 3 Wheeler to buy?

Although there is only one model, there have been a number of running changes made to the cars to address various issues. If you are looking at one of the earlier 2011-2013 models, then make sure that the most important changes have been retrofitted to your car. One of the main revisions carried out in the beginning of 2014 was the modification of the steering geometry to cure bump steer issues. The modifications can be retrofitted in the form of an extra cost ‘Comfort Pack’. Another useful modification is the ‘Urban Cooling Pack’, which helps to keep the engine operating at the correct temperature in heavy traffic conditions. 
There are a lot of customisation options and graphics packs available to you, which means that there are some unusual cars out there. Cars could be bought with a photo build book, bonnet straps and pin up girl graphics, showing just how customisable and unique your 3 Wheeler can be. This does often mean that you will be stuck with the previous owners choice of customisations, although Morgan will carry out modifications at the factory if you really don’t like the current spec.
Special editions such as the Gulf, Superdry and Brooklands models have been produced in limited numbers and these usually command a premium over the standard cars. The only differences between these and the normal models are bespoke trim and paint options, as the underpinnings remain the same throughout. 
The car is powered by the S&S-sourced 2.0-litre V-Twin and Mazda MX-5 gearbox, adding unique character and reliability to the package. 
Although it has yet to be launched to the public, Morgan has confirmed that it will build an electric version of the 3 Wheeler called the EV3. Based around the same architecture as the regular car, it will feature a small 20kWh battery – designed to keep the weight low – along with a 62bhp electric motor. Weight stays around the 500kg mark, with range expected to be around 150 miles. It’s the company’s first electric car, and is expected to cost around the same as the petrol version.

Performance and specs

Engine 1983cc ohv V-Twin
Power 80bhp @ 5250rpm 
Torque 103lb ft @ 3250rpm
Top speed 115mph 
0-62mph 6.0 seconds 
Fuel consumption 30mpg 
Gearbox Five-speed manual

Dimensions and weight

Wheelbase 2336mm
Length 3225mm
Width 1720mm
Height 1000mm
Weight 525kg

Common problems

• There have been complaints about chassis flexing and a small number of cases where the actual chassis rails have cracked. 2014MY and on cars have strengthened chassis so if your car is one of the earlier ones, get it checked over.
• The Mazda MX-5 spec gearbox is robust and relatively unstressed in this application so there is not much to worry about in this department
• Early cars suffered from bad bump steer problems, although updates in 2014 cured this problem. These can be retrofitted to older cars at a price.
• Some complaints of overheating in the early cars prompted Morgan to introduce an Urban cooling pack, this can be retrofitted to cars manufactured prior to 2014.
• The S&S V-Twin engine is a low stressed unit and no weak points have been noted in this design as of yet. The only complaints have been the tendency to overheat when left to idle for long periods, and a fix for this has been carried out as mentioned above.
• Parts availability is excellent as the cars are still in production.

Model history

2011: After a break of 63 years, production of the new Morgan 3 Wheeler commences, with a long list of customisations available to customers
2012: 100 Gulf edition models built, with unique Gulf-liveried body panels 
2013: Brooklands special edition with a limited run of 50 cars introduced
2014: Steering geometry revised to alleviate bump steer, which is also available as aftermarket ‘comfort pack’. Upgraded chassis introduced for improved handling and rigidity, and Urban cooling pack introduced to improve air flow to engine in urban driving conditions. Centre drive unit updated for smoother power delivery, with added sound deadening for bevel box to lower transmission noise. Warranty extended for all new cars
2015: Limited production run of 200 special edition Superdry models introduced
2016: Morgan unveils pre-production EV3 electric model. 

Owners clubs, forums and websites

• www.morgan3wheeler.co.uk – Official website for the Morgan 3 Wheeler 
• www.morgan-motor.co.uk – Morgan’s official website
• www.mscc.uk.com – Morgan Sports Car Club, based in the UK
• www.mtwc.co.uk – Morgan Three Wheeler Club
• morganownersclub.co.uk – Morgan Owners Club, and forum

Summary and prices

You’d have to be a very dedicated fan to use the 3 Wheeler as a daily driver, but the lack of creature comforts really adds to the sense of occasion. The seats are surprisingly comfortable, although getting in can be a struggle. Realistically, this car is an unashamed weekend toy, with all the compromises that that moniker brings. During a time when manufacturers are trying to produce cars that are all things to all buyers, the 3 Wheeler is the sort of single minded, hedonistic grin inducer that is in very short supply.
You have the option of buying a new or a nearly new car. A standard model starts at £25,950 before VAT and a long list of options which can add quite a few pounds to the final price. Morgan are also currently selling 200 limited edition Superdry cars, which have some unique styling and trim options in addition to what is available for the standard versions. These start at £28,333.
If you are in the market for a second hand one, then you will struggle to find much for less than £25,000. Some special edition models even sell for more than they did when new. Mileages on most cars rarely clock up more than 2000 miles and they are generally in top condition, having spent most of their lives waiting for a warm weekend. This bodes well for future values holding up well for the next few years.
This Morgan does not try to be the fastest or best handling vehicle on sale, instead it delivers on that elusive driving pleasure that eludes even some of the most expensive super cars out there. For a blast from the past, with a mix of modern day underpinnings and reliability, look no further than the Morgan 3 wheeler.
Morgan 3 Wheeler Morgan 3 Wheeler Morgan 3 Wheeler Morgan 3 Wheeler Morgan 3 Wheeler Morgan 3 Wheeler Morgan 3 Wheeler Morgan 3 Wheeler
Last updated: 19th Oct 2016
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  • Morgan 3-Wheeler

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    This fine replica of Morgan Runabout 1909 Three-Wheeler prototype is built in the end of 2017 in Ukraine. It is powered with electric engine built into the rear wheel hub. The engine power is 1.5 kwt which provides a top speed of about 20 mph. The battery allows to ride up to 30 miles on one charge and can be removed to carry it to the nearest electric outlet. The car is supplied with special racks (front and rear) to stand on these racks to avoid tires touching the ground while it is parked for a long time. The drawings were developed using photos of the original vehicle located in Chris Booth museum in UK. See our website https://www.replica-builders.com/ for more details. Price is without shipping (around 1000 - 1500 EUR for continental Europe depending on your location).

    • Year: 1909
    • Mileage: 1 mi
    For sale
    €7,000(£0) €7,000(£0)
    Vitaly Bondar
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    Vitaly Bondar
    +380677262594 View contact number