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MG Midget: Buying guide and review (1961-1979)

MG Midget Mk3 MG Midget Mk3
The truly affordable new sports car now seems to be a thing of the past, but there was a time when enthusiasts had their choice of cheap fun, exemplified by the Austin Healey Sprite and MG Midget. 
From the original ‘Frogeye’ Sprite launched in 1958 through to the final MG Midget 1500 made in 1979, these cars offered cash-strapped sportscar fans some fun on the cheap. And the good news is that they still do, because while many classics have shot up in value so only collectors can afford them, the ‘Spridgets’ generally remain eminently affordable. 
Ownership should be painless too; there’s a huge amount of new reproduction parts available, and what isn’t available can usually be be picked up second hand for very little money. Be careful when you are buying a project, as this can often work out more expensive in the long run. 

Which MG Midget to buy?

Skirting around the very first Austin-Healey ‘Frogeye’ Sprites which pose a few different challenges, and are now substantially more expensive (read the full Frogeye Sprite buying guide here), there are a few different options open to suit various budgets. 
It is generally easiest to find a Triumph-engined Midget 1500, and this version is often regarded as the best all-round performer in standard form. As these were the last Midgets built (from 1974-1980), they are also generally slightly younger. 
The very first Midgets featured 948cc A-series power, and it’s these early models that carry the biggest premium in original condition. From 1962, the engine size increased to 1098cc, however all Mk1 models can be identified easily due to the fact that they feature no external door handles or locks (unless retro-fitted). Unless you are a collector, or specifically want an early example, the later A-series cars are much easier to find.
Mk2 and Mk3 models are also much more usable and practical than early cars, as well as being easier to look after and find spares for, and if you don’t like the rubber bumpers of the later cars offer the best compromise. Go for a later 1275cc car for a fun weekend toy.
There is of course a huge number of modified Midgets on the market, and these shouldn’t be discounted, especially if you’re looking for a lot of fun on a modest budget. Engine conversions are not uncommon, but obviously you need to use caution and avoid anything lashed up by an amateur at home. There are of course Midgets that have been prepared for track use – just be careful to make sure that all of the FIA paperwork is in order, if you want to go racing.

Performance and specs

Engine 1275cc, four-cylinder
Power 64bhp @ 5800rpm
Torque 72lb ft @ 3000rpm
Top speed 94mph
0-60mph 14.0sec
Fuel consumption 34mpg
Gearbox Four-speed manual 

Dimensions and weight

Wheelbase 2032mm
Length 3495mm
Width 1394mm
Height 1235mm
Kerb weight 685 kg

Common problems 

• The biggest likely problem is a rotten monocoque. What looks like a good car may be full of filler, so take a magnet to check closely. 
• Rear spring mounting boxes are located in behind the seats; if these are structurally compromised a lot of welding may be required. 
• Next up, you should give the sills a good poke, and inspect the A posts for the dreaded tin-worm. If the gaps between each door and A-post/B-post are even, then everything is probably in good shape. 
• The battery tray traps water and quickly corrodes. Watch out for the brake and clutch master cylinder, which can leak brake fluid onto the surrounding bodywork, stripping the paint. 
• Rust can attack the boot floor where it’s welded to the rear panel, along with the footwells. 
• If the inner sills have rotted badly, repairs will be involved. Similarly, rear wheelarches and lower rear wings often rust, while tatty outer rear wheelarches suggest inner arches that are much worse. 
• Aside from the Midget 1500, all Spridgets got BMC’s A-Series engine which is renowned for oil leaks because of its scroll-type rear crank seal. 
• Expect noisy tappets and a rattly timing chain. Some people fit a Duplex assembly to quieten it down a bit. 
• The A-series can take a lot of abuse, but will need to be rebuilt often. Earlier 948cc engines can generally cover 40k miles before the bearing shells are renewed, while the 1275cc engine will eat its piston rings at around 70k miles. 
• A failed headgasket will generally display symptoms, so check for a mayonnaise-like substance in the oil filler cap. 1275cc engines suffer this the most. 
• Some cars are fitted with an aftermarket electric fuel pumps. These generally give little trouble, but returning it to the original mechanical system is cheap and easy. 
• With the 1500 Midget, the crank, pistons and rings all regularly wear out. Rattles when starting up give the game away, as does oil-burning blue smoke. 
• If any Spridget’s gearbox is getting worn it’ll jump out of gear while on the road – rebuilding the gearbox isn’t especially costly. 

Model history

1958: Sprite MkI introduced with a 948cc engine. 
1961: Sprite MkII and MG Midget are launched. 
1962: A 1098cc A-Series engine replaces the 948cc edition. 
1964: Midget MkII and Sprite MkIII arrive, with more power, wind-up windows and revised dashboard. 
1966: The Midget MkIII and Sprite IV go on sale, with 1275cc engine and a folding roof. 
1969: There are now Rostyle wheels, black sills and slim-line bumpers. 
1971: Sprites now carry Austin badges, but the model dies in July; Midget gets round wheelarches in August. 
1972: An alternator is now fitted. 
1974: Midget 1500 arrives, with rubber bumpers, square wheelarches and all-synchro gearbox. 
1977: Headrests and inertia-reel seatbelts are now fitted. 
1978: Dual-circuit brakes are standardised. 
1979: The final Midget is built in November; the last 500 feature a black commemorative badge. 

Owners clubs, forums and websites

• www.ado13.com 
• www.sebringsprite.com 
• www.mgmidgets.net 
• www.austin-healey-club.com 
• www.austinhealeysprite.org 
• www.mgcars.org.uk/midgetspriteclub 
• www.mgownersclub.co.uk 

Summary and prices

Frogeyes are the most expensive models to buy, average cars starting at around £12,000. Mint examples will range from £15,000-£22,000. At the other end of the scale is the Midget 1500, which is the cheapest at around £4000 for a great usable example. Project cars can still be picked up for less than £1000, while a rough-and-ready car an be found from around £2000. All other Sprites and Midgets fit somewhere in between these two price points, with older cars generally more valuable than newer examples. 
It’s generally accepted that the later Triumph-engined Midget 1500 is a great all-rounder – due to being the best developed. As the cheapest model, they’re still a bit of a bargain, and shouldn’t be discounted. It’s also worth noting that although later Sprites are rarer, and look slightly better than the MG, they’re not actually valued any higher. 
There were many different tuned-up cars built in period, such as the Speedwell or Downton cars. Although they have a following, they aren't worth significantly more than standard cars. They're worth seeking out all the same though. Besides, if values of these cars ever start to climb significantly, it’s likely that these rarities will fetch more of a premium.
MG Midget Mk3 MG Midget Mk3
Last updated: 31st Aug 2016
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MG Midget cars for sale

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MG Midget
795 32000 GBP
  • MG Midget

    £13,995 £13,995

    MG Frontline Midget 1968 We’ve all lusted after an MG Midget over the years. One of Britain’s great sports cars. Compact, yes. Good Looking, yes. Easy to maintain, Yes. 147BHP Yes! Sorry what was that 147BHP? Yes, this 1968 MG Midget was Frontline Developments demonstrator. Its fitted with a K Series 1.8 litre engine, uprated suspension, brakes, and has had a thorough sniff of serious performance enhancing attention. Finished in Traditional British Racing Green and fitted with Grey leather seats, this is one complete and utter head case of a Midget, but as it looks almost standard, makes the most ideal Q Car. This Car has a massive spec: 1.8 Rover K Series Engine 147BHP with Rolling Road Confirmation 260 Fast Road Cams Emerald ECU Aluminium Radiator 5 Speed Type 9 Gearbox Strengthened Chassis Frontline Adjustable Telescopic Shock Absorbers to Front Uprated Anti Roll bar Frontline Adjustable Telescopic Shock Absorbers to Rear Lowered Leaf Springs to Rear uprated to 340lb Anti Tramp Bars Rear Traction Control Links Polybushed all round Limited Slip Diff EN40 Nitrided Half Shafts Double Hub Bearing Kit Customer Made Aluminium Fuel Tank with Anti Slosh Baffles So what we’re talking here is one seriously sorted Midget. 0-60 is reputedly around 6.5 seconds, and it feels like it. But it feels so well sorted on the road. We like outrageous Midgets, but we’ve never EVER had anything like this. This car will be ideal for someone wanting an interesting track day car, or something for Sprints and Hillclimbs. Or better still just for blowing 911’s off on country roads. Nothing will stick with this Midget other than a well ridden motorbike travelling from A to B on country roads. Be in no doubt, Frontline make a seriously well sorted car, and this car is just that. It’s not possible to buy more fun anywhere right now wearing an MG badge for £13995. Go on, you know you want to!

    • Year: 1968
    • Engine size: 1.8
    For sale
    Blue Butts Chequered Flag
    01200446893 VIEW CONTACT NUMBER
  • 1961 MG Midget Mk 1 with 948cc Engine

    £8,950 £8,950

    Known to us for the last 20 years this early Mk1 Midget still retains its original 948cc Engine. Fully restored in the late 1990s and used sparingly since Very comprehensive history file with MOTs dating back to 1966 which substantiates the mileage of 65k miles from new Original bill of sale complete with all original handbooks and paperwork in original packaging Full photographic record of restoration work Nice hood and full tonneau Period spotlamps and chrome luggage rack Original pressed steel wheels

    • Year: 1961
    For sale
  • 1978 MG Midget Project

    £795 £795

    Just 2 owners and 45k miles from new this MG Midget was recently retrieved from a local garage where it had been stored for the last 8 years . Comes with V5 and history file with some MOTs and Invoices In very complete condition this is being sold for restoration only Seats and interior in good dry condition Rostyle Wheels Tonneau Cover and Hood

    • Year: 1978
    For sale
  • MG Midget


    This mint MG Midget is fully restored, including heritage body shell. The car is as new and drives as such. All but a few MOTs from its first in 1976 to 2006 are with the car. Possibly the best on the market!

    For sale
  • MG Midget

    £9,995 £9,995

    What can I say about MG Midgets. Great fun, easy to own, lots of fun, the list is endless. But here we have something a bit different. In fact this MG Midget, is not only special, but completely and utterly outrageous. The car was re-built with a new Heritage shell some time ago, and from the history file it looks like ait was restored from around 2002 to 2007. It was rebuilt in a stripped out form for racing and Hillclimbing. It’s fitted with uprated suspension and braking systems, but more importantly its fitted with a 1275cc Stage Two Engine. This engines comes complete with +40 Pistons Fast Road High Lift Cam Ported Head Oversized Valves. This Midget isn’t only stunning to look at, it’s an absolute blast to drive. I think it’s the quickest Midget we’ve ever had for sale. Are you looking for an MG Midget? Are you looking for something just a little bit different? Look no further this absolutely stunning car could be sat on your drive today for only £9995.

    • Year: 1967
    • Engine size: 1.3
    For sale
  • 1967 MG Midget Fast Road


    First introduced in Monte Carlo by the British Motor Corporation (BMC) on 20th May, 1958 and intended as a low-cost model, the Sprite was designed by the Donald Healey Motor Company which received a royalty payment from the manufacturers BMC. The low cost of £669 was achieved by using a mildly tuned version of the A-Series engine and as many other components from existing cars as possible. Manufactured at the MG sports car factory at Abingdon, it was not surprising that the success of the design would lead to an MG version known as the Midget. The final version of the Austin Healey Sprite arrived in 1966 as the Mk. IV. The new model now used a twin carburettor 1275cc version of the proven A-Series engine which it shared with other BMC models such as the Mini Cooper S. This little MG was first registered on 18th September, 1967 and is supplied with a photographic file detailing a thorough restoration. The car was located in Scotland after being in storage for many years with the restoration commencing in 2014. Statements within the file comment on the car being remarkably sound. The chassis was stripped back, prepared, primed and painted in white. The body was refurbished in the win

    • Year: 2016
    For sale
  • MG Midget M-Type '29

    €32,000(£28,531.20) €32,000(£28,531.20)

    Lowered price from €36.950 -> €32.000 In October of 1928, the M Type Midget was launched at the Motor Show at Olympia Motor Show in London. Even early on, it was easy to see that the 10-foot long, two-seater M Type would be successful, especially due to the immediate demand from the public. It wasn't until 1929 that the car finally went into full production, utilizing mainly Morris components with slight modifications. Since there wasn't enough time to allow for more individual components to be designed and manufactured, along with the pressure to get the car on show at Olympia was the reason for the similarity. The body of the M Type was light, and very simple, with a fabric construction on a wooden frame. Carbodies of Coventry fabricated the distinctive boat tail design separately and joined it with the chassis at the MG factory in Abingdon. The boat-tailed Midget was designed to compete with the Austin Seven sports models and other similar small sporting vehicles. A four cylinder unit with a two bearing crankshaft, the engine had an overhead camshaft driven through two sets of bevel gears and a vertical shaft. This shaft continued through the vertically mounted dynamo and double

    • Year: 1929
    For sale
  • 1971 MG Midget

    £6,995 £6,995

    EMG 525J is a beautifully presented MG Midget that has been with its previous owner in Shropshire since 2010. This is a perfect entry level classic that presents exceptionally well with lovely rich, deep paintwork, very original upholstery suggesting the recorded mileage of 59,000 could be correct and a fabulous set of chrome wire wheels that really set the car off. On the road EMG 525J feels very tight, responsive and brilliant fun. Since 2010 the MG has covered around 3000 miles and has proven to be totally reliable. It has been MOT tested and serviced each year and has been very easy to own. The car has proven a low maintenance, fun to drive classic and the experience with the car has now encouraged the previous owner to invest into more historic motor cars. The 1275cc engine is strong, responsive and pulls superbly through the gears. The four speed gearbox is in very good order with excellent syncro's and no jumping out of gears. The MG can keep up with modern traffic but is even more enjoyable on twisty, country roads proving great fun in and out of corners and bends. The MG has a solid body with excellent underside and clean external panels. The older paint finish is of a ver

    • Year: 1971
    • Mileage: 3000 mi
    For sale
  • ​1978 MG Midget

    $5,900(£4,822.07) $5,900(£4,822.07)

    Mostly original Glacier white paint still glistens reflecting its garage kept background & the over all appearance of this gently used little roadster defies its 28 years of age. exceptionally nice original interior features all working gauges, factory am-fm radio & heater. spare tire, jack & top boot. The car drives very nicely with no issues, recently consigned by long term owner & driven in over 100 miles away. Owner says time to sell and priced to move. $5,900.00

    For sale
  • MG Midget

    £2,995 £2,995

    1978 MG Midget 1500 This little MG has undergone quite a refurbishment/restoration over the last few months resulting in it today passing its MOT 1st time. Work carried out – • Underbody scrape / clean underseal. ( solid underneath so no welding req) • New brake disc & pads on front, new brake shoes on the back. • New suspension bushes. • Exhaust checked & cleaned. • Two new tyres. • Engine removed ancillaries taken off cleaned / renewed. • New clutch • Head removed, refurbished & converted to unleaded. • SU Carbs refurbed & polished & new chromed filters. • Alloy rocker cover. • New, points, condenser & HT leads • New water pump & metal water pipes. • Radiator refurbished. • Engine bay degreased and cleaned. • Oil service conducted using correct classic 20/50 oil & new filter. • Original wheels refurbed & period chrome wheel rings fitted. • Genuine 55,200 miles. Car was MOT`d today and flew though with only one minor advisory. The car has a fantastic history with it with everything from the original sales receipt for it and it still has its original passport to service document history with early services recorded in it. It has many receipts for previous work , old tax discs and many old MOT certificates which confirm the current milage of 55,220 is accurate. She runs very well for a 38 year old with decent brakes ,(again for a 38 year old with no brake servo). Annoyingly, (and just being very honest), there`s an occasional squeal just started this week from the clutch bearing although its not occurred today taking it to and from the mot centre so may be bedding in as new clutch and bearing was fitted (receipt in history file). Body wise the photos make her look better than she is as a previous owner re sprayed it in its original black but not the best of jobs as there are various blemishes on her showing some paint crazing, matt spots and paint cracks (all as shown in the pics) so lets be clear this is not a show winner or by any means a concourse vehicle but is a presentable everyday or summer classic. There is minor paint bubbling in a couple of places but overall the body is sound with no major rust anywhere. Interior is clean and tidy with no major damage to anything or issues. The seats are reasonable with no major rips or tears this is a couple of small holes in the drivers seat back. There are decent radio speakers in the back panel behind the seats and an aerial fitted so it ready to have a radio fitted if req. A Kenlow electric fan was fitted by a previous owner and is still installed as it work fine. The hood is good with no rips or tears although it is a tight fit to lock down. ( probably due to very little use) So all in all a good original example of this little 70`s classic. awaiting a new owner to take her out and enjoy her again. Please call with any questions or arrange to view on 07754 433681 Thanks !

    • Year: pre 1900
    • Mileage: 52200 mi
    • Engine size: 1.5
    For sale
    Tony Locke
    07754 433681 VIEW CONTACT NUMBER
  • MG Midget

    £2,995 £2,995

    MG Midget 1500 Sports, topless summer fun!! Cheap classic car, MOTed, drives well, we will 'tidy up' car or sell as is... price finished is £2995

    • Mileage: 85000 mi
    • Engine size: 1491
    For sale
  • MG Midget

    £18,495 £18,495

    Here we have on offer a fabulous MG Midget FIA appendix 'K'Historic Racecar. FIA Bar code. Five races since total rebuild. 1098cc Webercarb 12G295 head Omega pistons Engine built by swiftune Close ratio straight cut gearbox Ray Davies Adjustable shockers etc. Ashley hardtop etc...... A competitive car used in the HRDC Historic racing championship and MGCC Ecurie GTS races. Ideal for MGCC /MGOC race meeting, Goodwood and most historic race meetings including gentleman racer events etc, or a great roadcar, outstanding condition Current V5C

    • Year: 1964
    • Mileage: 49600 mi
    • Engine size: 1.1
    For sale
  • MG Midget

    £2,995 £2,995

    MG Midget 1500 Sports, topless summer fun!! Cheap classic car, MOTed, drives well, we will 'tidy up' car or sell as is... price finished is £2995

    • Mileage: 85000 mi
    • Engine size: 1491
    For sale
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