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Mini Remastered – David Brown launches modern take on classic Mini

Mini Remastered – David Brown launches modern take on classic Mini Classic and Performance Car

Looking for a classic Mini with a modern touch? David Brown has just launched the Mini Remastered, which starts at around £50,000.

David Brown, the UK-based specialist car maker previously known for the Speedback GT, has launched Mini Remastered – a modern take on the classic Mini. 
With prices ranging from £50,000-70,000, this is very much a hand-built car – built up from a classic Mini shell – that has attempted to capture the original icon’s charm. There’s an original 1275cc A-series under the bonnet, which is running in mildly updated 78bhp form. 
Inside, as you would expect, the Mini Remastered has been luxuriously trimmed and brought up to date with modern features. It still has classic Smiths gauges, brought up to date with a subtle small digital display. There’s lots of nicely milled alloy parts including the heater controls and window switches. 
More overtly modern components include a large central display – which offers Apple CarPlay – as well as a keyless start system. There are a wide range of options to choose from too, and like the Speedback, custom specifications are encouraged. Various retro paint colours and three different 12-inch wheel designs are offered. 
Two special edition models will also be offered from launch: 25 ‘Inspired by Monte Carlo’ cars and 25 ‘Inspired by Cafe Racers’. The Monte Carlo cars are offered in red with a white roof, along with some spotlights to give it a slightly more racy Monte Carlo Rally vibe. The Cafe Racer cars look to recreate the motorcycle style that became popular in the 1950s and ‘60s.
David Brown’s first offering, the Aston Martin DB5-inspired Speedback GT, was in effect a modern car clothed in a classic-inspired body. Based around the outgoing Jaguar XK8, it featured hand-crafted aluminium bodywork and a custom interior to give it some retro charm. It’s fair to say that the Speedback’s unusual blend of old and new was not universally adored, especially with its £500,000 price tag. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is truly stunning though, and with six built in 2016, it clearly found a market.
Mini remastered is certainly a different way of approaching things, and rather than starting with a modern design, David Brown has built the car up around a brand new original Mini shell. The seams are gone and it has some modern lights grafted into the rear, but other than detail changes, it is in effect a very nicely finished Classic Mini. 
The Mini Remastered will be shown to the public at the Top Marques event in Monaco, before being available to order in extremely limited numbers.

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