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Mercedes-Benz Museum to sell classic models

Mercedes-Benz Museum to sell classic models Classic and Performance Car

The Mercedes museum in Stuttgart will offer certain models for sale to the public, thanks to its new ‘All Time Stars Program’

In an attempt to offer buyers the perfect classic car experience, Mercedes-Benz Classic is offering private individuals the chance to buy fully approved classics directly from the manufacturer. 
The company’s heritage operation, which is based out of the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart, has set up the ‘All Time Stars’ program to take the risk out of classic car buying. Each car is put through a 160-point inspection by Mercedes and they promise to ‘extend the brand's extensive quality commitment’. 
Three different levels of car will be offered. At the top of the scale is the Premium Edition, which gets you a car in the best possible condition, with minimal miles and restored to perfection by Mercedes-Benz Classic. The Collectors Edition cars are similarly well presented, although the mileages may be a little higher, with some of the car’s original patina showing through. The third level, Drivers Edition, will offer slightly more usable modern classic cars of excellent mechanical condition, with higher mileages, and some wear and tear. 
Each car comes with detailed history records, and a full report on any modifications the car has received, as well as any defects or blemishes. 
Early highlights offered include an extremely rare W124 E60 AMG (now sold), a fully overhauled 450SEL 6.9 for €70,000, as well as a 1929 630 Kompressor which is currently on offer for €850,000. Perhaps the most exciting is the 1998 CLK Le Mans racer. Although never raced, it did take part in pre-qualifying at Le Mans. 
Take a look at www.alltime-stars.com for the latest cars offered, and to find out more information about the operation.

Mercedes-Benz W124 Classifieds

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