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MGB: Buying guide and review (1962-1980)

MGB: Buying guide and review (1962-1980) Classic and Performance Car
MGB front MGB rear MGB interior MGB B-Series engine
Owning a classic shouldn’t be a hassle; if you’re looking for something that’s fun to drive but a breeze to own, the MGB is the perfect solution. Stylish and practical, the MGB isn’t the most unusual classic around, but its popularity ensures a ready supply of cars, parts and support. Even better, just because you buy a B, it doesn’t mean that you have to have a car like everyone else’s – there are masses of bits available to make these cars more usable, faster or simply more individual. 
One of the most attractive aspects of B ownership is how cheaply the cars can be bought; buy a car with rubber bumpers instead of chrome and you can save a packet. You’ll also be snapping up a car that’s a bit more more usable; because it’s a bit newer, it was more thoroughly developed. If you’re still not sure, there’s a thriving social scene around the Abingdon icon, so it’s the perfect way of boosting your social life. So don’t think of this as a classic that’s B for Boring – it’s definitely B for Brilliant.
Arguably, no other classic vehicle is as well supported at both club and supplier level as the MGB. Today, more than 50 years after its introduction, running MG’s landmark sports car has never been easier. From complete bodyshells and authentic interior trim to modern engine conversions, everything is available to upgrade Abingdon’s warhorse for 21st-century motoring conditions.
Such modifications as suspension upgrades, typified by MGOC’s Evolution 3 front suspension and Frontline’s telescopic front suspension kit – designed in conjunction with Ken Costello – and five-link coil spring rear suspension, transform the driving experience. The venerable B-series engine is delivering ever greater performance, notably in fast-road or larger-capacity form, thanks to its inherent strength and ready response to tuning. Enhanced braking with four-pot calipers and vented discs ensures this performance can be utilised to the full.
Competition and high-performance road use similarly benefit from improved cooling, with alloy radiator and electric cooling fans. Electronic ignition and fuel injection, coupled with high-output alternator and modified starter motor, have proved successful innovations, while the availability of a power steering conversion has transformed the MGB’s ease of use. Moving the game on even further, the MG Rover K-series engine, mated to a five-speed gearbox, is a well-proven transplant, and there have also been successful LPG conversions of the B-series. 
While the number of MG specialists can seem bewildering, both the MG Car Club and the MG Owners’ Club (the latter with a huge spares operation) list their recommended suppliers and provide a huge information resource. Allied to this is the growing British Motor Heritage product portfolio – from bodyshells to OE parts and accessories – that is marketed through a national and international network of Approved Specialists.
Which one to buy?
At first there was an open-topped MGB only, then in 1965 came the hatchback GT. Both featured chrome bumpers, but in 1974 these were replaced by rubber bumpers. Of the models available it’s the chrome-bumpered roadster that’s the most sought after. 
Don’t overlook the other models though, as the GT offers excellent usability and looks smart too. Rubber-bumpered cars sit higher so they’re not as good to drive, but they can easily be lowered to improve the dynamics, while the rubber bumpers can be swapped for chrome. The 1.8-litre cars are torquey and come with a surprisingly pleasant soundtrack, but the V8 that arrived in 1973 is more relaxing to drive and sounds even better – but there was no roadster derivative.
This is why many buyers go for a roadster with a V8 conversion. There are lots about and they can make a great buy, but as with any modified MGB, check who has done the work and get a professional inspection if necessary, to make sure it’s been done safely.
And if you want the ultimate MGB, then there’s always Frontline’s re-engineered LE50, developed for the MGB’s 50th anniversary.
Performance and specs 
Engine 1798cc in-line four-cylinder
Power 95bhp @ 5400rpm 
Torque 100lb ft @ 3000rpm 
Transmission Four-speed manual 
Fuel consumption 30mpg
0-60mph 12.9sec
Top speed 103mph
Dimensions and weight
Wheelbase 2311mm
Length 3893mm
Width 1516mm
Height 1255mm
Weight 965kg
Common problems
• Rot and consequent bodges are common. New bodyshells are available but don’t under-estimate the cost of reshelling a B. These bodyshells are a mixture of the different panels used throughout 18 years of MGB production, so they’ll always vary in detail from whatever you're rebuilding.
• The car's complex sill structure provides a lot of stiffness for the shell, both in coupe and roadster form, but difficult repairs mean that bodges are all too common. For the best results the front and rear wings need to be cut off below the trim strip. The alternative is to unbolt the front wings, rather than cut the lower portion, but on a roadster you have to take off the windscreen surround to carry out a proper restoration.
• Check for rust at the box section towards the rear of the inner front wheel arches. There are a number of other rust hot spots, including the battery tray and rear spring hangers. Check the floorpan for holes – getting it up on a ramp helps with this – while you should also quiz the owner on how often they have cleaned out the top of the corrugated fuel tank. If this hasn’t been done regularly, it will likely be rusty.
• The GT’s tailgate is double skinned, meaning that it will often be hiding corrosion. Most cars will have had replacement doors at some point, as they are prone to rusting out. 
• Apart from the V8s, all MGBs had a tough 1798cc B-series engine, post-October 1964 units getting five main bearings. Parts interchangeability is good and 130,000 miles between rebuilds is possible. Expect a tappety tickover and 15-25psi oil pressure, rising to 50-65psi at 3000rpm. Anything less means a worn crankshaft or oil pump.
• High oil consumption points to blocked crankcase breather pipes or worn valve guides and stem seals, the latter given away by exhaust smoke when accelerating after the over-run. Oil leaks are common, from the front and rear crankshaft seals; replacing the latter means removing the engine first. Also look at the tappet chest side covers behind the exhaust manifold.
• Misfiring suggests the points need adjustment, or the heater valve above the distributor is leaking. A new valve fixes things, but the misfiring could be a cracked cylinder head, allowing coolant to leak out.
• Because the V8 is unstressed it lasts forever with 3000-mile oil changes, to prevent premature camshaft wear. Anti-freeze levels must also be maintained, or this all-alloy powerplant corrodes internally, leading to blocked up coolant passages.
• Automatics MGBs are rare; most common is the original three- or later four-synchromesh manual transmission. There are no specific issues with the ‘boxes, but they generally need to be rebuilt at the same time as the engine.
• The carbon-fibre release bearing in the clutch is a weak spot; wear is given away by a vibration through the pedal and a screeching noise.
• Most chrome-bumpered Bs and all rubber-bumpered editions have an overdrive which is usually reliable. Problems are usually down to a low oil level, dirty oil or wiring problems. Converting to overdrive isn’t cheap.
• Kingpins will often be worn out due to a lack of maintenance. With the front of the car jacked up, and the brakes applied, any lateral movement at the top and bottom of the wheel indicates that they need a rebuild. Apply grease every 3000 miles to prevent this from happening.
• If the front wishbone bushes need replacing, which is entirely likely due to age related wear, fitting the improved V8 items is highly recommended.
• If the car feels loose at the rear when driving, it’s likely that the axle-locating U-bolts and bushes need replacement or adjustment. Thankfully it's cheap to fix.
• The original lever arm dampers provide the best ride quality, and while it’s possible to rebuild them when they start to leak, but most swap to telescopic dampers resulting in a harsher ride. 
• Brakes were given servo assistance in 1973, so if you’re testing one of these models and the brakes feel ineffective it’s likely that the seals have failed. Replacement units can be bought off the shelf.
• Until 1974, two six-volt batteries were fitted – later cars have a single 12-volt unit. Both systems are reliable, but poor connections between the earthing strap and body are common.
• Interior parts generally wear well, although seat upholstery can become thin and baggy. Later rubber bumper cars got an improved dashboard, but generally all items are available to completely retrim and replace the interior if it's completely shot.

Model history
1962: MGB debuts at the British Motor Show in Tourer (roadster) form only, at £949.
1964: A five-bearing engine replaces the previous three-bearing unit.
1965: The GT arrives, mechanically identical to the Tourer.
1967: The MkII MGB arrives, with an all-synchro gearbox, negative earth electrics and an alternator. There’s also an automatic gearbox option.
1973: The MGB GT V8 debuts, using the classic Buick-derived Rover V8. There’s no roadster; the model is obsolete by August 1976.
1974: Rubber bumpers replace chrome. The new car is more usable, but the raised ride height doesn’t help the handling.
1980: The last MGB  is built on 22 October, the last 1000 cars being special edition LE models.
1988: British Motor Heritage announces the availability of brand new MGB bodyshells.
1992: The B is revived as the V8-powered RV8, 2000 of which are made over three years.
Owners clubs, forums and websites
• www.mgcars.org.uk
• www.mgownersclub.co.uk
Summary and prices
With thousands of MGBs still on the roads, the car for you is out there. Early cars aren’t that easy to live with on a daily basis, but running costs are low, parts are easily available and specialists are easy to come by. Not only that, but you’ll also have access to one of the best car clubs going. 
The very early ‘pull handle’ MGBs are the most valuable, with a good example costing around £15,000 today. Usable cars start from around £6000-£10,000, while projects can be picked up from £2000. The rest of the range, from Mk2, Mk3 and rubber bumper models are all value on condition above all. Even the best of these can be had for less than £10,000, apart from perhaps the concours or fully-rebuilt examples, with usable and solid examples costing less than £5000. The Coupe GT models are cheaper still, and apart from the earliest models, these are generally available for less than £7000. 
Even though the B has been out of production for over three decades, the network of specialists that look after them has continued to grow. So where the B previously had a few downsides, such as handling that wasn’t too sharp, just about everything has been solved now thanks to a raft of affordable upgrades that have been developed.
MGB front MGB rear MGB interior MGB B-Series engine
Last updated: 31st Mar 2016
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MG B cars for sale

70 Search results
2995 31000 GBP

    £18,000 £18,000

    1963 MGB 1.8 ROADSTER PULL DOOR HANDLE - OVERDRIVE Iris Blue with Black Trim piped Cream. Total Restoration some years ago, on a Totally Corrosion Free Car. All Original Panels. Full Photographic Record and All Invoices. Equipped with Gas Flowed Unleaded Head, Overdrive, Telescopic Dampers, Chrome Wire Wheels, Kenlow Fan, Works Hard Top, Soft Top and Tonneau Cover. Bills on file for in excess of £18,000. Exceptional condition. It would be difficult to find a more genuine example. PLEASE NOTE THAT WE ARE CURRENTLY HAVING ISSUES WITH OUR 'CONTACT PAGE'. PLEASE CONTACT US ON 01636 812700 OR VIA sales@sherwoodrestorations.co.uk

    • Year: 1963
    For sale
    Sherwood Restorations
    01636 812655 VIEW CONTACT NUMBER
  • MGB Roadster

    £5,900 £5,900

    A fine example finished in Inca Yellow which was a standard factory colour. The mileage is warranted as I have all MOT Certificates. It had a sympathetic restoion back in 1997/8 and still looks good today. I have spent over £2000 on getting the mechanical side near perfect during the 2 years I have owned the car. Everything works as it should and the last MOT had no advisories. I am certain the first person to view will buy. Any questions please call on 07717 285740

    • Mileage: 63648 mi
    • Engine size: 1798
    For sale
  • 1972 MG B GT

    £10,950 £10,950

    1972 Series 2 MG B GT in rare aqua blue. This B GT was most recently cared for by a classic car restorer and used by his pop star daughter. Leather interior Recent new carpets Over drive Moto-Lita wood rim steering wheel Wooden gearknob Rostyle wheels Electric washer jets Heated rear window Tax except Stereo This car has been expertly cared for and is a joy to drive, the chassis feels very taught, the engine pulls strongly. Expertly maintained for 100% reliability.

    • Year: 1972
    For sale
  • MGB Roadster - Deposit received


    Reserved Like Elvis or the Beatles, the MGB’s popularity seems to be eternal. And with good reason: by combining handsome roadster and GT bodywork with rugged BMC underpinnings, the ‘B is still more than capable of offering easy, trouble-free classic motoring today. In the decades following its 1962 launch, increasingly sophisticated competition made the ‘B look a little old hat. However, that is in its favour; with simple mechanicals, and unrivalled parts availability, there’s no reason why you can’t drive one all year round. Many owners already do. Supplied new by Cleveland Garages in Jersey and registered on the 04/07/1970, this low mileage MGB Roadster has only covered 84729 miles in the hands of the previous owners. Whilst it is a MK 3 MGB launched in September 1969 , it has been retro fitted with the chrome grill fitted to the MK 1 and MK 2 MGB’s until late 1969. The car is in overall good structural condition, it drives well, has a good interior, excellent hood, good wire wheels, although cosmetically some blistering to the paintwork on the wing seams, which is in otherwise is in very good condition, with the castle rails being in good condition. Mechanically the car runs we

    • Year: 1970
    • Mileage: 84779 mi
    For sale
  • 1966 MG B

    $28,000(£22,450.40) $28,000(£22,450.40)

    Chassis # GHN3L96034 Engine # 18GBUH48066 Believed To Be 17,693 Miles From New Numbers Matching, Original Colors, & Overdrive Offered With BMIHT Certificate Complete With All Weather Gear Details MGs are often the cars to strike up conversation as so many people had one at some point in their lives. The reason, likely, is that compared to the other British sports cars that were available, the MG usually came out as the most inexpensive. However, these cars had a lot to offer and still do to this day. What is arguably viewed as the most nostalgic of the MGs, is the MG B. These cars supplied the driver with loads of fun at a fraction of the price of a Jaguar or Austin Healey 3000. Introduced in 1962, the MGB served as the successor to the MGA, sporting a completely new monocoque design with more powerful 1.8L engine and better options. The MGB was a well-balanced two-seater that was affordable for the masses to enjoy and cherish. The most collectible of the MGBs span from their creation in 1962 up to 1967 as these are the examples are considered the purest forms of the nimble roadster. Especially the 1965-1967 as they are the only years to combine the early exterior looks with a meta

    • Year: 1966
    For sale
  • 1972 MGB GT Bronze Yellow

    £4,500 £4,500

    Here for sale is my much loved MGB GT. I've owned the car for 8 years but following its return from restoion in December 2014. Mechanically strong, it features a fast road 1860cc B series built by Moto-Build in Surrey; rebuilt around 5 years ago with new pistons; tuned in 2015 by Pete Burgess.Bodily, the car was extensively rebuilt during 2012-2014, and is very very solid having had:• New floors• New rear wings• New rear valance• New sills (full kit)• Replacement front wings (steel in very good condition)• Respray in the original colour, Bronze YellowImprovements can be made and there are a couple of small rust bubbles appearing, plus the underbonnet area and interior need smartening up. For more photos visit: http://s734.photobucket.com/user/KryptoniteJunkies/library/MGB%20GT%20January%202017Tax exempt. MOT until November 2017.This is a genuinely reluctant sell however I have not been driving it as much as I'd like and I am unable to dry store it.I have a thick folder of receipts and documentation. If you are interested in the car please call me on 07780 857143 to arrange a viewing. Due to work commitments evenings and Saturdays are generally my best availability.No canvers. 

    • Mileage: 80000 mi
    • Engine size: 1800
    For sale
  • MG B Roadster


    - Comprehensive restoration in 2004 - Part of private collection and in wonderful condition - Recommissioned following purchase in 2015, MoT to October 2017 Initially, the B was only available in Roadster form and at launch, the model was powered by a three-bearing version of the 1798cc B-Series engine that produced 95bhp at 5,400rpm. However, with an eye on superior reliability, this unit was replaced by a five-bearing one two years into production. The MKII version of the venerable MGB was introduced in 1967 and brought an updated manual gearbox, the option of a Borg Warner automatic unit, revised rear axle, and switch from dynamos to alternators. This lovely example was subject to a comprehensive restoration in 2004 before forming part of a private collection and subsequently being acquired by the vendor and added to his own collection in 2015. More recently recommissioned, this most attractive MG B is described as being in "superb" condition with a "fabulous" black interior and hood and "excellent" engine. The white bodywork also presents to a high standard. Carrying an MoT to October 2017 and showing c.93,600 miles on its odometer, OSB 121K has recently led a pampered existenc

    • Year: 1971
    For sale
  • 1975 MG B Roadster

    £17,995 £17,995

    HST 50N is a car we known for over ten years. This late chrome bumper car was subject of a full Heritage Shell rebuild during the late 1990's and was finished to an exceptionally high standard. Almost twenty years on since rebuild the MG still drives and presents in outstanding condition and paperwork suggests the car has covered 14000 miles since total restoration. Prior to 2007 the MGB was owned by a East Yorkshire based enthusiast and restorer who had taken the car to France during summer months, proving the car ideal for long distance touring. We bought the car in 2007 and it quickly sold unseen to an Aberdeen based customer. The vehicle sold over the telephone, and was later collected and drive faultlessly from North Yorkshire to Aberdeen. During three years of ownership the B was in regular summer use and successfully completed the Hero Scottish Malts Reliability trial. In 2010 HST 50N came back to us in part exchange, making room for a Lotus Elan and the car once again sold fairly quickly, this time heading to West Yorkshire where it has spent the past six years, never missing a beat and proving perfectly reliable. HST 50N so many years on from rebuild has an exceptional, ru

    • Year: 1975
    • Mileage: 14000 mi
    For sale
  • MG B

    £11,950 £11,950

    1971 MGB Roadster Excellent Condition Tax Exempt, Great investment MOT to 25/8/17 Registered 22/9/71. Only 5 former keepers. 7892 miles on clock (believed to be 107892). Stunning Flame red paint with just a few very minor blemishes. This is a very straight, solid car. Recent front and rear suspension rebuild. Lots of history and receipts going back to 1983. Work just completed includes: New full carpet set throughout including boot, new seat covers in original pattern black vinyl. It’s just had a full service including oil change, ignition parts, valves adjusted, timing & tuning, new radiator and all coolant hoses, fuel hoses, & various detail items. Excellent chrome. The car is in excellent running order, it runs without any unusual noises, starts first time, it has 2 new tyres, good spare, original wheel spider, jack and tonneau cover. Soft top is in good condition with no rips. This really is a very sound car with no rot, everything has been very well waxoyled in the past. Standard 1800 engine runs on unleaded with octane additive with no problems. Ideal investment potential, not many around as good as this! I have V5 in my name. UK BUYERS ONLY. Sold as seen without warranty. Car located in Rustington, West Sussex near Littlehampton on the South Coast.

    • Year: 1971
    • Mileage: 107892 mi
    • Engine size: 1.8
    For sale
    David Clarke
  • MG B 3,9 V8 Roadster aut.

    €31,000(£26,815) €31,000(£26,815)

    MG B 3,9 V8 Roadster aut. Equipment: Ekstrem fin stand Meget fine køre egenskaber flot farvekombination meget historie dette unikke eksemplar skal ses ring for info

    • Year: 1971
    For sale
  • 1969 MG B Roadster

    £14,995 £14,995

    We last sold URF 399G in May 2007 and have maintained it for its lady owner since. Prior to 2007, the MG had one owner from 1994 to 2007 and was subject of a major restoration in 2000. The car had very little use between 2000 and 2007 and since selling the car nine years the MG has covered in the region of 4000 miles. The MG has been based in Whitby since 2007 and has only been driven in good, dry weather. It has hardly had the roof up, and has been enjoyed each summer. Over nine have come to know the car very well, MOT testing and servicing each year. In the region of £5500 has been spent on good quality annual maintenance and some cosmetic improvement. Work includes rebuilding carburettors, new rear exhaust silencer, stripping and cleaning brake calipers, new bump stops, 12 volt battery conversion, lower wishbones, front brake pads, brake shoes, steering universal joint and new spring bushes. The cars most recent service in 2016 included new spark plugs distributor cap, points, rotor arm, condenser, gearbox and engine oil change. The MG was driven back to us from Whitby performing faultlessly. The engine runs beautifully holding excellent oil pressure, the gearbox is slick and th

    • Year: 1969
    • Mileage: 4000 mi
    For sale
  • 1970 MGB GT

    £12,995 £12,995

    We last sold this stunning, upgraded and enhanced MGB GT to one of our local regular customers three years ago. Since then the MG has covered in the region of 3000 miles and has been a regular attendant at many local shows and events. The GT is well known on the local show circuit and the previous owner, a retired Professor has kept the car superbly maintained and has paid for an extensive waxoyl to protect the structurally excellent underside. Further improvements since 2013 are detailing work to the engine bay, new rocker cover and new upgraded headlamps. Prior to coming to us in 2013, the MG was owned by a long term York based customer for ten years who purchased the car after an extensive restoration. EKH 265J has now covered 15000 miles since having a total restoration in 2003. The MGB GT was sourced in California and shipped to the UK ahead of a programme of work that included various upgrades. The MGB was fitted with a re-conditioned unleaded engine, new clutch, re-conditioned carbs, new water pump, oil cooler and water hoses, a re-conditioned gearbox with overdrive was fitted with new mountings, the rear axle was checked and the propshaft replaced and the brakes totally ove

    • Year: 1970
    • Mileage: 3000 mi
    For sale
  • 1977 MG-B sports roadster 4 speed with overdrive

    £15,950 £15,950

    A beautifully prepared MG-B roadster with reupholstered hand made, bespoke tan leather interior and walnut trimmed dashboard. Under the bonnet is a fast road tuned Goldseal 1.8 litre engine with uprated camshaft and cylinder head driving the rear wheels through a 4 speed gearbox with over drive. The hood and cover are contrasting tan mohair, this eye catching B is available now as the perfect usable investment.

    • Year: 1977
    For sale
  • MG MGB GT 1970

    £2,995 £2,995

    This GT is in need of light restoration but is currently tested. Priced to sell and would make a good useable project. These early GT's are becoming quite sought after, historic tax, chrome bumpers etc!

    • Mileage: 59900 mi
    • Engine size: 1.796
    For sale
  • MG MGB Roadster 1969

    £14,995 £14,995

    Finished in 'Conifer Green' with contrasting immaculate black interior.;This fine example has been the subject of considerable expenditure over the last two years and is very regretfully for sale due to owner downsizing. ;Engine upgraded to 1950 in 2000 and covered only 23,000 miles since.;Extras include inertia reel seat belts, windstop, new hood 2016, power socket, oil cooler, kenlowe fan, overdrive, electronic ignition, luggage rack, wire wheels and much more which is all recorded in the most comprehensive history file!;Beautifully tuned, runs and drives like a dream, this top class roadster should give the next lucky owner many years of trouble free motoring.

    • Mileage: 24700 mi
    • Engine size: 1.95
    For sale
  • MGB GT MK1

    £5,950 £5,950

    MGB GT MK1 1967, black with overdrive and wire wheels. MOT Sept 2017. Tax exempt. Good solid car. £5950 ONO. For more info call 07976 743612.

    • Engine size: 1800
    For sale

    £9,995 £9,995

    1966, finished in old english white with black piped white interior, wire wheels, overdrive, radio/CD player, black mohair hood, photographic ground up restoration in 2001 and well maintained since. Very nice example with excellent history file.

    • Year: 1966
    For sale
  • MG MGB roadster 1970

    £3,995 £3,995

    Rare barn find, been untouched and dry stored for the last 20 years. Comes with works hardtop, original chrome bumpers and steel wheels. The engine turns freely and has an upgraded head. ;Originally registered in Darlington and never been away. This is a good cheap project which should prove to be quite lucrative after a careful restoration.

    • Engine size: 1.8
    For sale
  • 1967 MGB GT

    £8,950 £8,950

    Early 1967 Car with Mineral Blue Coachwork and contrasting black interior Wire Wheels Overdrive in 3rd and 4th gears CD Radio Recent restoration by enthusiastic club member Large history file with many invoices etc

    • Year: 1967
    For sale
  • MG MGB 1979


    *** THIS CAR HAS BEEN SOLD *** Please contact us if you were interested in this car. Our inventory is constantly changing and we will have similar examples of this model becoming available soon. ----------------------------- MG B Cabriolet 1979 fully original 15.400 miles from new Fully original, very good condition, 1979 MGB Cabriolet. 2 owners car, the last one since 1993. 15.400 miles driven from new. Everything is still original on the car. With wire wheels and overdrive. Car has Holland title and Holland mot/tuv. Easy to register in every EU country. You do not need to pay any importtaxes. We can help with transport.

    • Year: 1979
    For sale
  • MG MGB 1974


    *** THIS CAR HAS BEEN SOLD *** Please contact us if you were interested in this car. Our inventory is constantly changing and we will have similar examples of this model becoming available soon. ----------------------------- MGB Roadster 1974 overdrive body off restored This 1974 MGB convertible is fully restored by us in 2014 and is in new condition because of that. The colour British Racing Green is a beautiful combination with the beige leather interior and the luxurious mohair beige soft top. The fully revised 1798 cc engine with 96 hp is in top condition obviously. The car has overdrive, chrome wire wheels, wooden steering wheel and leather interior. Everything of this MGB is restored which makes it one of the most beautiful MGB’s you come across nowadays. Complete photo report of the restoration is available. This MGB has driven 50 km after restoration. Car has USA title and document import duties for every EU country are paid by us. Documentation is complete for registration in every EU country. You do not need to pay any importduties. We can help with transport. Trading in, buying and consignment possible.

    • Year: 1974
    For sale
  • MG MGB 1975


    *** THIS CAR HAS BEEN SOLD *** Please contact us if you were interested in this car. Our inventory is constantly changing and we will have similar examples of this model becoming available soon. ----------------------------- MG B Cabriolet body off restored as new Perfect fully restored 1975 MGB convertible. The car has been fully restored in 2015 and driven 50 km since then. Complete photoreport of the restoration is available. Everything on this car is new. Engine and gearbox revised, new wire harness, new paint, new chrome, new leather etc. Colour British Racing Green, beige leather interior, overdrive, chrome wire wheels. Car in topcondition. Car has USA title and document importduties for every EU country are paid by us. Documentation is complete for registration in every EU country. You do not need to pay any importduties. We can help with transport. Trading in, buying and consignment possible.

    • Year: 1975
    For sale
  • MG MGB 1977


    *** THIS CAR HAS BEEN SOLD *** Please contact us if you were interested in this car. Our inventory is constantly changing and we will have similar examples of this model becoming available soon. ----------------------------- MGB 1977 British Racing Green fully restored Minilite wheels 1977 fully restored MBG roadster in the colour British Racing Green. The fully revised 1798 cc 95 hp engine makes this a fantastic driving car. This popular english classic car has Minilite wheels and a wooden steering wheel. A very beautiful and marvellous driving car. Car has Holland title and Holland mot/tuv. Easy to register in every EU country. You do not need to pay any importtaxes. We can help with transport.

    • Year: 1977
    For sale
  • MG MGB 1971


    *** THIS CAR HAS BEEN SOLD *** Please contact us if you were interested in this car. Our inventory is constantly changing and we will have similar examples of this model becoming available soon. ----------------------------- MGB Roadster 1971 body off restored european version This European version of the 1971 MGB cabriolet with the steel dashboard with the old meters is fully body off restored. Everything has been done. The 1798 cc engine with 96 hp is fully revised and is in a marvellous condition ofcourse. This car has a.o. chrome wire wheels and a wooden steering wheel. This is a beautifully restored MGB ready for driving. Car has Holland title and Holland mot/tuv. Easy to register in every EU country. You do not need to pay any import taxes. We can help with transport.

    • Year: 1971
    For sale
  • MG MGB Cabriolet 1966


    *** THIS CAR HAS BEEN SOLD *** Please contact us if you were interested in this car. Our inventory is constantly changing and we will have similar examples of this model becoming available soon. ----------------------------- MGB Roadster 1966 wire wheels overdrive in good condition 1966 MGB Roadster. This early version still has the older type of dashboard. Both the body and interior are in good condition with some traces of use. The car has red paint, wire wheels, black interior with red piping and a wooden steering wheel. The car has a 1798 96 HP engine and manual gearbox with overdrive. Drives great. The car also has a chrome luggagerack, a wooden gear stick and a black softtop. Really a perfect MGB cabriolet for great driving and to make more beautiful in the future. Car has Belgian title and mot/tuv. Easy to register in every EU country. You do not need to pay any importtaxes. We can help with transport.

    • Year: 1966
    For sale
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