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Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG: Buying guide and review (2005-2010)

Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG: Buying guide and review (2005-2010) Classic and Performance Car
Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG
The best AMG Mercs are ever so slightly bonkers. For the first SLK55 they squeezed a 5.4-litre V8 into the R171-gen SLK bodyshell and created something wild and really rather wonderful. Naturally aspirated, the engine developed 355bhp and a walloping 376lb ft of torque – enough to rocket the diminutive SLK from 0 to 60mph in well under five seconds, all accompanied by a thunderous muscle-car soundtrack. 
OK, so the stability program – which couldn’t be fully disabled – could be a little frustrating, but such was the 55’s appetite for rear tyres most owners would forgive it that. And with the folding metal hard-top providing GT-like refinement when you weren’t in the mood, here was a car with a broad range of talents. It was also the official safety car for the 2004 F1 season. Credibility was assured.

Which one to buy? 

AMG’s hot-rod went on sale in the UK in 2005 and the last ones left showrooms in 2010. There was a facelift in 2008 that sharpened the F1-inspired snout and brought a number of worthwhile improvements – including a 10 per cent quicker gearshift for the 7G-tronic auto (there was no manual option on the 55). There was also a Black Series version with slightly more power, slightly less weight and lashings of carbonfibre, but these are incredibly rare and hence expensive.
The great thing about the ‘regular’ SLK55 AMG is that it offers fine value, with prices from as low as £15k. But a word of caution. These may be affordable, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to be cheap to run. The AMG components are often fearsomely expensive to replace – particularly the brakes. (And while you’re thinking costs, note the jump in road tax for post-April 2006 cars, from £280 to £490.) Be on your guard and check the history fastidiously to avoid big bills lurking round the corner. If in doubt, get it inspected: a couple of hundred spent now could save thousands.

While searching for the AMG-badged SLKs, you will probably come across the earlier SLK32 too. Powered by a 349bhp supercharged V6 – as also used in the C32 AMG – it’s still a usefully quick machine, although less polished than the later cars. It was a rival to the BMW M Roadster when new, and although it didn’t offer the same driver thrills, it was every bit at fast. While we’re not covering these models here, and there will be more age and corrosion-related checks to make, it is a model that is worth considering if you are working with a smaller budget.

Performance and specs

Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG
Engine  V8, 5439cc
Power 355bhp @ 5750rpm 
Torque 376lb ft @ 4000rpm
Transmission Seven-speed automatic, rear-wheel drive
0-60mph 4.9sec
Top speed 155mph (limited) 
Insurance group   47
Fuel consumption  21mpg
Price when new  £49,650

Dimensions and weight

Wheelbase              2430mm
Length 4087mm
Width 1794mm
Height 1271mm
Weight 1540kg

Common problems

• The 113-series V8 is ‘bulletproof’, and generally regarded as trouble-free. You hardly ever hear of any problems with them, but it’s always good to remove the airbox and check for gasket oil leaks
• A recent set of spark plugs gets a big tick. There are 16 of them (specialists charge £5 a plug, Merc dealerships £10) and it’s a two-hour job to change them, so even an independent will charge the best part of £200 for full replacement.

• Make sure the gearbox has had its fluid changed at 40,000 miles – essential to prolong its life and avoid a major bill. If the shifts are smooth it’s probably OK – their speed and trigger-points depend on how the car has been driven. 
• The gearshift in the earliest cars was rather dull-witted, but there were a number of software upgrades to improve its responsiveness, so try to confirm these were done.
• The earliest cars had a particularly impressive brake set-up with six-piston calipers. After 18 months these became a (rarely taken) option and a four-pot set-up became standard. Either is more than up to the job, but the discs are formidably expensive – budget around £1000 just for a pair of fronts, even from an independent. 
• If the handling feels out of sorts, the front suspension arms may need replacing – fortunately not an expensive job. Potentially very costly, though, is any damage to the alloys, so check for anything more than light kerbing, including the inside of the rims for pothole damage.
• Standard interiors are a little plasticky but build quality is good. Check the roof mechanism works just as it should – they’re generally reliable but any repairs will be pricey.
• The most common fault is with the heated seats; if the elements in the base and backrest need replacing it’s a £1700 job.

Model history

September 2001: Mercedes puts the R170 SLK32 AMG on sale in the UK.
2003: production of the SLK32 AMG ends.
2004: R171-generation SLK55 AMG V8 goes on sale. 
2006: Limited edition Black Series goes on sale.
2010: Production of the SLK 55 stops with the introduction of the revised SLK model range.
2012: R172-generation SLK 55 AMG goes into production.
2015: SLK55 AMG production ends.

Owners clubs, forums and websites

• www.slkworld.com – SLK community
• www.mbclub.co.uk – forums, advice, events
• www.benzworld.org – forums, advice, classifieds
• www.mercedes-amg.com – official AMG community

Summary and prices

You should expect to pay £10k-plus for an average-miles 2005 car with a full service history. £15-20k buys you a really nice 2005/2006 example with desirable extras. The Airscarf neck-heating warm-air system is highly prized, and the Comand infotainment system too (though its satnav isn’t great). The Harman Kardon hi-fi is nice to have, as is the upgraded Designo interior. Post 2008 facelift cars start at around £20k, rising to around £27k for an end-of-the-line 2010 car.
Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG Mercedes-Benz SLK55 AMG
Last updated: 21st Feb 2018
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    £5,995 £5,995

    Mercedes 280 SLK powerful sports car in show room condition All extras, convertible hard top auto roof. Alloys ,full black leather, Vented head rests Job abroad forces reluctant sale. Low mileage Private number plate NOT included. Very low Mileage: 62,224 Fuel type: Petrol Engine size: 2996 cc Body type: Convertible Colour: Silver Transmission: Automatic Date of first registion: 2006 MOT Sept 18 / FSH / Car manual /Log book, one owner front new, Garaged all the time. Great example for this model. First sees will buy for sure. Reduced for a quick sale No Offers please 

    • Mileage: 62224 mi
    • Engine size: 2996
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  • Mercedes SLK AMG Black 1999

    £800 £800

    Mercedes-Benz SLK 230 AMG Kompressor - Black 130k miles Lots of Mercedes Benz service history. All AMG body kit, full leather seats and exhaust system.Pioneer radio cette with remote control, removable facia and 6Cd multi changer in the boot.Tyres are Goodyear Effigripper with decent tread all round.The folding roof works as it should. Carbon look interior trimMoT til October 2018Some fairly recent genuine parts fitted (AMG exhaust rear half, MAF sensor etc.) **Does occasionally run a bit erically. Radiator light comes on and off from time to time. Alloy wheels could do with a spruce up.Bit of bubbling on the wheels arches. Tel 07747 045 801

    • Mileage: 130000 mi
    • Engine size: 2300
    For sale
    £800 £800